Susie and The Chair Part II

Part one inst necessary to read this, but it includes some minor details, and its rather short, so go read it and then this, unless you don't want to, or already have.

Susie was shaking, and letting out soft, sweet moans. Her breathing was steady and slow. The buzzing metal butt plug in her ass was giving out a steady low buzz, causing a deepening tickle in Susie's now wet; red hot; pulsating pussy. It had been almost three minutes, or maybe four, since she orgasm-ed without permission while giving her master a blowjob. He left after binding her ankles to the chair, leaving her bound and immobile.
Susie heard the door open, then her masters voice, hushed, talking to someone else. "On your hands and knees, and lick, until i say you can stop." There was no response that Susie could here, but she heard the pat off something on the ground, then she felt hair brush under her skirt, and then a tongue was sliding up and down her slit. She let out a shocked moan that was rather louder than her earlier ones. The tongue was at a steady pace, and kept to a specific rhythm. Up and down the slit, circular motions with the tip of her tongue on the clitoris, then a fast side to side motion over the clit, and back to the up and down licking. Susie was letting out loud moans of pleasure as the tongue had at her sensitive flesh.
The owner of the tongue was a very attractive blonde girl, who could of been twenty three, but she looks nineteen with her hair in similar pig tails like Susie's. Though her eyes are closed, they are a beautiful crystal blue. Her breast were ample and bigger than Susie's, but firm. Her ass was round and plump, with a nice creamy complexion to match that of Susie's. Though this girl is dressed in two piece pajama set. They were baby blue with hot pink polka dots. In the center of her ass, there is an outline under her bottoms showing the circular bottom plate of a butt plug. This girls name is Cynthia.
Cynthia is on her hands and knees smoothly licking Susie's pussy. Susie is on the verge of another orgasm and letting out quick loud moans of bliss. The Master is behind Cynthia, reaching out and squeezing her supple ass. He grabs the waistband of her bottoms and pulls them halfway down her thighs. The butt plug in Cynthia's ass is making a low brrrr sound, and is noticeably shaking. The Master simply grabs the base plate and pulls slowly on it. The round bottom pops out and the rest quickly follows, it wasn't a very big plug, but that's how the Master liked it. He flipped a switch on the butt plug's bottom and stopped its buzzing, Cynthia had kept her licking stride the entire time and Susie is doing her best to hold back another punishing orgasm.
The Master pulled out his remote and kicked the buzzer in Susie's ass to max. The buzzing could be heard very clearly and was bouncing off the walls. But Susie's moans quickly drowned it out. She screamed in pure ecstasy, the buzz sent what felt like and earthquake through her pussy, her g-spot clenched and her walls snapped tight, Cynthia's tongue spun on her clit, and then dashed across, Susie's pussy spasm-ed and squirt a wave of juice into and over Cynthia's mouth, she swallowed and then kept at her licking rhythm.
The Master turned down the velocity to half, then cast the remote aside. Unzipping his pants, he pulls out a hardening cock, that is nearly nine inches long. He bent down on one knee and braced his tip at Cynthia's puckering asshole. Getting his position set, he pushed in, his cock was thicker than the plug, and the moment his tip slipped in, Cynthia clenched it tight, but her tongue never broke stride, Susie wasn't getting a break, and her third orgasm was quickly coming around the corner. Pushing into her clenched hole slowly, but f***efully as well, he gained access inch by inch. Half way in, he stopped, and waited, a few moments later Cynthia relaxed her hole, and then let go completely, the Master shoved home. His thighs hit her ass cheeks with an audible smack. She clenched, hard, even shook a little, but her tongue stayed steady.
This was the Masters third time in Cynthia's ass, the other times they were alone, and she had been prepped, and eased in, now, he was taking it as his, and giving her a brutal fucking. He started fast, and slammed home the last few inches every time, making her ass jiggle a little. He grabbed her waist and started pulling himself with thrusts, making her entire body rebound in jiggles. Her breasts were swinging in sway with his thrusts, her nipples gliding across the inside of her pajama tops.
Susie is thrashing against her restraints as her third mind blowing orgasm rips through her, releasing yet another wave of juice onto Cynthia's face and tongue. The Master was speeding up his thrusts, the skin around Cynthia's ass was glowing with intensity as he drove in and out of her tight, clenching hole. He squeezed tighter around her waist and slammed his cock to the hilt. He was shooting his load deep in Cynthia's ass, rope, after rope of jizz, his dick pulsing with each blast. The pulses caused Cynthia's asshole to contract around the base of his cock, almost sucking the cum out of his balls.
"Stop." Said the Master as he pulled his still stiff cock out of Cynthia's tender asshole, which contracted slowly back to something along the lines of normal, cum was too deep in her hole to be dripping. "Susie?"
"Y-y-yes." Susie said in a trembling voice.
"This young lady here is Cynthia." He said untying her blindfold. Susie gazed upon the beautiful girl before her, letting out short gasps as the buzzer kept tickling her ever more sensitive areas. Cynthia was sitting on her knees with her hands in her lap, her face was glistening with juices from Susie's pussy. "Cynthia, this is Susie." Cynthia lifted her hand and twiddled her fingers. The master had retrieved the remote and turned off the buzzer in Susie's ass. "You two girls, are now my personal Ass toys. Your Pussies, are to remain untouched, unless i grant permission. Your assholes belong to me, only I can mount your ass, is that understood?"
