Fantacies - few short erotic fantasies

i laying here in my bed thinking about you i want u so bad....want to hold u close to me smell you taste your soft skin as i kiss your the back of you neck feel u back your ass into me moaning enjoying closeness of our bodies. you feel something hard rubing against your back, whats that u ask as reach back and massage my hard cock. i kiss down the middle of your back running the tip of my tongue slowly it drives u wild u squeeze my cock tongue reaches to top of your as crack. my has grab your hips as you roll on your stomach your legs spreadas my tongue slither down between your ass slow and steadty u squeel in anticipaction your fingers already spreading your pussy lips as my tonguetwirls around in your back door i could feel your body shaking as my tongue slides into your waiting pink lips ummmmmmmm your deliciousness is all that satisfy this unquenchable thirst for u......

First Anal
I've never thought about making love to anybody like this 24/7. You keep me yerning for you. this is crazy. I figure you would chicken out unless we just get to the point we loose our mind. but i would lick it first twirling my tongue all around it kissing and sucking gently on your ass cheeks rubbing your clit and fingering your pussy. i would drizzle some warm edible strawberry lubricant down your ass crack while i work my pinky in slowly watching your legs tremble with excitement as your pussy overflow with juice as i finger both holes feeling them contract and spasm then as you reach back with your
>> to feel how wet you are i lick the juices off your fingers, increasing the finger size and as you relax im exstacy the rub head of my dick in your ass hole pressing gently into your hole the feel of your flesh against mine is driving me crazy your knees get so week you collaps on your stomach. i flip you unto your back and pin your legs to your chest exposisng both holes drizzeling lubricant unto my dick and rubbing and stroking it it got so hard my viens felt like they about to pop. your ass hole contracting just waiting for throbbing cock...

BAD Girls makes me a Bad boy
you are soooooo bad.girl u know how much that turns me on thinking of you there reading my email your heart beating fast as your mind races with imagination, yur body tingeling with excitment as you feel your nipples swelling your loins burning as you squeez your legs tensing as you sense your self getting moist. shit your hands brush asgainst your t shirt as your not wearing a bra you could see your nipples pertruding you tease it lightly with the tip of your manicured nails damn you sigh wishing i.was there your body aching with exstacy. you are not even reading anymore your mind is creating your own fantasy. as one had pulls on your nipples your other hand unbutton your jeans you could feel your cotton panties dampening damn im soooo horny you think i need you, you whispered as if i was standing right next to you licking your lips imagining my naked body my thick vieny cock standing at attention right at the tip of your mouth. you feel your body
>> > > ignite your hand slip down into your panty as your index finger presses against your raised clit ummmm you groan as your leaves your breast and slip into your mouth as you imagine your thick cock enter your mouth the feel the taste of my pre cum sets your body on fire as your finger parts your wet pussy lips you cant believe how wet you are daaaamn how could a man i never met drive me so mfing crazy im loosing my mind wanting him so bad as you rub your pussy so feverishly damn sucking on your fingers.wanting my cock in your mouth deep down to the balls. wishing i was stooping im front of your face, both hands holding your head steady both your hands on my tense ass cheeks as you guide my thick cock into your throat deeper ummmm ummmm groaning saliva driping down your mouth as you slurp and suck on my cock um um in and out your mouth hesitating on my cock head twirling you tongue around my shaft watching me squirm. damn your fingers slip into your
>> > sticky
>> > > pussy as you feel your pussy walls clentch your you fuck your self i need something bigger deeper you had to slip your jeans off one leg.up on the couch as you lay back you raise your tshirt squeez on your breast umm i so ready rubing your wet panty crotch your hand and finger round and round pressing against your soaking pussy damn you could see me pushing you back on the couch lifting your legs.over my shoulder your legs wrap around my neck as i pull your hips towards me holding my dick guiding it to your pink pussy lips pressing my cock head to the small opening of your pink wettness forcing it in your hans groping my chest teasing my nipples shit damn babes i cant hold back if you pinch on my nipplea like that shit why your pussy so tight i had to spread your legs apart shit ahhhhh my dick started sinking into you with every thrust of my hip uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh deeper your pussy getting wetter as i fuck you deeper uhhh i look
>> > down
>> > > between your legs watching my dick go in and out in and out in out your pussy juice glistening on my shaft your juice getting thicker creamier your hands behind your legs pulling it to your chest damn didnt realize your flexibility damn my cock sank deep into your scream my name fuck me hard babes make me cum i ram u violently over and over breaking into a sweat our skin slapping together splat slapt splat my balls slaping against your asshole you so skint back like an acrobat. juice dripping down your ass shit i see that and couldnt resist i pulled out and down on my knees i lap the juice up kissing and licking all over your ass like a hungry a****l sucking on your pussy lips sticking my tongue into your gapping hole as you hold your legs apart you feel to the side i pull you up on your knees ass up and head down i didnt waste time and jam my cock up your pussy from behind humped over you pull your hair back riding you like a horse
>> > >you bringing out the a****l in me damn ahhhhhrg. one leg on the couch your ass spread out sweat driping on your back from my body damn i cant hold back one thrust and i explode in your pussy so hard we both scream i fell on top of you my knees fell out from under me Shittttt i sliped out of you still cuming ahhhhhhhh . at that moment you felt your panty flood with cum damn you didnt think you could squirt cum out like that u were in shock......but it felt so good to cum that hard you cant wait to feel like that again....
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