My Girlfriend’s Mother

My Girlfriend’s Mother

I had just turned thirteen along with my girlfriend, the girl next door. Our mothers were pregnant with us at the same time. I was born first at three o’clock in the afternoon. Then Kaitlin decided to be born two weeks early and arrived in this world just ten minutes after I had.

As we were growing up, naturally we were thrown together constantly. We shared birthday parties, baths, and even babysitters.

We had sl**povers until we started puberty. Neither Kaitlin nor I could figure out why. Our mothers just told us that we were getting too old for sl**povers. So we became boyfriend and girlfriend. For some reason that made our mothers happy.

So at out thirteenth birthday party Kaitlin and I kissed in front of all of our friends and relatives. It was not your ordinary kiss either because we had been practicing for over a week. Her arms were up high around my neck, one of my hands pressed on her back forcing her breasts into my chest, and my other hand was on her tight ass pressing her pussy into my hard-on. I got a hard-on every time that we kissed like that. Her head was tilted then Kaitlin moved slightly to her left, spread her legs around my right leg, and then she started masturbating herself on my thigh.

With everyone watching us and some of them cheering us on, we continued. Soon I had cum in my pants and she had thrown her head back and was shouting out, “Oh, God!”

That was when our mothers dragged us into our garage away from our guests.

My mother said, “Wow, you two both came. Didn’t you?”

Kaitlin’s mother said, “You two really were enjoying yourselves out there.” She turned toward me and said, “You had better get yourself cleaned up before you get a big wet spot in your pants.”

My mother said, “It’s way too late for that. Kaitlin rubbed her pussy into his leg pretty hard. Look.”

We all looked down and sure enough my pants had a long wet trail running from my crotch to my knee.

My mother said, “Go in the house and get a clean pair of underwear and some clean pants on. Then come right back out. Your party is still going on.”

Kaitlin’s mother said, “Kaitlin, go with him. If you suck his cock a couple of times he might be able to get through the rest of the party if you don’t tease him too badly.”

Kaitlin said, “Oh mother! You know I’ve never given him a blowjob before.”

My mother held her shoulder and said, “Then you had better learn. If you want, I’ll show you how.”

At that moment I decided to call my mother’s bluff. I lowered my pants and underwear to my knees and just stood there.

Kaitlin giggled as my mother knelt down on the concrete floor in her short skirt. Mom smiled up at me as she leaned in and took the head of my cock into her mouth. Her hands were on my ass holding me as she pushed her mouth down into my cock.

Soon Kaitlin was on her knees on one side of my mother. Her mother was on her knees on the other side.

Mom let me out of her mouth and turned me toward Kaitlin’s mother. She sucked me and I almost came when she stopped and turned me toward Kaitlin. She hardly got it in her mouth when I said, “I’m going to cum.”

My mother held the back of Kaitlin’s head and told her, “Let it slip out just a little but keep letting him cum in your mouth. When he is finally done show it to him before you swallow it.”

Her mother said, “We do that whenever we suck a cock.”

Well Kaitlin went up to my bedroom where she sucked me off again before I got dressed and we went back down to our birthday party.

We certainly were the hit of the party. Everyone told us how wonderful it was to see two young people so much in love. Our friends only wanted to know if we had had sex yet. No, we had not.

Kaitlin did tell her girlfriends that she had sucked my cock twice and swallowed my cum. They all but called her a liar right to her face.

She told me to go up to her bedroom in a few minutes and then she took four of her girlfriends up with her.

I didn’t know what was going on, but I sure was curious.

Her bedroom door was open, the four girls were sitting on her bed and Kaitlin was sitting in her computer chair.

Kaitlin said, “Close the door and lock it, then come over here.”

I did as she had requested. I had only gotten halfway when she came to me. Kaitlin was topless and her breasts were exposed. I stood there as Kaitlin lowered my pants to my ankles and then my underwear, exposing my hard cock to the other girls. She turned me slightly so the girls on the bed had a better view of her sucking on my cock. She was showing off and I loved it. I got even harder with them all smiling at me. I reached a hand down to play with her tits. I made sure to use the hand that would not get in the way or our spectators. Soon I was cumming in her mouth. She took it all then showed the white puddle on her tongue to me and then to the other girls before she swallowed it.

