saving marriage

Story begins at day when wife Tessy noticed her husband Eddie doesn't make love with her with same passion as she does. Cause of that she started to spice her sex life with some hot lingerie such as corsets with breasts out, crotchless panties, bras with hole at nipples,...
Either that didn't help much, her husband was always to tired because of work, something else on his mind, or he said she will get cold wearing that. So, as their anniversary was coming soon, she promised herself to make him a surprise he wont forget, and that he will make love with her even with greater passion than she expected from him.
She started to look for adverts for spicing up sex life. She gave up on her husband to tease him the way she was doing it before. Now she started to wear short sexy dresses, some days she even didn't wear panties, so her husband would saw her wet pussy, but even that didn't make him make love with her. She was desperate to find some advert, but even with 2 weeks searching she hasn't found any, in meantime she even bought 5 adult magazines to help her.
One day when she least expected, she went to work with sexy tight dress without panties and sexy 5 inch heel shoes, so she barely walked to her office. When she opened drawer where she put working stuff, she saw an advertisment. She couldn't believe it, because it was exactly what she was looking for from beginning. 3 days course about how to make sex more passionate and something extra. That husbands will become more acceptable to help their wife's at other things too. She even didn't believe that there was so little price to pay, only 300$ for whole course. And there was a phone number written by hand and her signature, Mistress Saphyra. She said to herself she will call later at lunch break and went to work. After 3 hours of work there came lunch break for 1 hour. Tessy ordered pizza before, so when lunch break came, pizza delivery boy just came in her office and gave her pizza. She paid it and boy left. She ate her pizza and then she called. Voice at other end of line said they were expecting her and asked her when she wanted to visit the course. She replied if they have anything free for 2 weeks ahead. Voice said to hold for a moment that she will check and answered they have 1 spot free for that weekend. She replied that its great, and asked voice if they need to bring anything special with themselves. Voice replied that they will take care of everything their, and that she needs to pay in advance, where bank account is written in the bottom of advert. The voice also said she will be called back when they see she paid. She checked advert and paid at same time. Then she called back and asked if they got the cash. Voice said they got it and to write down address. She said she has piece of paper and ink at her. Then she wrote the address down and time to be there too.
That 2 weeks passed so fast. Then she said her husband they will go on holiday for weekend to cheer him up. He said that he needs to do that, cause work is getting so hard and heavy. So, on Friday they left out of town to small castle about 30 miles out of town. They each had 1 suitcase of clothes, cause they thought they will need to change clothes from time to time.
They got to reception, where small woman said they will take care of suitcase and bring them to room. " Here is questionnaire you need to fill now at those cabins" she said. They went to cabins, where she said they need to go. When they entered cabin, doors behind them automatically locked. In questionnaire they were lots of questions. It started with general info, name, surname, age, height, weight. Then it followed with some more intimate questions, like lenght of penis for husband, he filled in 8 inches, for wife there was size of boobs, she filled in DD 40. After that they were questions for fantasies, like, anal, double, clamps, tied, latex, wax,..
Woman didn't know what they mean, so she ticked everything, husband knew where they are, but still said to himself, what the heck, and ticked everything too and he even commented at bottom that if its possible that they remove his hair at intimate body parts, at dick and bottom while his wife is watching him.
Almost at same time they tried to open door, which they couldn't. But instead of that voice said to take down clothes, everything and as fast as possible. Husband did that and at that time door opened for husband and 2 ladies dressed in latex went to him and said: " Follow us." He went behind them to the table and laid down on table. Ladies moved him the way that intimate parts were exposed for waxing. It took bit longer for wife to undress, but when she did, voice said:" Sit on chair at your left." She saw the chair and she thought to say how to sit on it, but before she asked that, voice said:" Put that anal beads all the way in your bottom. Lubricant is on chair too. And do it within 2 minutes, unless you want us to put a bigger one instead." She slowly lubricate beads and her anus then she slowly sit on chair that way. When she did that 2 ladies in latex came, and place nipple clamps on her nipples. After that they drove her near her tied husband.
