Dozens of my friends here have asked me what my avatar of “no doggy style birthday cake” means. At first, I was embarrassed to tell you even though I am adamant about the “no doggy style”. But then, after a while I realized it is only fair to tell the story and it might just make a good short story and get something off my mind.
I know, ME? a short story?
Before Susan broke up with me I saw that it was inevitable. It was only a matter of time before our lesbian friendship was going to dissolve completely so, rather than sulk or get mad I decided to go back to my favorite place as often as possible….the nude beach. Susan did not actually forbid me to go there but she frowned on me going without her during the week when she was working. So I said ‘screw it’ and sneaked off to the beach every chance I got. But I was a little nervous about setting up my blanket right up with all my old friends that might just tell Susan they saw me, so I opted for the quieter more secluded section in the back of the beach by the dunes where most of the gay men go. I even made a new windscreen out of a bedsheet of a completely different color from my old one and I wore different hats and wrap-around sunglasses completely different from my usual ones.

None of the men bothered me and I just sat quiet reading a book while tanning and watching all the interesting sights around me. If you read any of my stories you would know I prefer women but I always had this fascination with the penis. I know, it’s like someone that likes fine wine but doesn’t drink. But my fascination and curiosity was always satisfied sitting among so many gay men. I’m not even going to try to tell you about some of the things I saw.
Except maybe this one thing.
This was the third time I saw this same guy back there. Let’s call him Fred. Fred looked like an executive type. Black hair with a streak of grey over the ears. Good shape but certainly not muscular. Medium everything else except his dick. Let’s just say his dick was larger than normal. What was weird was Fred was not always with the same woman. And the women I did see him with were similar to him; corporate types, usually not tan, not fat but not really over the top either. Sort of your MILF types. I didn’t think Fred was gay or even bi until one day I was sitting very close to where they set up their blanket and windscreen. I got a kick out of watching him rub sunblock on her boobs and her butt and her rubbing baby oil on his balls and his dick, They looked like they were really enjoying themselves.
About twenty-five feet beyond their blanket on the other side of where I was sitting were two gay guys. One young and one middle age. They too were enjoying themselves doing almost the same thing as Fred and his lady. But I could see they both had erections and each would stroke the other just two or three times and then back off or rub some other part of the other ones body. They were just playing, but it really aroused me watching them as well as Fred and his lady.
After a little while I saw the younger guy get up and pull his shorts on and walk off the beach. I guess it was just a casual meeting of the two? But within a minute or two Fred’s lady got up, completely naked, and walked up to the middle aged guy now sitting alone. She crouched down in the sand next to him and started talking. I could see her mouth moving but could not hear what she said. The gentleman just nodded. She then walked back to Fred and sat down. Then Fred stood up and pulled the stakes from his windscreen and repositioned it so it was now a curved arc in front of them instead of behind them. They now had almost total privacy. The people on the beach could not see them past the wind screen on one side and the dunes blocked the other. But I could still see in from the side.
Fred lay down on his back and the lady just swung her leg over him and straddled him. Fred was toying with her nipples but did not seem to try to penetrate her or even move his hips. With that, I noticed the gay guy from the other side of their blanket get up and walk completely naked over to Fred’s blanket and kneel down beside them. No words were spoken. He just reached over and started stroking Fred’s dick. It was hard instantly. I saw Fred’s lady friend hike up and bend forward on all fours swinging her tits across Fred’s face. At about the same time the gentleman took his other hand and just rubbed her pussy from behind and slid his fingers into her. After a dozen of so strokes with his fingers he pulled them out and guided Fred’s dick into her. Fred was laying still on his back and she was pumping up and down on him. The man than took his finger and pushed it into her asshole, about as far in as it would possibly go. His other hand was still stroking Fred’s dick as it ran in and out of the woman. It was a fascinating and an extremely arousing sight to me.
I was wet and aroused and feeling sorry for myself. I could not help but touch myself but I was aware enough to do it with discretion. My windscreen had me pretty well protected from others looking my way. But Fred’s male friend could see me and Fred and his lady would be able to see me if they turned my way. At the time I did not care.
Suddenly, it looked like Fred’s lady was starting to cum. Actually it was hard to tell, but being a woman I could see the tell tale signs when her butt cheeks squeezed together and her thighs quivered while her back was arcing and her head was looking up…….almost like she was saying “Ohhhhh God-Yes”.
I know she was not really yelling that but that’s what it looked like. When she relaxed, she just rolled off Fred and onto her back. And Fred just rolled over and up onto his hands and knees. His dick was still hard and the other guy was still holding and stroking it. The woman reached into her beach bag and after a little fiddling I saw she was rolling a condom onto the guys dick,……and then she guided him into Fred’s ass. The guy was now fucking Fred up the ass and the lady was jerking Fred off with one hand, but with her other hand she was fingering the guy up the ass. “My god what a sight” I thought. After a few minutes I could see Fred cumming in big squirts into the sand, and I assume the stranger was cumming into the condom in Fred’s ass.
I sat stunned. Stunned but wet, aroused and horny. But I did not know what I was horney for??? I think I was just envious of all the dick.

