at the bar

bra or panties - you understand you won't be needing them tonight. I pull-up and honk as you rush out to the car knowing that making me wait is never good. You are excited, wearing the micro mini and halter and nothing else. I see your aroused nipples and can smell your pussy leaking.

The only thing I told you about tonight was that at least one of your fantasies would be fulfilled. You want to ask, but instinctively you know better. As we drive through the streets of LA, I reach into my knapsack and hand you a blindfold. You put it on and I reach over and slip the halter top down to your waist exposing your perfect breasts to anyone looking. You hear the convertible top retracting and feel the gentle breeze on your skin letting you know that you are exposed to both the people on the street and other drivers. Occasionally as we drive, you hear the honks of passing cars. After nearly ten minutes, I stop and slide your skirt to your ankles and than begin to drive again. After another 15 minutes I pull into a parking lot, stop, shut off the engine and you feel me pulling your hand to help you from the car.

Your skirt slips off your ankles and you know to leave it there - tonight you are a wanton slut ready to be displayed and used, apparently publicly. I walk you slowly and you hear jeers and cheers and can tell from the whistles and cat calls that there are a lot of guys admiring your form. You can tell that the ground underfoot changes from pavement to carpet and then to tile flooring. Without ever saying a word, I firmly press my hand to your shoulder making you kneel down. You feel the familiar feel and taste of a hard cock pressing at your lips and as you gasp; it is thrust into your waiting mouth. A pair of hands grasps your hair and begins thrusting your head up and down as you hear an unfamiliar male voice groan. Suddenly your mouth and throat are filled for the first time tonight with a massive load of cum.

As quickly as that cock leaves your mouth, another replaces it. You feel a second cock behind you and when a strange pair of hands grabs your ass, you rise up and sense someone underneath you. A massive cock thrusts suddenly into your dripping pussy and you feel stretched to the limits but in your excitement, you are wet enough to allow this stranger access. In an instant, you feel another cock pressing into your ass. There is no polite formality of fingers first, just a hard cock and spit pressing harder and harder. You know you have to relax and let this happen and than you are full. Strange hands and cocks take control of your body and you are ravaged repeatedly by more cocks and men than you can count.

After at least fifteen different men by your reckoning, someone pulls your hair back and comments on what a slut you are, completely covered in cum. It is running from your lips, ass and pussy. You know it has been hours since you first knelt on the hard tile floor and for the first time, you hear my familiar voice as I say only "She's a mess, she needs a shower." Suddenly, you feel the warmth as a fine stream strikes your forehead and works it way over your face. As your nostrils adjust, you recognize the smell and know that someone is pissing on you. Soon the stream starts to multiply; two, three, five so many you loose count again. You feel your cheeks being spread and the warm flow enters your gaping ass and spread pussy, you feel it on your tits, on your lips and suddenly without any saying a word, all of the streams converge on your swollen clit.

No-one touches you and you know you are not allowed to touch yourself and that familiar tingle starts deep inside of you. It builds and builds and you know this will be immense. As the strangers continue to take turns targeting your clit you start to explode in a mind blowing orgasm and than - darkness.

As you slowly start to remember the events of the evening - not certain whether or not it was a dream, you feel the rush of air on your nipples and in your hair again. You let your hand slide down and your eyes follow - you briefly wonder what happened to the blindfold. You feel how hot and slimy your pussy is, and feels the tinge of a well fucked ass under your weight on the leather seat. You look over at me questioningly and I smile warmly, kiss you on the forehead and slide something like a deck of cards into your hand. You gaze down and see the three inch stack of Polaroid's and nervously start to look through the pictures of your wanton night. So many dicks - so much cum and through it all you see the biggest smile on your face.

You know that you could have stopped it at any time with one safe word, you slide next to me and your hand drops to my bulging hard-on. You realize that I have been the only man in the bar not to fuck you tonight. You look at me as if to ask and realize that tonight was for you, about you and than you lower your head, unzip my pants and give me the best head of my life. When we reach your door, you leave your cloths on the floorboard, it is pointless to put them on now and you take my hand and pull me through the door. I e****t you to the shower, adjust the water and begin to wash you from head to toe.

When we are finished, I carry you to bed and we fall instantly asl**p in one another's arms.

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