1 lady was sitting on his face while another was waxing his crotch with a candle wax. She wouldn't admit, but her pussy was soaking wet. Mistress came in and said to wife: " Be quiet, that was his wish for you to watch that. And if you say a word, we will put clamps with weight on your pussy lips."
"Slave, bring me their papers," mistress said. Slave went to cabins, and delivered papers that husband and wife filled in. Mistress was looking at papers and them.
" I see that you both want to check everything. Tessy, you know what wax means? And you can answer, you will see everything." Tessy answered:" I think its that from candle what has dripped on my husbands crotch. And yes, I would still manage to handle that kind of pain."
" Yes, it is that, but at you we would be placing that on your breasts with nipples and pussy. And slave, bring her clothes, everything."
Slave went to pick them and took them to mistress. " Interesting," mistress said," looks like you were trying to tease your husband with some sexy things. Don't worry, your husband will find that hard way. Slave 2, get down from husband's face. Eddie, look at this," she put up corset," this kind is your wear for sl**ping."
Then mistress showed him 5 inch heel shoes," and you will also walk in 5 inch heel shoes." Then mistress said:" Slave go and pick corset, size XL, and 5 inch heel shoes, size 10. And also bring other latex wear for both of them, sizes, are here." And mistress gave slave some notes. Then she said to wife, that she will get more comfortable wear then husband and: " Do you like how we waxed his crotch?" Wife said:" Yes, it is done nicely. but you haven't done the bottom yet?"
Saphyre said:" Yes, we haven't done that yet. We will do it now. Eddie, go down from table, and lay down on belly." He laid down on belly fast. Then slave came back with clothes. " Now, Tess, tell me if you could handle this," mistress said. and then tie up husbands legs to table legs. Put bit of table down, so, his private parts we hanging down. After that she saw that wax is hot enough to remove his hair at bottom. " Slave, remove his hair from bottom now." mistress said at end, and took a candle, put it in husbands ass," Tess will you light it up? But if you do that, you will get the same treatment." Tess was bit undecided at start," not sure if I could handle that, but I will do it," and she took lighter and light the candle in husbands bottom. 10 minutes later on men was finished. Mistress said to woman that she can now stand up from chair, then slaves began to oil her everywhere. Once she was oiled perfectly, mistress gave her latex hosiery, which slaves gladly put on her, then she got the latex gloves till armbands and last was corset. They haven't given her shoes now, cause she will go to sl**p.
For husband they first put on latex hosiery too, but purple color. For next, they put him in 5 inch heel shoes. " You will now walk in them 10 steps, and if it isn't elegant enough, we will wax your breasts tomorrow," mistress said. he tried to walk, but it was far from elegance. Next she put corset on him, and really strenghten ropes tight. " Now my slaves will e****t you to rooms, and yes, you wont sl**p in same one.
Next morning she wake up husband at 7am. " Wake up, you lazy bag, time to tease your wife," she said. He woke up. Mistress said:" You have anal plug with tail on table, put it in your lazy ass." He, still bit sl**py looked at table." Omg, impossible to put that in, its huge." Well, then my slave will do it instead of you, but she wont be gentle at all."
"OK, I'll put it in myself."
" Do it fast, in 30min you will wake up your wife, and you still need some walking lesson."
He put it in 5min, then slave helped him walking more elegant.
After 30minutes, mistress gave him plate on which there was breakfast for him and his wife. " Now you need to go 1 stairs up through staircase," mistress said.
He was slowly walking with tail hanging out of his ass and shoes, as he comes to wife's room doors. " Open that yourself," slave said. He tried and managed that. Then slave said to kiss his wife. " Darling, I brought us breakfast." She opened eyes and still thought she is dreaming, cause that was something husband hasn't done in years. She kissed him back. Then slave said that they have 15minutes to eat and then they need to go down for another session. Slave also gave wife 6 inch heel shoes. And 2 pairs of nipple clamps for both. " Clamps are for both you, but you wont give yours on you." She looked at husband," You will put them on your wife," and look at wife," you will put them on husband." Then slave left. Couple did what they were asked, but they were late 3minutes. Mistress knew that they wont make it in time. Once they came to that room, they noticed it got completely changed from before." Now, Edd, go to that cross." He went to cross, then slave tied him to a cross, so he couldn't move at all. " You know, Tess, your husband wrote it down, that his penis is 8 inch long. So I ask you, is it that long, or shorter? I'm afraid that its shorter, but in order that we please what he said, we will make him 8 incher. We will put this in his shaft, but before we do that, he will need to have erected penis, I think that wont be issue, " mistress said.
