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[Story] From my HOT friend Keivi

We're walking on a road near the beach after enjoying a nice sunny day in the city. It was pretty hot today so you decided to wear a short light dress, showing off your lightly tanned legs. Underneath sporting some comfortable lingerie and cute sandals on your feet.

We’ve bought a nice bottle of Italian wine with 2 glasses in the supermarket near the restaurant where we had our dinner. The sun would go down in about an hour so people were starting to pack up and go home to their cars and hotels. We noticed a nice secluded spot between the tall grass in the dunes. I unzip my backp... Continue»
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Searching for...

Hi my horny and sweet friends,

I want to share my latest fantasy which came to me when i was clubbing 5 days ago. I imagined that a stranger came to me from behind took up my skirt and put his cock between my asscheecks and started to play. That time i've been surprised and freezed but i liked it so much and as he noticed that he tried to put his hard cock in my pussy.
Really never happened this story but i want so much to be real, sometimes the game is much better than the sex itself!!

But i need your help my kind friends, if you find a video similar to my fantasy please post the ... Continue»
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[Story] Fantasy!!

This story is a message that a friend of mine from xhamster send to me. I publish it exactly as he send it to me. It's very HOT and I liked it very much!!!

-- Hi sweetie I am happy that you accepted my invitation I was looking thought your profile and you said that you like imaginative fantasy’s. well I dreamed this one up while looking at your photos and videos.
please tell me what you think, if you like it I will send more. if you have any I would love to read them.--

We are driving through the country with nothing but lush green rolling hills and large trees as fa... Continue»
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Can you cum on my pic?

Please cum on my pic and post it, I want so much to see it!
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Hi my kind, sweet and sexy friends!!

I would love to know your thoughts about me,
so please use your imagination and write what
you would like to do to me!

Be sexy and wild

I like almost everything!
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