The third half

OK, OK I know I’m not too good with fractions…so here is my third HALF of my story with at least one more half of the story to go later.. hehe

Over the ten year or so time that I went to the beach my mind was like a ping pong table of thoughts. I liked looking at pretty women, I was fascinated by penis, I really enjoyed ‘showing it’ on the beach but was shy off the beach. I liked looking at people having sex on the beach and watching the guys looking at those people too, or looking at me. I just lost interest in regular men over the first few years at the beach and was rather shocked to see how I had reacted to the ‘vision’ of Dawn.

Yeahhh, many times over the 10 or more years I went to the nude beach my mind shifted back and forth and never really focused on any particular person for too long.
Mostly it was my friend Ed (the older guy) that I would sit with or walk with. But we also had groups that would build up and sit and then fizzle out.

Ed was the easiest to talk to though.

One time I asked Ed how the beach got started. [/] He said there was a story in the 1970’s in the newspaper about a bunch of hippies that were arrested for sunbathing nude on a deserted beach in North NJ that used to be an army base. When they went to court the judge dismissed the case because it was not in his jurisdiction. It was not county or town property but federal. And there was no federal law against nude sunbathing. By the time I found it Howard Stern had been talking about it and how dozens of people were using it now just because one person tried to arrest someone for being nude. By the time I found it, it was well known.

After that story hit the papers they changed the name from Sandy Hook ‘State Park’ to ‘National Park’ and they started moving Park Rangers in. There was sort of an agreement that they would not bother you as long as most naked people stayed on one beach called Gunnisen Beach. But they were very strict about other things. You would be arrested for walking in the sand dunes as an example.

One day when I was with Ed I was going to sneak back behind a bush in the dunes to pee and he stopped me and warned me. For the most part they did not arrest women for peeing, only for trespassing in the dunes. It seemed one woman was arrested once and the judge had to throw the case out because the arresting officer could not answer whether he knew the lady was actually urinating or ‘discharging’…… Yikes that’s gross, and the Judge wanted no part of that and they held off arresting women after that case. The same went for ‘jerking off’… A man with a hard on, a monkee face all squinched up beating it like crazy is ‘jerking off’. And that is Lewd! A woman moving her fingers around is only ‘checking for wetness’ so as not to embarrass anyone. That too was on the ‘no arrest’ rule. But a lady squatting and spreading her lips with her fingers is peeing… no question about it… or a couple fingers disappearing is Lewd! So you had to be very, very careful according to Ed.

The best way to pee he said was make it look like you are not peeing but squatting down to get a can from your ice chest. This worked even better because the Rangers liked to arrest you for having bottles on the beach. Cans were allowed, glass bottles no!
So if one was watching you they would be watching what came out the top of the cooler not out the bottom of you! Just never make it obvious. Kneeling on one knee at the surfs edge ‘looking at shells’ was another good ruse. Squatting behind a log or a man standing holding his dork peeing on a garbage can was not.

I didn’t tell Ed at first, but I was fascinated watching him pee. Not standing there with his hands on his hips or shooting a stream like I had seen other rather crude guys do.. I think I was fascinated because he was so ‘the opposite’! Kneeling down on one knee at the waters edge or crouching and taking something from the cooler and quietly letting go intrigued me. And I came to realize he was fascinated when I did the same since he always moved to a better position to view what I was doing. At first neither one of us mentioned it.

BTW, about my friend Ed: I was not exactly sure of his name because sometimes he was ‘Fred’, not Ed. Well, I was Lori, not Roberta. And once in a while people would wave and say “Hey Bob, how ya dooin?”
It is funny but back then a lot of us adopted what we called a ‘beach’ name. The reason being if you ran into someone at the market or in church (yeah right) and they called you by your beach name you knew where you knew them from. And, of course were careful about what you said.
And you could always say: "uhhh, sorry not me "

Speaking of the market,,, There was a popular supermarket where I lived called the A@P
I think it meant the Atlantic and Pacific tea (or coffee) Company. Quite often when we were just lounging on the beach Ed or I or anyone for that matter would joke and say “I’m going to the A @ P”,,, It simply meant you were going down to the waters edge (Atlantic) to take a Pee. It seemed that whenever Ed went, I went and visa-versa. Eventually we admitted (without saying a word) to one another we each enjoyed watching one another and being watched by the other. Our walks to the waters edge always seemed to wander further and further down the beach to where there were very few, if any, people. And we would be more and more brazen with one another showing more or turning to give the other a better view.

As I said before, I was not a stranger to ‘Little Ed’. Behind the windscreen I had held him and petted him and watched him get hard and soft and pulled his little turtleneck sweater up around his neck when it was cold. And Big Ed did the same to me. Little ‘touchee touchees’, slight ‘pinch and stretches’ and a few back of the finger brushes across my lips…
them lips )i(, not these lips = …. And sometimes he would rub me till I came. And yep, I did the same for him. However, I have to say that although I would ‘climax’ or ‘orgasm’ or whatever you call it, it was not a ‘cum!’. It was nice but not great.
And that bothered me.

