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We're walking on a road near the beach after enjoying a nice sunny day in the city. It was pretty hot today so you decided to wear a short light dress, showing off your lightly tanned legs. Underneath sporting some comfortable lingerie and cute sandals on your feet.

We’ve bought a nice bottle of Italian wine with 2 glasses in the supermarket near the restaurant where we had our dinner. The sun would go down in about an hour so people were starting to pack up and go home to their cars and hotels. We noticed a nice secluded spot between the tall grass in the dunes. I unzip my backpack and take out a long beach-towel and spread it on the warm sand. We both take our shoes off and settle ourselves on the towel.

I take the glasses, bottle and corkscrew out of the backpack and pop the bottle. Enjoying our wine we talk about the events of the day. Some time has passed, almost becoming twilight. Bottle almost empty you lay your feet in my lap, asking me for a massage because they were a bit painful from the walking. I wrapped my hands around your ankle and started to twist and turn a little, moving on to your heel and soles, firmly pressing and moving my fingers in a circling motion. Reaching your toes I gently massaged all 5 of them.

While massaging your other foot I noticed your underwear from under your dress, I tried to look it away but it was too late, nature did his naughty job. You noticed me trying to hide something and took of your sunglasses to take a closer look. No need to look because my erection made your foot rise up from my lap. You smiled and moved right next to me, pressing your finger on my bulge. I gasped and almost came in my pants from your touch. You laughed and put your arm around me and kissed me on my cheek, while placing your free hand on my thigh.

I smelled a little bit of the sweet perfume you were wearing and I start to kiss your neck, gently licking a few drops of sweat you took my hand and pressed it on your breast. While I was clutching and stroking your breasts inside your dress you turned my face and kissed me on the lips, our tongues swirling inside. I started to caress your cheek which was burning hot, my other hand still on your breasts, I moved from your cheek to your shiny blonde hair, moving my fingers through your hair you suddenly started to unzip my trousers. I continued moving the palm of my hand on your cheek while you were removing my trousers and underwear.

We started to take our tops off and there we were, me butt naked and you with only your sexy panties on. You grinned at the sight of my hard cock and pushed me down. Telling me not to move a muscle you kisses the tip and gently swirling your wet tongue around it. Sucking on it made me gasp for air and you started to laugh with my cock halfway in your mouth. As if you knew I was going to cum soon you finished me by hand, stroking it hard and fast. I let out a moan and cum was flying everywhere, on the towel, on your hand, on your arm.

After cleaning yourself you kissed me and told me to took of your panties. I saw your pussy glistening with wet love juiced and I went down on you, sucking your lips and twisting your hard clit with my fingers. Your moans made my penis swell up like never before and I put in 2 fingers while sucking your clit. You told me to put my hard cock inside and fuck you like a madman. I clumsily searched for a condom and you told me it was a safe day. With relief, I spread your legs, and pushed my cock inside your wet pussy.

My butt moving back and forth I grabbed your legs and started to lick your leg, moving to your foot. Gently licking it and sucking your big toe I heard your soft moaning and released your legs and put my hand on your clit and started to rub it furiously while my moving my cock inside and out. You started to scream of pure lust and I started to pump faster and faster while continuing rubbing your hard clit. While you were pressing my nails deep inside my flesh I told you I was going to cum very soon. “Dump it on my breasts!” you screamed. I could hold it any longer and as I was pulling out I released my semen on your stomach and breasts.

Both catching our breaths, we started to notice it was becoming dark. We looked each other in the eyes and started to laugh. “Let’s do that again sometime” you said.
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i think is too
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very good story