My story: The middle half, THE TRIP TO LESBOLAND

Sorry, my story is longer than I thought it was gonna be.... so here is the next part:
When we left off I was telling you about the nude beach and my friend Ed and 'Little ED'
I hope this next part makes sense.......

I tried to upload this part a couple times but I am a clutz..and heavy drinking, no computer savvy and habitual horneyness always seems to get in my way. Anyhow, let's give the next part a go. If it works ..HOOORAA, if not, fuck it@!

Over the next ten years life went on for me like normal, but it was a a very bland world. I attended community college and dated like most girls. I learned to drink and smoke pot and go to concerts and parties and the mall like almost everyone else.
But there was a big exception. I went to the nude beach every week, at least once a week for six to eight months out of the year. I never told any of my normal friends or anyone from my f****y. The beach was like my own special secret world. I even adopted my own special name...LORI! name is Roberta and my middle name is Lori. But I figured if someone came up to me in the world of textiles and said: "Hi Lori" I would know where I knew them from. Of course it never happened but WTF??
I was not gay, I never thought I was gay, but men (actually young men) were not my favorite people. They acted stupid, most were cheap and they all seemed to just want one thing and I was not interested at the time.
Sure, there was Robert. We dated a dozen times and made out in his car; I let him squeeze my tits and run his hand over my crotch and even down my shorts and over my panties. It did nothing for me. He was pissed when I said I was not gonna date him anymore because school was starting.

And then there was Pete: Pete was a nice guy but really, really annoying with his Nascar and his Ninga motorcycle talk and his stupid video games. But he was good looking and adored me and treated me nice. And then one evening during a ‘make-out’ session he tried to ‘go-down-on-me’…….. I let him, (I did not encourage him) I just let it happen. It was horrible. His beard felt like 180 grade sandpaper (If you wonder why I know this, I work at Home Depot) his tongue felt like the same feeling you would get when a dog licks your ear. And I could not help but think:
“What happens if I fart?”…… was horrible. I pretended I came, pushed him away and made every excuse not to see him again. Eventually he got the hint.
And then there was Paul. Paul was nice. He was a landscaper and strong, solid and muscles like rocks. But he was always horney and always liked to talk dirty. He would tell me stories about his customers bending over on the lawn and he seeing her ass or some woman peeing and leaving the door to the bathroom open;…. All kinds of nonsense. But he had a huge, and I mean a huge dick. I did like Paul simply because he was a hard working down to earth guy. Just over sexed!. Finally, after about ten dates we were making out and it progressed to where I was gonna let him fuck me just to see what this was all about.. (I can’t help but honestly tell you those huge dicks on those big horses and bulls really came to mind…even though I was not thinking of sex WITH a****ls…….just the size of their dicks!) I was naked, he was naked, the bathroom light was on and I could see his dick was standing straight up. It had to be 10 inches long. Ok, it just seemed like that. I swung my leg over him and straddled him and let him suck my tits and nipples. I was wet, and I was horney, and I was not a virgin. (I guess I have to tell you I did let one or two other guys poke it in with condoms on…..guys like Robert and Pete…..but that was it!) But this was different. I liked dick. I wanted a dick of my own. I was amazed at Pauls dick. I just did not really want it in me. I don’t know why. But I eased down on it anyhow. I felt like it was going to rip me open. It was a bittersweet moment. Like when you eat candy with a cavity. It tastes good but fucking screams pain from your tooth. Only this was screaming pain from my crotch. I have rather large labia. (Lips…. for you fuckheads that don’t know the difference) and they get caught between a dick and my outer lips (vulva) and get dragged into my pussy with every stroke. I guess it would be like me jerking you off and yanking your pubic hair and scrotal sac with work gloves on. You get the picture?
I was so fucking disappointed……… It hurt, it was horrible. It only lasted a few minutes but it was the worst feeling in my life. It hurt me to dump Paul. He was a nice guy.

So, over ten years I went from an innocent young girl who remembered the beauty of her aunt, the sadness of her mother, the lack of love from her father to the wonder of the penis of those big a****ls and the friendship of Ed and his not so little buddy ‘Little Ed’ to the wonder of the nude beach and the disappointment of sex with men my own age.

And to make matters worse; my dad retired from his hot-shit union job with a huge pension and decided to take mom to Tennessee and buy their own farm. My going away present was the down payment on my own condo in a little shithole town in middle New Jersey. They even let me take my own bedroom set. A piece of crap from Sears that was 30 years outdated! But the condo worked out fine and community college and plenty of work left me rather independent and secure. Just not really happy.. Funny, they sent me Christmas and birthday cards for a year or two and then they just faded away. It was like I never existed.