Cynthia looked deep into Susie's eyes, a look of passion and desire, with an adoring smile, she said yes. Susie, who's body was still recovering from her third orgasm, gave back a cute, weak smile, and she to said yes.
"Good, now Cynthia, take off your bottoms, and straddle Susie." Cynthia gracefully rose and slid her bottoms down slowly and seductively. She kicked them away and then strolled over to Susie. Slowly she placed one leg around her side, and then the other. Holding onto her shoulders, she is now sitting in her lap, face to face. Susie kissed her the moment she settled, giving her a mouthful of tongue, swishing it around and tasting the remains of her own juices. Cynthia kissed back, with just as much passion and thoroughness.
The Master was behind Susie, untying her hands. "You may play with each other now, but you can only touch each others pussies, and you must use only your fingers." The girls had already begun fingering each other. They kept kissing, their tongues exploring each others mouths. Susie was already two fingers deep in Cynthia's tight, damp pussy. Cynthia, was gently stroking Susie's pussy lips, trying not to over work her. The Master had taken place behind Cynthia, and was now placing his cock head at her asshole, which now had a tiny bead of cum right in the center. He pushed in with a bit more easiness, but her hole was still tight and clenched just the same.
Cynthia took her fingers away and wrapped her arms around Susie's waist, she was bouncing in Susie's lap with the motion of The Master. The girls were both breathing deeply, Susie recovering, Cynthia rising to climax. They kissed in between breaths, sometimes full tongue, others just sweet innocent lips touching. The Master was hunched down a little to thrust up into Cynthia's ass, but he was bracing himself with Susie's knees. His thrusts were slow and deep, his cock was glistening with Cynthia's ass juice mixed with his previous load. He slowed his strokes even more, until he stopped with just his tip inside her clenching ass. He pulled the remote out of his pocket and turned Susie's buzzer back on, only a third of the way though.
Susie was hit with a buzz that made he squeal into Cynthia's mouth, it sounded very erotic. The girls continued with their kissing, Susie was working her fingers in Cynthia's now wet pussy. The Master has resumed his slow deep strokes, his new goal in mind was to bring everyone off at once, Cynthia would be the hardest, but the most well earned as well. He reached up and grabbed Cynthia's pigtails, one in each hand, and pulled her head back from Susie, then, using the leverage, he began to pound her ass as had as he could. Cynthia was still holding on to Susie, the entire sequence was incredibly astounding. Cynthia was bouncing in Susie's lap, a single tear traveled down the corner of each eye, and she finally began to moan.
It was more of a scream, actually it was a scream. She howled in ecstasy, Susie could feel her fingers being covered in pussy juice. Susie pulled them out and began rubbing Cynthia's clit vigorously. The Master had arched Cynthia's back when he pulled on her pigtails, her breast were now pushing the buttons on her pajama tops to the point of popping. Susie leaned forward and began to unfasten them with her teeth. One by one she undid them, a few more tricky, and the bouncing didn't help. but she finally got enough to reveal Cynthia's breasts, which she immediately began to lick and suck on, working her tongue over the nipples.
Cynthia's screams softened, but stayed steady and piercing, she was coming close to orgasm. The Master let go of one pigtail to retrieve the remote, which he again cranked to max. Susie pulled back and let out a great moan as the intense buzzing ripped through her. The Master threw the remote aside and snagged the pigtail again, then proceeded to fuck Cynthia's ass as hard as he could manage. Cynthia was in complete ecstasy when her orgasm happened. The Master was giving her ass a very good fucking, and Susie was rubbing her clit hard, she ended up unleashing a small jet of juice as well, hers splattered all over Susie's skirt and thighs.
Susie came next, with her back arched and sweet music of pleasure pouring from her mouth, she didn't squirt, but her juices dripped in a steady flow. The Master finally shot his third load into Cynthia's ass, deep, with the rest, his cock pulsing with each shot. Cynthia's screams died out slow, and she sat breathless looking up, The Master was still holding her hair. Susie was still trembling, her hands lip to the side, a line of drool dripped from the corner of her mouth. The Master let his cock soak in his cum and Cynthia's ass juices for a few moments longer before pulling out.
His cock had gone soft, but it was covered in white goo. He stood and let go of Cynthia's hair. Cynthia sat forward and kissed Susie in a swift motion, then she licked her face all over. The Master came over and let his softening cock hit her face, Cynthia licked the spot and then took his cock in her throat, licking off the cum. When she had it off, she kissed Susie again, and spit the cum into her mouth, then she leaned forward and whispered in her ear.
The Master had retrieved the remote again and turned the buzzer off again. Cynthia had dismounted Susie and was now facing the other way, leaning forward she put her ass up high, then Susie leaned forward and began to suck on her asshole. She sucked and slicked with her tongue, trying to get the cum out. The Master watched with a smile as she pulled back and Cynthia's ass was shiny with spit, and cum free. Then Cynthia turned around and kissed Susie again, they swapped the cum between them, until they both had an equal mount, then they took it down their throats, and kissed again. The Master had expected great things from these two, and it appeared he would get even more, oh yes, there is a lot to be done with these girls.

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3 years ago
wonderfully done
3 years ago
Nice, nothing like have 2 ass whores especialy if they clean each others holes
3 years ago