After a few seconds I saw the lady take the condom off the stranger and drop it in a paper bag. She handed the man some wet-wipes and after a few minutes the stranger composed himself nodded and walked back to his own blanket.

The lady, whose name turned out to be Jessica, got up and walked over to my blanket and kneeled down. I was embarrassed but she was very nice, very confident and spoke softly: “Why don’t you just come over and sit with us for a few minutes?” she said, “I have been watching you, and I think we can be friends”. I was stunned, I was wet and it was running down my thighs but I nodded ‘ok’. I wiped myself as best I could as I stood up and carried my towel with me. When I got to their blanket I spread my towel on the sand and sat down, wondering what was going to happen next, or what I was going to say? But my thoughts were unnecessary because everything just happened spontaneously. Jessica put her hand flat on my back and sort of rolled me forward and sideways. She put her other hand on my belly and guided me into a doggy style position. I knew what was going to happen but I didn’t! I could feel her fingers run down my back and down the crack of my ass over my asshole, stopping just long enough to rim around in a circle. I could feel her other hand squeezing my breast and pinching my nipple. First one than the other. I could feel her fingers entering me; I could also feel her finger pushing into my ass. But wait! That is three hands! I realized then, one of the hands was Fred’s. It was ok I thought, I was so fucking horney who cared?

I could feel the fingers going into my pussy were female, they were small and moved around with expertise, the finger going in my ass was the opposite, it was rough, wide and strong…..and it went in deep! It felt so good. I could feel Jessica’s fingers pull out and her other hand let go of my breast. I could see her hand reach into her beach bag and take out another condom; and then, a little later I felt it. For the first time in 10 years I felt a cock.
Someone was spreading my lips with their fingers and pushing a dick into me…..into my pussy, another finger was in my ass, and then a cock was trying to push into my butt.. It did not fit well but it went in, Jessica’s fingers were rubbing my clit and another cock was trying to get in my pussy…in, out, fingers, cock, fingers ……ohhhh GOD! it felt good.

I was thinking of Susan…FUCK Susan I’m thinking…fuck her!
Fuck me…more, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK Susan!
I was cumming, and squirting and dripping…it was over!

How many? I asked Jessica. “I don’t know” she said, “five, six guys, maybe seven… Fred didn’t fuck you”. “You enjoyed it didn’t you?” Jessica said. I didn’t answer. But I did.

I picked up my stuff, folded up my windscreen and went home to Susan. She knew something happened. It was over between us just a day or two later.

Now you know the reason for my avatar………….
xxxxxxx Lori

PS: It was my birthday.....and I was fucking sore for a week! ( ) ) ouch!

90% (9/1)
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1 year ago
in my favorites. excellent except for the 5 or 6 guys. just Fred and her or maybe Fred's younger friend would have been enough.
1 year ago
As I said before ;-) xox
1 year ago
Extremely hot story! I enjoyed it VERY much! Wanna go to the beach?
2 years ago
Hot story, thanks!
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Fantastic story, very arousing
2 years ago
Damn what a hot story. Loved it.
3 years ago
As always a good story, sorry about your break up though.
3 years ago
Very hot story, Lori! ... Now we know why breaking
up with Susan was painful. And where it hurt ;-)P

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