...........Dawn. Ahhhhhhhhh......
Dawn was a petite high maintenance woman in her 40’s when I was still in my mid twentys. ,,,,,,
She was what we called a “Short Hills” girl. Well educated, born into money, would probably never work and spent her time on charities and shopping. She was very quiet and owned the condo next to mine but in a different town house. Our condos were grouped two on the bottom and two on the top with four separate garage doors on the front ground level. Actually the front was the rear and vice versa. Each townhouse was on a little angle from the next and all together they formed a circle around a common area and a pool. But between each building was a small pie shaped area wide at the street side and protected with a six foot high white plastic fence. On the pool or inner side was only a 6 foot opening and a gate. The gate was not intended to be locked but some people did when they were having drink and smoke fests in their little triangle of heaven.. Dawn’s patio door slid open on her side and mine on my side but they were offset from one another so you could not see into one another’s condo, And there were no other windows on those walls. But I rarely saw Dawn anyhow. When I did she was always dressed in probably five hundred dollar outfits just going to get her nails done. She even paid someone to put her trash in and out. I learned later her condo was only a ‘get away’ place where she would stay while visiting f****y and friends or to use in between the families shore house and winter homes. But I did not know all this back then. I only knew her to nod and say hi to when passing. Which was extremely rare. I never once saw her relaxing in our shared little triangle. Until this day.
So one Sunday I come home from the nude beach wearing just my little yellow sundress and sitting on my folded beach towel. I drive my car directly into the garage and hit the ‘down’ button. I completely enjoyed stepping out of my car with the garage door only half way down and just dropping my sundress to the floor of the garage. Of course, by the time it hit the floor the door was down too. I’d take my dress and beach towels and shake all the sand and salt off them, off my feet and my body and prance naked right into the laundry and drop them in the washer. Then off to the fridge to fix a huge oversized gin and tonic and walk naked to my patio door where I would open the vertical blinds and slide them open. Sometimes I would even slide the door back if the AC was not cranking. Then I would stand there naked for just another five minutes savoring the feeling of being naked, drinking my gin and tonic and then off to the shower. Only this day it was different. I was already all sexed up from the beach, the gin already was making a hit and when I swung the vertical blinds to the open position I saw Dawn sitting on a Chaise lounge in white shorts reading a book. I stopped in my tracks! Rather than wind the binds to full open I slowly stepped backwards a few steps and sank down into a chair that faced the patio door on a slight angle. I did not know if Dawn could see in the room, I doubted it, but I was suddenly overwhelmed by the thought that this wonderful expensive version of womanhood could peek in my home and see me sitting naked. It was a silly but overwhelming thought. She was wearing tight expensive shorts, white tennis shoes and a little spaghetti string red top. Nothing was showing, no hard nipples, no camel toe, no flash of panties. Nothing you fantasize about or see in videos and photos. Just a pretty, rich girl relaxing and reading a book. She was no more than 20 feet away. Of course there was the patio door and partly open blinds between us but I was overwhelmed with sexual thoughts. I was already wet and I was not sitting on a towel. At least it was a fake leather chair and although it squeaked every time I moved the sun tan oil from the beach and my wetness would not hurt it. I touched myself and my clit hood was hard, and I was wet. Wet, and it felt sooooo good. I touched again and moved my fingers around and closed my eyes just to open them again and see Dawn still sitting there reading. It was so damn exciting. I could not stop. I gulped a huge drink of my gin and tonic, put the glass on the floor and spread my legs wide and put my feet up on the cushion of the chair. I was thinking: “Dawn, look at this, look at my pussy!”…It only took a few seconds but I was having the best orgasm I had ever had in my life. Even better than when Ed rubbed me off at the beach. It was like something I never experienced before. Something went completely through my whole body. I relaxed and thought; “OMG” what did I just do? I pushed myself up out of the chair to head for the shower and as I stood I just dumped what seemed like a quart of warm liquid down my inner thighs. I doubt if Dawn had any idea what was happening 20 feet away. It was a long time before that would happen again.

Ok.....I know I am boring you, but I enjoy writing this even for my own sake just to get it off my chest. I know poor choice of words... (*)(*)
So if this posts.... cool, if not FUCK IT!
love ya xxxxxx LORI! and see ya nexx time

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3 years ago
That was a great story Just reading it made me very hot if you know what I mean