Lesbians and a Bed.

"Mmm!!! Yes! Just like that! Lick my pussy with that wonderful, magical tongue of yours, Amy!" Amy raised her head for just a second to say "i will. But soon, it's my turn."
The day had started out normal enough. I had taken a call from my friend, Amy. It was a little something like this...
"WHAT?" i said as i answered the phone. I wasn't in a great mood. She had just interrupted my daily dose of porn videos.
"I-I was just wondering if uhhh...maybe you wanted to come over for a bit? My parents are out of town on a business trip and i NEED something to do. I'm so bored!"
"Sure! I'll be over in like 30 minutes!" I hung up and left off where I was. I finished the video I was watching of some 19 year old girls in a 69 position moaning and screaming for the other to lick faster. They soon got up and started scissoring. Back and forth and back and forth. Moaning. I was getting so turned on at this point and reached down to my panties. My PJ pants had been discarded long ago and now lay in a heap on the floor along with my baggy top and my lace-covered bra. My pussy was wet and hot. I started to rub my pussy through my thin, see-through panties. I moaned along with the girls and rubbed faster. I soon envisioned myself in the video along with the girls. My hand was one of their tongues. Faster and faster it went until I couldn't wait any longer. I ripped of the flimsy material that blocked me from my pleasure.

65% (10/5)
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2 years ago
please finish it!
3 years ago
plenty of potential to be quite erotic ... please continue.
3 years ago
you didn't score well with this but it's a start dont give up give your fantasies life
3 years ago
That's good...for a start. :)
3 years ago
thanks. i love writing
3 years ago
good start
3 years ago
ok. ill work on it. i just dont have much time.
3 years ago
Come on pussydemon finish it off plz