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About Me
FIRST LET ME SAY I AM REALLY REALLY SORRY they blacked out my cover photo...I guess it was because I am naked (hehe) and sitting under an umbrella I took from my employer.....a big box home store .....maybe that's a no no.....I loaded other photos from the beach without the orange logo.......soooooooooooooooooooo ya gotta click on the little camera icon to open them i think ???

OK...if anyone really cares I am a 40 something lifetime lez. (Although I never really admitted I knew it till 10 years ago!) I guess it all started before I could even talk over at my aunts house...but that’s a different story I might just tell someday.
I have not had sex with a man for over 20 years and even then it was terrible. However, I have watched men and been very 'handy' at special times.
You probably would never know I'm lez, I'm certainly not dyke, bois, 'lipstick' or any of the other nasty names.
I just happen to love looking at other women. I love watching and learning about sex involving women, and I like that videos have progressed from the total dumb porno bullshit to almost real life!
And most important I don't 'hate dick'.
In fact I wish I had one (sometimes)......ok, most times,,,,, it's just the 'dickhead bozos' that are usually attached to one that give me the problems.
I found Hampster a long time ago when it was still rough-around the edges. I was (and may still be) a 7 year member of Grrl2Grrl a nice lesbian group..but boredom and drama brought me back here where I really enjoy the vids, specially the ones I can pick apart, or rate or rewrite in-my-head to pass the time of day at work or while driving.
And yes........40yo women DO masturbate !
,,,,and we do get wet watching good video….. and I (at least me) still do enjoy giving a good ‘flash’ or ‘peek’ to a worthwhile gentleman that knows how to look, watch, enjoy and leave…..But not the bozos. And I am not fat, nor skinny or floppy. You would easily walk right by me in Home de-pot. But I’m sure you would put your blanket down not far from my feet at the nude beach. And yes I do know when your jerkin it LOL. But that’s ok too.
So let me have fun with you all watching videos….but please don’t expect me to run right over to you for slobbery bozo sex. “Just relax” as they say in all the massage videos LOL xxxxxxx ( o ) Lori

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3 months ago
I really love reading your profile page (and stories), one of my favourite profile pages here. Well-written, descriptive, thanks for being a member (and my friend too!) here!
4 months ago
thank u for the add
4 months ago
thank u 4 the add
4 months ago
Thanks for the friendship...
7 months ago
so nice & horny profile - enjoy so much
10 months ago
hi i love the same videos and photos of you goes to see my profil kiss
11 months ago
yesss........I doo
12 months ago
Thank you for your kind comments :)
1 year ago
Here's wishing you get something long, dark, hard & creamy today - like chocolate.... ;D
1 year ago
Love your writing and your interests. As one former Agent Orange employee to another, "You can do it - we can help!"
1 year ago
thanks for the friendship beautiful video and photo compliments six beautiful hello and kisses ██████░░░░░▀█▄░░▄█▀░▄█▀█▄░ ██░░░██
░░██░▄██▄██▄▀█▄▄█▀░██░░░██ ██░░░██
░░██░▀█████▀░░██░░░██░░░██ ██░░░██
░░██░░░▀█▀░░░░██░░░██░░░██ ██░░░██
██████░░░░░░░▄██▄░░░▀█▄█▀░░ ▀█▄█▀
1 year ago
i love you :P
1 year ago
Thanks for add honey
1 year ago
Glad you accepted, have a very good day
1 year ago
Good day, you have a lovely favs collection, TY for putting it together. Can we be friends?
1 year ago
Thanks for telling us about yourself. I'd love if we could chat sometime if you're interested.
1 year ago
great profile!! TY like your pix
1 year ago
nice profile
1 year ago
Thanks for friendship Lori!
1 year ago
Honored and privileged to have made it on your friend list. Always great to see local AZ talent on XH!
1 year ago
hello, thanks for add me. hot profile :)
1 year ago
Thanks for the add
1 year ago
Thanks for the add
1 year ago
Hi Roberta. Thank you for your kind comment. There are more of Maya to come, but some will have to be for friends only because she finds the more recent stuff on XHamster and demands that they be removed.
1 year ago
Thanks for accepting my invite Roberta. You have terrific video and photo collections.
1 year ago
Wonderful profile Lori! I really love lesbians and lucky to find your profile here. A treasure of stories really. I really LOVE lesbians!!!
1 year ago
Nice story please add me.
1 year ago
2 years ago
great about me section...you sound like a fun person to hang around with :)
and just as you said, 40yo women DO masturbate, so do 50yo guys :)
2 years ago
Your are exactly the type I am looking for, dykes that refuse to listen to reason. I will train you into what I want you to be for my pleasure ONLY. You will enjoy my tongue being forced into your mouth and thank me for it later. You will learn over time to beg me for the cock and fill your cavities with my sperm. All your cavities will be open to me at my leisure if you decide to be trained properly by me and only me. If you choose not to be trained by me now, do not come running to me in the future to be trained how to be a real lesbian when i am in high demand by all lesbians everywhere worldwide. God Bless.

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