" Yesterday, we didn't play with you much, just that anal balls. Now at beginning husband will be like he is now, I think having a but plug with tail and shoes is enough of punishment for him now. So, you get undressed completely just keep that nipple clamps on, they look marvelous on your big boobs. And then put shoes back on." Tess did that quickly, and went to sex swing. When she got in it, she said:" I love this swing, completely in your mercy, mistress." Then 2 slaves begin licking lady's breasts and nipples, while 3rd was at husband checking his penis, it got erected fast, so she put that cloth on fast, so only head was visible. Then tied cloth to penis fast, so it couldn't shrink." I don't think we need those clamps on you Tess, for now," Mistress said and removed them. Then she showed her rope," I'll tie your boobs now. Slaves, go and lick her pussy," Mistress tied wife's boobs, and asked her," How does it feel?"
" It feels great, I don't feel pain for now," Tess said.
" Now, I'll put clamps on your pussy, 2 of them," Saphyre said and went between her legs," did anyone said you have small lips down here?"
"Yes, I thought i have small lips,"
" Slave, bring me vacuum pump for pussy and 2 nipple teasers."
Then mistress began to pump wife's pussy, and when she saw pussy big swollen and bit purple, she removed pump, and said, " This is what I like, Tess, now this will be challenging for you," she said, and put both clamps on left pussy lip. Then she waited a bit and put both on right pussy lip too. After that she stood up and saw wife is breathing deeply. " I will let you get used to them for a while, now I need to check your husband," mistress said, and went with that nipple teasers to him. "Slaves, lick his nipples," she said. After 2 minutes she said its enough. " I see you are getting too relaxed to this position. Slave, bring me candle. No, its not what you think, we wont put wax on your nipples, that's were this teasers go," she said and put the clamps from nipples to his balls. Then she put teasers on across nipples and pump it with pump. When slave brought candle, she pour some hot wax over his shaft, then she went back to wife. " Now hard part for you comes," mistress said, and pour some hot wax over his boobs. As she saw she could hardly manage pain, she said:" Slave to her face." That meant slave was supposed to be in position that she would lightly smother wife.
When that happened, mistress continued with waxing boobs and nipples till they we nicely covered with wax, then she moved to pussy area. It seemed wife was taking this so great, but then once mistress heard a scream. She turned face to husband, which apparently just cum. " So, this is what turns you on, you little scumbag, now I just know what you need. Slave, cock cage," she said, then she took of cloth, waited for cock to shrink, and put it on cage.
Mistress then return to wife, and told her:" Now, I'll put a candle in your ass for 10minutes, if you cant keep it in your ass for that time, then you wont get reward."
Wife tried to hold the burning candle in her ass. and managed to do that. While mistress went to husband and put some weight on clamps he had on his balls.
When 10minutes left, mistress said slaves to put wife out of sex swing and put husband in. Then they put out butt plug with tail on husband.
" Now your reward for what I said before. Slaves, bring 8 inch strapon," mistress said," you will fuck your husband." Mistress then unlocked his cock cage, so cock was free again. " Now we will help you just to take strapon in his ass, then you masturbate his cock till he cums 2 times." Wife slowly put strapon in his ass and slowly fuck him. " Faster and deeper," mistress said, and as she saw wife isn't much for game, she said," Slave put those 10 inch ribbed anal balls all the was in her ass." As she said that, wife began to fuck husband deeper, but slave had to do what she was told, wife helped her a bit and after she began to masturbate cock, husband cum fast, but wife kept on fucking him. Then mistress said:" Slave to husbands face." After 5minutes husband cum again. Then mistress said that they are done for course, and if husband behaves again, she can call for more hard games.
After that they got suitcases and went to home. At home they discovered that they have some latex clothes and toys in their suitcases.
Now husband is good, he often makes breakfast to wife, they have fun life, often they make love just cause its so great for relaxing.

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