Along the more barren two mile long beach south of the main beach the sand was only about a hundred feet wide before the low dunes. You were forbidden to go into the dunes and Park Rangers were always watching for dumbasses trudging through there. They would be arrested and e****ted off. But along the waters edge there was a little cliff about two feet high left by the marching waves. This cliff stayed intact because of so few people stomping it down, and it made a nice little bench and a great place to hide behind. (or in front of ??)
If a ranger was wandering around in the dunes looking for perverts (that’s us BTW) they would not see you doing anything below that tiny cliff, but you could see them.
Eventually, when Ed and I went to the A @ P we would walk all the way down the beach to the little cliffs. One time I sat just in front of the cliff and Ed sat next to me. It was the first time in my life that I actually ‘pushed’ when I peed. I arched my back a little and was spreading my lips, with my finger tips. I actually scared myself when the pee arched out in a two foot high three foot stream. It was far more than Ed’s stream and I burst out laughing. OMG I’m thinking, That was so cool. From that moment on every trip to the A @P with Ed became an adventure. I learned to write my name in the sand .. I could even dot the i in Lori (using little Ed as a pen of course)…
If I stood up and tried to write my name with my own pee I would just splash my feet.

Speaking of splashing feet that became the next milestone. One hot, humid overcast grey day we were some of the few people on the beach. We were sitting about ten feet from the waters edge at the regular beach when I said I was gonna jump in. “ahhhh, your’e not gonna take a pee in the water are ya?” Ed said. “Uhhhh, yeahh” I answered, “It’s too hot to walk down to the A @P” ….. “ it here” Ed said. “For me”. And pointed to the sand in front of me.

Well, there was no one near, I was sitting on a folded towel, my back was to the wide beach and the dunes (and any possible rangers) were 500 feet away. My knees were bent, so I leaned back on my hands, spread my legs a little and let fly. I was not holding my lips apart , these lips--> )i( because that would signal I was taking a pee to someone. Well, it still arched and shot out about a foot. Nowhere near as impressive as that first time and I was enjoying it more than Ed I think. Ed had been standing, just to the right in front of me with his hands clasped on his head, it was like he didn’t want anyone to think he was doing anything but standing there. When he saw the stream he moved over a bit and put his foot right in my stream, He moved his leg forward until his toes were touching my butt cheeks and my stream was spashing all over his ankle, and back on me. It was one of the hottest, sexiest things that ever happened to me. Up to then anyhow. We did then jump in the surf. I jerked him off while he fingered me as we bounced up and down in the waves.
I always wanted Ed to pee on me. Really pee ON me. All over me, but that never happened. At least not with Ed. The closest I got was putting my foot out like he did to me. One time we were down on south beach where it was deserted and Ed just laid down on his back at the edge of the waves. He waved me over and gestured like I was to straddle him but still remain standing with one foot on each side of him. He did not have an erection, so I didn’t think he was gonna try something stupid, like asking me to sit on it or blow him ( never gonna happen!) But he was starting to pee. Pee straight up. I was a little disappointed that the stream was only about a foot or so high and never reached my crotch, but it did splash on my legs and feet, but it had no power, it was like my own pee just splashing on me. I felt sorry for Ed because I think he expected to be more powerful, and I don’t think he realized he was splashing back all over himself too. But, when he was done, and after a long time concentrating, I let loose with a weak rather poor show that was more of a dribble than a stream. I also did not hold my lips apart there because it would have been possible for someone watching with binoculars to figure what I was doing.
I could not help but smile when Ed licked his lower lip..these lips---> = .
I assume he was tasting pee, probably thinking it was mine, but it damn well could have been his own.
That was not a very sexual experience for me, but it was a lot of fun.

Yeahhh, many times over the 10 or more years I went to the nude beach. Mostly I was with my friend Ed. But I also started to enjoy watching strangers watching me. I would not just squat and piss in front of strangers, that's gross. It would be more like "I got caught"...heheh. I'd sit at the waters edge where the water would just lap up to my butt, lean back on my hands a let a nice stream arc...or dribble (I'm sure the ladies understand that plumbing issue!) But I would time it so it happens just as someone was walking past. Either behind me looking over my shoulders or in the surf looking between my legs. The looks on the guys faces (and later on Susan’s face) was priceless and a super, super turn on for me!....
I’ll tell you about Susan and how she ‘caught me’ in my next story.

But let me end this story with this fond recollection.

As I said before, over the years different groups would form on the beach and we would sit and chat and so forth. One time, in early October on a gorgeous beautiful day we were sitting behind a windscreen, about five of us, when one couple left for a walk to South Beach. The couple that stayed behind were older than I was and had been married for a few years. I did not know them well, only from chatting. I knew her ‘beach name’ was Amy. I’m not sure but it may have been Amyee because she always talked very quiet and sexy and stretched her words out. Like: “ (breathless) Hiiiiiii, I’m Amyeeeeeeeee”.

