Cathy's Panties

I've been jerking off into my friend Cathy's panties since we were 18, many, many years ago. She has an amazing body still, large breasts (a little saggy and not as firm), slim waist and a perfectly shaped butt, even after 3 c***dren. This is one of my favorite experiences with her and her daughters panties.

I was house sitting while Cathy and her f****y were out of town, stopping over every couple of days just to check on things. This particular day I had some extra time, and planned to use to wusely! I arrived, locked the front door and stripped naked in the front hall. My cock was already hard as a rock and throbbing with anticipation. I wrapped a rubber band around my cock and balls too add to the excitement, and up the stairs I went.

First stop was Cathy's bedroom. I knew just where the panty drawer was from past experience, and was not disappointed, finding some new sexy things to fondle. At this itme, Cathy wore satin, full panties with delicate lace trim and panels, not thongs which I really don't like. I dug through, finding a super sexy red pair, which I slipped up my thighs and over my throbbing cokc and balls, trapping them against my stomach. Luckily, I'm rather slender and can wear womans underwear without too much difficulty. Precum was already starting to leak, leaving a little spot where the tip of my cock was pressed against the material. Wearing only her panties, I went exploring, first to her 18 year old daughters room (who I know was a virgin)

Here I found the panty drawer quickly, but was dissappointed, all the panties were practical cotton, mostly white. In the bathroom, I found a few pairs in the hamper, but these hardly smelled so I moved on to the other daughters room, who is 3 years younger (and definitely not a virgin).

After opening a few drawers, paydirt! Sexy, lacy, silky underthings by the handful! My softening cock leapt to full attention again as I sifted through the treasure trove. I selected a little black thong, satin with a cotton gusset open at one end, perfect for slipping my cock into and jerking off. Her hamper yielded another thong, and as I raised the gusset to my nose, I could already smell the heady aroma of teenage pussy. I slipped the dirty panties over my head, with the gusset against my nose, and lay down on her bed, pushed Cathy's panties under my balls, and slipped my cock into the opening of her daughters panties. The feeling was electric as it slid down my shaft. I then slowly started to slide my hand up and down over my satin encased shaft, speeding up as I felt the wonderful tingle begin in my balls and build, until I thrust upward with a groan and spurted my cum into the crotch of her 15 year old daughts panties. I lay there spent for a few minutes, with my cock still in the gusset and the dirty pair over my head.

My cock began to grow again, for I know I still hadn't done what I came there to do, cum in Cathy's panties. I put things back in the daughters room, then went looking for Cathy's dirty panties. In the master bath, I found a white, satin, full cut pair with lace trim at the waist and legs, a very fancy european brand. My cock surged to full attention again and some precum dribbled out as I raised the gusset to my nose, inhaling that familiar scent that drove me mad every time, even after 30 years. I hurried back to the bedroom and lay on Cathy's side fo the bed, with her dirty panties over my head, gusset pressed to my nose. I pulled her panties back up over my cock and slowly rubbed my palm up and down the shaft, teasing myself until almost coming, then stopping and watching my cock throb and twitch with desire, and more precum dribble out, making a stain on the front of the panties.

I continued like this for at least 30 minutes, having just cum in her daughters panties I wasn't as "on edge" as before. Stroke, stop, twitch, dribble, repeat. Finally, I reached the breaking point, arched my back up, pressing my cock hard against her silky panties, inhaled her scent deeply from the panties against my nose, and kept stroking. The first spurt f***ed white cum through her satin panties, and then next several ran out the tip of my cock, down the shaft and passed my balls, leaving a trail of cum all down the front of the panties and into the crotch. When I was coherent, I returned the soiled pair to the hamper, and put the ones I was wearing back into the drawer, knowing that when whe returned, her sexy pussy and ass would be pressed into the satin, and my cum!
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2 months ago
always cum in the clean ones, put them back in the clean drawer for her to wear
1 year ago
sexy story. i know a cathy who has a young daughter too. she always wears shiny nylon panties with the little string sides. many a time i have gone to her house when i know she is out & wanked myself silly with her panties
2 years ago
2 years ago