If I had A Time Machine

I remember my first time I was at that age of sexual curiosity. Held back by a over religious f****y I never really got to do anything like my peers. No my f****y just had to shell me from the world, so I left them went into foster care for a year after a year of living in a temp foster home I went to live with my stepfather, who was once married to my mother. He was man who I could call a father. We lived out in Herald, Ca the in middle of fucking nowhere, it was the twilight zone of America. The town sucked no women, no fun until one day I went into Galt. I ran into a girl I knew from school. We never really talked to each other, but us both being the age that we where at the time we thought it would be good to hand out. Once we talked, and talked for days until one of her friends who lived in Elk-grove, but always shopped at the Galt flee-market asked me, and her to come hang out back at her place. Very little that I knew her friend actually was trying to get with me. Oh how clueless I was back then blind to her advances like a bat in the sun. However the girl who I went to school with she was as you say very direct with what she wanted from me. She asked me if I wanted to go outside for a minute. As I was talking to her she just got very close, and then before I knew it we started making out right there on the side of her friends car, as we were making out we heard the front door of the house open, we went back to talking as if nothing had happen, that was until we got inside I sat down on the couch, and she claimed right on top of me, and gave me a look that I never before had seen in a persons eyes before it was as if her eyes where peering through my every desires. She started kissing me on the couch of her friends in front of the girls f****y. The friend was so angered you could see it in her face there was soon to be only rage. If it was not for the friend being such a lady well there just may been a cat fight. The two did not talk for weeks while in those same weeks the girl that just went for what she wanted, well we where getting to know each other rather well. About a week latter well we had sex. Two weeks of going out, making out, laughing out we had finally did it. Now I can't say her name because I respect her too much, but I will say this about her. She was a hot Hispanic with lush brown hair that went down to her shoulders, she had light brown eyes that lit up the room, a body that was perfectly curved, and well shaped breast that I would go to war for. Well in bed with each other her moaning of pleasure could get a noise complaint in the middle of nowhere. And just everything about her was magnificent. She was legendary, and so were the three weeks that were to fallow. Sad to say we did not work out for long, and til this day a bite my lips thinking of her, and the crazy thing that girl could do in the bed while in sex! Damn I wish I had a time machine I would tell myself to make it work with her.
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good needs details