Kaitlin then asked, “Who wants to be next?”

Dilly stood up and pulled her top up over her head. She reached back and unhooked her bra, then placed it on top of her T-shirt on the bed.

Topless, Dilly knelt down at my feet and slipped her mouth over the head of my cock. Dilly was Kaitlin’s fifteen-year-old cousin. She had bigger breasts than any of the other girls had. I reached down and played with one as she sucked on me. I rolled her nipple between my fingers and she cooed.

Dilly sucked on my cock for a long time before she said, “I can’t suck any more. My jaw hurts.”

Kaitlin laughed and Leah stood up, removed her blouse and bra, and then she took over as I played with her nipple.

When Leah gave up Mandy took over. She hung in there longer than others had but eventually she had to give up too.

Kaitlin hadn’t told them that she had swallowed my cum three times and that I couldn’t seem to cum right away.

After Mandy stopped, Elizabeth got topless and took over. Elizabeth, Mandy, and Leah were all in our class at school and we were all thirteen. Elizabeth had the smallest breasts but the longest nipples…and were they ever sensitive. I swear that I caused her to orgasm twice and I got so excited that I finally came in her mouth.

Elizabeth proudly opened her mouth for the other girls and then swallowed my cum.

Kaitlin said, “Now for my birthday present to you.”

She picked up her digital camera and took pictures of the four topless girls together, in pairs, and separately. Then she handed me the camera and got nipple to nipple with each one of them as she kissed them.

She gave the word and they all removed their skirts and panties to pose nude for me. After those pictures Kaitlin then put her face in all of their pussies and licked then while I took pictures.

The final present to me was her virginity while our four naked friends watched us.

Her hymen had been broken a long time before but she certainly was tight. She really wanted it and I really wanted to give it to her. I could hear the camera click as I pushed into her repeatedly. She held my hips. I was up on my stiffened arms thrusting my pelvis into her. She urged me to go faster, to go deeper, and to cum inside her. Where else would I cum? I was positive that I could not possibly take my cock out of her. Anyway with all of that thrusting the two of us came soon and I just lay right on top of her for a couple of minutes before my cock finally softened and slipped out of her.


For the next two weeks we had sex several times a day…in her bed…in my bed…in front of our mothers…just about anywhere except in front of our fathers.

Kaitlin told me that her mother wanted me to fuck her too.


Yes, and Kaitlin was okay with me fucking her mother. Then she explained that her father would only stick his cock in her mother’s mouth. Oh, he had fucked her pussy but only for the purpose of getting her pregnant. After that it was only blowjobs. Kaitlin’s mother craved a cock in her pussy and decided that after thirteen years and eight months that it was high time.

So Kaitlin invited her mother to join us one day. My God, could that woman ever fuck! Her pussy was just as tight as her daughter’s pussy was but she could do a whole more with hers. She knew how to use her vaginal muscles to grip my cock, squeeze my cock, and milk it without either of us moving.

At the ripe old age of thirty-two, Kaitlin’s mother had never been on birth control but still allowed me to cum inside her. Kaitlin however was on birth control. Her mother did not want me to knock her up at such a young age. Kaitlin’s mother did get on birth control and we managed to dodge the bullet on that…luckily.

I enjoyed fucking them both for another year before Kaitlin moved on to another boy. He had moved to our town from somewhere down south and had a nice accent, that all of the girls liked.

I still had her mother so I was not concerned. Actually I would have felt worse if I had lost Kaitlin’s mother. Her husband eventually found out about us and didn’t care, so the coast was always clear after that. All he ever wanted was her mouth anyway.

I had all of the sex that I ever wanted and I didn’t need to chase after girls like the other boys in my class so I devoted more time to studying. I graduated third in my class after two Oriental girls. Then I graduated in the top one percent of my college class. While going for my Ph.D. Kaitlin’s mother got a divorce and moved in with me.

When we got married Kaitlin started calling me Daddy and told all of her friends that I took her virginity. It was true but of course she made it sound bad for effect.

Two years after I became a Ph.D. both Kaitlin and her mother were pregnant at the same time.
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Very nice, every boy's wet dream!
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nice story
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Fucking awesome. Such an incredibly hot story
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Great story,,,more please.