Just happened on exactly the right place....

This happen when i was quite young and is the first time i really ever touched a girl.

There was a big sports even on an open field, a track was painted on the grass and ringed by portable iron barracades.

Lots of people had already congregated and it was a lovely bright mid morning. I wondered on down to the field and being a little short i just looked for an opening in the crowd to see the races, not really thinking too much about where i was.

After a couple of races, i looked around just out of boredom really and then i realized why i could see the races so clearly from this spot. Leaning over on the barracades directly in front of me was the sexist girl i'd ever seen and at just the right height calling to me was the nicest ass on the field...instantly my bl**d pressure spiked and my awakening hormones sprung into action.

Now there were enough people around that you would have had to have been directly next to me to see what was about to happen but thankfully everyone was fully focused on the races.I wrestled with myself for a looooong time ignoring the races now and all the crowd caught up in the hype. I didn't want to harrass the girl, nor did i want her to go ballistic on me nor did i want to get caught! She was at least four years older than me and i would have gotten into no ends of trouble but i was firmly rooted to the spot i found myself in and i could not tear my eyes away from this vision of loveliness in front of me.

I must have been semi-hard but the time i had surrendered to the urge to lean up against that soft inviting ass. Softly...just barely at first, i can't be caught, i didn't want her to know, just enough pressure...to know...oh my gosh this feels so good...uhhmmm...being bent over she's just the right height....she's so nice and soft....wait the races is coming to an end okokok back up back up...

whew breathless at the thought of being caught, heart racing, teenage dick going bonkers...sweet sensations going up and down my head...i was entranced...
i couldn't move myself from that spot if i wanted to, my dick felt like it had found the place that it had meant to be placed...some of the nicest sensations i have ever felt was that day pressed up against her soft behind wrapped in that nice skirt. I guess this is why i like doggystyle so much...lol...

I was harder now and despite myself i just kept on pressing when everyone's attention was on the races and just easing back when each races was finished, frantic for the next one to begin. When it did i would snuggle into her nicely proportioned behind and feel like i was floating away in the afternoon sun.

this carried on until the late afternoon, i will never forget it! Not moving or anything just nestled in those two plums perfectly...

well all good things have to come to an end and she must have felt the pressure, i guess i grew bolder and pressed a bit harder each time, at some stage and looked around a bit confused while still bent over...my heart stopped but i refused to move, this felt to darn good! I managed to muster up a quick smile at which she just turned her head back around to the races and i felt like a king and continued to enjoy the position i was in until she finally moved away and looked at me.

I did feel sorry at that stage, it felt good lemme say but i hoped i hadn't made her feel badly about doing it. I did see her afterwards and we would look at each other but i never found the words to say. I did find her many years later and apologized, she had forgotten but said it really wasn't necessary.

Honestly it is one day i wish i could relive over and over again...maybe i would say hello, ask forgiveness and try to strike up a conversation.

Needless to say many fantasies of clicking my finger and making all the people disappear and squeezing her ample breasts as well or meeting her someday and talking to her and asking if she would relive that moment with me have passed through my mind.

I still loved the stealthy sensation of pressing up against the girls as a teen and would get as close as possible inconspicuously in the lunch line. None of the girls seemed to mind, only one sorta complained and when i said there was no room to move she just resumed her spot.

Now i've grown out of that and as a man I know that wouldn't work in today's world! That is asking for trouble!
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