Jenny's Visit

My neice (on my wifes side) Jenny, came to visit a few weeks ago. She has grown into a lovely young owman and filled out nicely since getting married a few years ago. She has red hair, a 34D bust, and is a little chunky in the bottom, still very shapely. She is quite anxious about anyone being able to see her nipples, so she wears thick bras that accent her shape but prevent anything from popping up, so to speak. One morning, I got up at my usual early hour, and wnet into the kitchen to start coffee. I found Jenny getting a drink from the fridge, dressed in only a long T-shirt and nylon panties, the kind I like that cover the butt, not a thong. She had no bra on and becasue she was infront of the fridge, her nipples were standing out proudly on a pair of very shapely breasts. I couldn't help but stare, and after a mumbled greeting, she left to return to bed.

This encounter gave me an instant hard on, but I decided not to do anyhting about it then. Later, my wife and Jenny went out shopping and that's when I got naked, snuck into her room, and went searching for panties! I found the pair whe had been wearing that morning, turned the gusset out and brought them to my nose. I inhaled deeply and was immediately hard & dripping. The gusset that had been nestled against her pussy was damp, so I licked it a little and then put them over my head so I could continue sniffing and have both hands free. I then found a clean pair, these with a cotton gusset open at one end, so i could slip my cock into opening between the 2 pieces of material for a snug fit. Then I slid a cock ring down to secure them in place and began to stroke, slowly at first, then faster as I kept inhaling her wonderful scent and the sensations of being wrapped with her panties continued to build.

After a few minutes, my cock was leaking almost continiously and my balls began to tighten. I thrust into her panties one last time and pumped a big load right into the crotch of my neices panties. After coming down from my orgasmic high, I removed the panties from my cock, wiped out most of the cum, left a little behind so it would pressed into her pussy, and retunred everything to its place. At dinner that night, Jenny gave me a few sideways glances, but I thought nothing of them. Little did I know....

That night, about 2:00 am, I felt a hand under the covers on my crotch and 1 over my mouth. Jenny was standing next to me, in the same T-shirt I had seen that morning. She bent down and whipsered to me "you've been very naughty, cumming in my panties. I think it's kind of kinky." With that she removed her hands and stripped off her panties and T-shirt. She gave the panties to me and reached back for my cock, which was now at full staff again. I held the panties to my nose while Jenny massaged my cock and balls for a moment and then started to slowly jerk me off. I could see her magnificent breasts jiggling in the moonlight, with her nipples proudly standing out. I reached up and gave each a little squeeeze and rub, and the nipples became even harder. I then reached around and fondled her ass, reaching between her legs and running a finger along her hairless pussy crack, feeling the moisture oozing out.

Jenny continued to stroke my cock as a I rubbed her pussy, silently thrusting against my fingers until I felt her legs clamp down on my hand and whe suddered for a minute, in the throws of an orgasm. After catching her breath, she turned her full attention back to my cock, holding 1 hand firmy at the base while the other slid up and down my well lubricated pole. After a minute of this, it was my turn and I thrust my hips up, my balls tightened, Jenny kept jerking, and ropes of cum jetted from my cock, landing on my chest and stomach. As I lay there spent, Jenny removed her panties from my face and used them to clean off my cum, then she bent down and licked off anyhting she missed. She gave my cock a little pat and turned to go. This wouldn't be the last time we masturbated together or each other.
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2 years ago
very good
2 years ago
I would to have my niece do this to me...MMMMMM...5/5