Paul was a quiet shy but good looking guy. He had been raised by his single mother who was very attractive. He had so far never dated but he liked to stare at his sexy mom. One day when he came home from high school his mom asked him "Don't you want to have a girlfriend and go on dates?" He replied "Yes, but I am shy and wouldn't know what to do if I was on a date." His mom hugged him and said "You are very handsome and I know the girls will love you. Let me teach you how to treat a girl." She then took him to her bedroom. She said "I am going to kiss you and I want you to open your mouth and exchange tongues with me. Lick my tongue and suck it and I will suck yours. It will make you feel very sexy." She kissed his open mouth and they sucked on each others tongues and she licked the inside of his mouth and the kiss got deeper and more intense. She said "That is right baby. You kiss very good. Now while you are kissing rub my tits. First on the outside of my clothes and keep kissing me." Paul kept kissing and put his hands over his mom's big tits and rubbed them. She said "That's it baby. Rub my big tits. That feels so good. Now suck my tongue and put your hand up under my top and rub my tits through my bra."

As Paul kissed his mom harder he then put a hand under her shirt and felt her tits over her bra. He could feel her nipples hard through her sexy lace bra. She moaned and told him "Rub my nipples baby. Feel them get hard under your fingers." Paul then rubbed her nipples with his fingers and heard his mom moan even more. "Now put your hand inside my bra and rub the nipples and squeeze my full tits." As Paul put his hand inside his mom's bra he loved the way her tits felt. They were firm but smooth and he liked playing with the nipples. His mom told him "Now take my top off baby." He then pulled her top off over her head and stared at her big round tits. "Now kiss me above my bra. Then lick me." As he kissed the tops of her tits and licked her he pulled the straps down and soon her tits were naked. She said "That's it baby. Now lick my tits and kiss all around my nipples. Then take a nipple in your mouth and suck it like you did when you was a baby. Suck them hard. They are just for you now."

Paul licked each tit then kissed them before he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked. He sucked them hard and loved the feel in his mouth and against his tongue. His mom let him suck for quite a while before she told him "Now unzip my pants and put your hand inside and rub my pussy as you suck." She spread her legs as he ran his hand down the front of her pants. She felt his fingers run along the slit of her wet pussy and felt him rub her clit. As he felt her clit and rubbed it he sucked even harder on a nipple. His mom let him play with her pussy and clit for a bit then told him "Now run a finger down to my hole and push it in and use it to fuck me. Fuck me and make me cum. Let me get that finger wet. I have not had sex for a while and it will feel so good. Finger fuck me baby. Fuck my cunt with that finger." Paul ran his finger to her hole and pushed his finger in her and began finger fucking her as his mom began to cum and moan and she then squeezed her legs tight against his hand as he fucked her. She told him "You are doing marvelous. Now add another finger and fuck me harder. You are making your mom feel so good."

Paul was sucking her nipples hard and finger fucking her even harder as she moaned and came fast and steady. His hand was wet from her cum. She then pulled her pants completely off as he fingered her. She unzipped Paul's pants and pulled his cock out and liked that he was getting hard. She also liked that he had a nice size cock too. She took his cock and began stroking it and feeling it get harder. She rubbed his cock and his balls and now he was moaning and sucking the nipples harder and finger fucking her very hard. She whispered to him "You need to fuck me. I am going to spread my legs further apart and you get on me and push that cock in me and fuck me hard. Fuck me till you fill my cunt with your warm cum." She pulled his pants off and spread her legs and pulled him on top of her and helped him position his cock to her fuck hole and he began to push inside her. She liked the width of his hard cock and how it filled her as he slid inside her wet hole. When he was inside he he began pumping and fucking her and he got deep and fucked harder as he could feel her tight hole. She screamed "Yes, baby. Fuck mommy hard. Shove that cock deep and give my wet cunt a good hard fuck. Fill me with cum."

Paul fucked her hard and deep but did not last long before he came and filled her with cum. He got real still and just laid on her. She began to massage his ass cheeks and told him "That was amazing. We are going to practice a lot and you will be able to fuck all the girls you want. You have a nice big cock and the girls will love it. I am going to teach you a lot more like how to eat pussy and fuck an ass and get your cock sucked. If you know how your cock should be sucked you can help the young girls suck you real good. Now tongue kiss me and get that cock hard and fuck me again. I need a good hard fuck." Paul kissed his mom and sucked her tongue till he felt his cock get hard and then he began humping her hard and ramming his cock deep in her cunt. This time he was able to fuck a long time before he gave her more cum. It was then they realized it was eight o'clock and they went into the kitchen and fixed dinner naked. As they ate they kissed and he sucked on a tit between bites. She stroked his cock as they kissed. Then she laid on the table and spread her legs and he fucked her one more time. When he filled her cunt with cum she moaned feeling the warm juice fill her hungry cunt.

Then she took Paul and they showered together. In the shower they washed each other and he fingered her cunt as she jerked his cock. Then she sat on the seat in the shower and spread her legs and got Paul on his knees in front of her and told him "Spread my pussy lips apart and look at my pussy. Now lick it and then suck it. Learn to eat pussy real well. You will get to eat pussy a lot more then fucking one. Suck that clit and make me cum. Then put your tongue in my fuck hole and tongue fuck it hard and deep sucking my cum out. Now lick me, suck me and fuck me. Taste my cunt." Paul did as she told him and he spread her pussy lips and looked at her pink cunt and them he began to lick her and suck on the clit. His mom moaned and held his head tight to her pussy. She then felt him lick her fuck hole and felt the tongue enter her and she almost screamed it felt so good. He pushed his tongue in deep and was fucking her hard and sucking her cum as she came faster with each stroke of his long tongue. He ate her pussy like he was starving. He sucked her cunt clean and swallowed all her cum.

Then she sat him on the seat and she got between his legs and began to lick his cock and balls. Then she licked the tip of his cock and cleaned the cum off it. She sucked the tip and felt more cum seep out of the slit. She grabbed his balls and rubbed them as she took the cock deeper in her mouth and began to suck it. He was long and thick and she took him deeper in her throat as she sucked him hard. As she sucked she ran her tongue over the sides of his cock and now he was moaning. His balls were so hard and she then began to feel his cock twitch as a huge load of cum squirted down her throat. She swallowed every drop and then licked him clean. Then she got up to his face and they tongue kissed tasting each others cum on their tongues. She then told him "You are so good, You fuck better than any man. And you have a nice long thick cock. Now let's go to bed and I am going to lick and tongue fuck your ass for you. You are going to like it then I am going to let you fuck me as much as you want. Your youth gives you a lot of stamina." He smiled and told her "I just love sucking your tits and eating your pussy. I want to fuck you all night and let you suck my cock. I can't wait to feel you lick and tongue my asshole. Let's go to bed."

They then walked naked to her room and held each other tight till she turned him on his stomach and spread his ass cheeks and began to tongue his sexy ass.

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