Her companion was Gary, middle aged, grey black hair, stocky and hairy with the average well tanned swinging Johnson. His dick was not very appealing to me because it was so well tanned and always looked very greasy from sun tan oil. But what the heck?

We were sitting in low slung beach chairs side by side and Amyee was sitting in the middle. I knew something was up when Gary reached down and started to rub the inside of Amyee’s thigh. And then I saw him squeeze her twice in rapid fashion. Ya know like when someone is trying to tell you….let’s go, lets get outta here? I thought they were going to leave but was surprised when Amyee got up, turned her chair around and sat back down. People often did that to ‘follow the sun’ at the beach but this seemed awkward. Especially since she was so close to us, Her knee was practically touching my knee. And then Gary moved his chair over almost next to mine.
Amy was a pretty woman, not over the top, and with a classic smooth curvy shape. One thing I noticed about Amyee early on was her pubic style was the same as mine. And that was rare by that time. Women were all shaving by then and I was not a big fan of shaving there. (At least not then).

There was a time when women’s pubic hair would be classified as ‘unkempt’ which meant hair from her ass to her belly and pouring out the sides of her panties. And then there was ‘Kempt’… which meant a really nice bush but trimmed around the ass and shaved off above the panty line. And then there was stylized, which was the same as above only trimmed slightly down the slit to show more of a ‘camel toe’ under shorts, or maybe more trimmed down the sides of the V to leave a smooth rounded off appearance. Of course today there are V bushes on top and shaved below, and Brazilians and landing strips and little Hitler mustaches and who knows what else.
Amy was a stylized Well Kempt! The same as me. We could have been twins!

But then things started to happen, Amyee moved her chair even closer and opened her legs enough so her knee was between my knees and touching, and on the other side the same between Garys knees. She leaned back a little but did not say a word. Gary said, “I have been trying to get Amyee to shave it off.” “ Why?” I said. “I don’t know” Gary said, maybe because I like looking at her.”….. Amyee still said nothing, but Gary said
“she is shy” “Get out!” I responded. “No, no not actually shy but Amy has c***d birth scars from when she gave birth and she does not want people to see them” Gary said. But as the words came out he reached down and ran his finger up and down Amyees outer lips. “I don’t see anything”. I said, suddenly realizing I am staring at a woman’s well kempt pussy lips looking for scars. “Well, go ahead, you look then” Gary said, “you would know more about lips than I would”…….Thinking about how Ed (my friend) would occasionally brush the back of his fingers up and down my vulva, and how good that felt without being sexual, flashed through my mind. I did the same. Once again, I was fascinated by something I never expected. “I don’t see any scars” I said, but I didn’t really want to stop looking. “Look closer, don’t be shy!” Gary said. I did, I spread the well groomed pubic hair apart and thought ‘My god, her pubic hair is so soft!, and her lips are so soft, and smooth.’ I realized they were also puffing up. Her inner labia lips were showing now too. And her clit hood was rising! I was overwhelmed once again. The Power of my finger tips. (Actually the back of my fingers at first).. but then I flipped my hand over and was a little more aggressive. This was Wonderful I was thinking. We were not exactly like twins I realized. Our pussys were different. I have large labia that hang down an inch or so if I flip them back and forth (like you would do to a pack of sweet and low to loosen it up). But a clit hood that just hides like a little pink nose. And vulva that really, really do look like regular lips making a mild ‘duck face’. Amyee’s hood was large, pinkish purple and , well, it too looked like a little nose. Only it had a glistening pearl at the tip. Her vulva was much wider than mine and sooooooo soft..

I never could find any scars. And then Gary reached down and ran his finger tip up her slit from the bottom to the top, Amyee jumped as his finger passed over the little pearl.
“You are very, very wet my dear” Gary said. Amyee smiled, sighed that breathless sigh and said “yesssssssss”.

SHIT, shit, shit, shit, I thought as two stupid looking guys came walking over. WE all stopped what we were doing (and thinking) and Gary kind of brushed them off. And then our friends came back from their walk and time flew…….Summer was over.
Amyee and Gary became memories……and I never saw them again except in some wild fantasies I had that winter.

But all this got me ready for Susan the following summer.

Later, xxxxxxxxxx Lori

There is a video here on Hampster that just HAD to be shot there. I think I recognize the 'hot dog grill' and 'beer' sunbrella in one scene at 11:46 in the timeline. And if it is Sandy Hook, I would not be surprised if you spot me in there……..LOL

If the boss Hampster allows a link, here is one.

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11 months ago
Pee is not necessarily sexual, but since it does involve the parts of the body involved in sex, it can be erotic if you understand the difference?
2 years ago
all men & women should spend time getting to know there lovers vagina.
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Great story doll!
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Sexy intermezzo inspecting amyeee from so close!
Of course she loved - and loves it! ;-)P - Peter Pan
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The turning point, I loved it!
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that was wow great & a problem with the link
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I love it ! :))