Her green skirt

This is a story my friend Jason sent to me :)

I was walking down the sidewalk next to one of those diners with tables outside. I don't know what diner it was; I wasn't paying any attention to it. The night air was cool and the neon sign from the restaurant lit up the sidewalk pretty well. One of the waitresses walked past me carrying her tray full of empty glasses on her way back into the diner. She was about six inches shorter than me and her dress looked really good.

It was green. A light pastel green. It had a form fitting, button up top with a short skirt that barely hit her mid thigh. And her outfit was completed with a burnette bun on her head and white socks bunched up in white sneakers on her feet. Her outfit was really attractive.

So attractive was her outfit that I found myself turning around and going after her. I grabbed her, roughly from behind, right before she turned into the restaurant. Her tray dropped and crashed onto the ground at her feet as I reached around and ripped open her top exposing her bare breasts to the night air. I continued by bending her forward so that I could rip a hole in her panties. Then I picked her up and lowered her onto my waiting erection.

She was too shocked to struggle. Up to this point, in fact, she hadn't even made any noises of objection. That changed when I dropped her, chest forward, onto the sidewalk and the waiting glass that it held. At first she just yelped at the initial shock, but those yelps turned to screams as I started pounding her from behind. I knew that the glass was ripping up her breasts as I f***ed myself on her. She kept screaming and I started to notice that there was a bit of red being spread around on the sidewalk.

I finished up, then turned and started walking away. I noticed that all the people that had been eating were just staring at me as I walked away. I had an odd sense of pride. This pride aparantely made me horny because my penis quickly became fully erect again. At this, I decided to be adventurous.

I turned back around, returned to the waitress still crumpled on the sidewalk, and aimed my penis right at her ass. As I shoved in, her screams were even more intense than before. Her agony helped me cum even quicker than I did before. I pulled out and wiped the semen, fecese, and bl**d off my penis with her nice green skirt. I then turned back around and went on my merry way.

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