First time with amazing girl!

I don’ know what happened to me that day, I guess I just lost it.
I was slightly sick and slightly angry at the world for all the injustice it seemed to mete out to me on a daily basis and so I just lost my cool.
I was going to get laid. I’d never had sex before but I was going to get laid, without thought or consideration I was going to get laid!

I jumped out of bed around midday showered and called her to tell her I was coming over. Now this was a cool friend of mine who I was just getting to know and I knew she would be home alone. I had taken her out to the drive in once a long time ago and despite myself I spent the night with my hands all over her. I didn’t envision doing that but sitting next to her with her oozing sexiness and innocence (or so I thought) I just could help myself. My hands wondered from rubbing her leg to her stomach to her amazingly full and firm breasts. You know the type of girl who is slender but has amazing breasts like she had modeled for a video game. Yup!

She seemed slightly uncomfortable but then that soon melted away. It was very forward of me and it wasn’t something I would usually do but I was overcome by her sexiness and we were decent friends so I guess her sexiness overcame my usual reserve and I guess she didn’t put up to much of a fight for the same reason. We seemed to enjoy the movie and held hands on the drive back.
As we had been spending time lately we had gotten into some kissing and some more fondling and sometimes I would take her to her bed and we would rub on one another in different positions for fun. I had to be quite as she lived close to relatives and so we couldn’t get freaky. Today was gonna be different.

She opened the door clad only in a towel and quickly retreated back to the bedroom to get changed saying she would only be a minute. I sat for a brief millisecond when the wave of desire that propelled me from home hit me again and I stole into her bedroom uninvited which I would normally never do.

Her towel clung barely to her covering her boobs and her ass showing me only her golden toned back still wet from her shower. I don’t think there was any bl**d going to my brain at that time and certainly no hint of restraint as I came up behind her and gently wrapped myself around her.

The feel of her behind pressing up against my hardness was heavenly, she gasped in surprise and quietly muttered my name in protest but I had already begun to work. My hands massaged her hips and wonderfully flat stomach and worked their way to her breasts. Such amazing boobs I can still see them now just the right size to slightly overflow my hands and firm when cupped. I could see all the protest go out of her.
Trailing finger tips all over her body I kissed the back of her neck, she was all warm from the bath and I felt her getting hotter by the moment. I lay tiny nibbles down her back down to her nice bottom, it was not big but nicely shaped and I sank my teeth into it with a little more emphasis just enough to make her wiggle but not enough to hurt. Much. Lol.

She turns around with the towel still barely clinging and says she was wondering when I would get the courage to go for it and kisses me full on for a moment but then quickly starts to kiss me all over. She kisses my neck which is strange for a guy in that I then discovered I had a super sensitive neck and I jump slightly. She then works her way down my chest kissing my nipples which for me feels like a dull electric shock (how does it feel for ladies?). Her hands go from my chest to my abs and then firmly grabs my butt in her hands as she kneels down before me and starts to tease my cock with her tongue. I go tense all over as I anticipate receiving the first blowjob of my life and the anticipation is almost to much as she continues to tease me mercilessly, flicking and licking.
She then gets up a full mouth of saliva and swallows my head whole in her mouth. Every nerve ending goes off in my cock and I am riding a new wave of pleasure that makes it hard to stand straight and I quiver and rock as she goes to work on my hardness bobbing up and down now with more urgency and f***e. She uses her tongue expertly which seems to be the most arousing aspect of it and I don’t want her to stop at all. I get deep throated and lose all sense of time and location as I drift off into another world.

The next half hour or so of passion is so intense I forget most of it, I just remember being totally lost in the moment and I have flashes of us kissing and stripping down and ending up on her bed and playing around more. At one point I end up on top of her and I decide to go for it and she spreads her legs wide as if knowing what I was thinking. Her pussy has that nice rounded puffy bud shape to it and her lips are nice and tight together. Her patch is neatly trimmed with just enough hair to make finding the entrance an adventure and I lower myself once or twice without success I get my head to the entrance but can’t get in. This is serious teasing she says loudly and eagerly. On the third time she pops open and I start to slide in.

I can’t explain the first time except I remember the soft spongy feel of her lips on my head and how amazingly sweet that feeling is. The way her walls part as I push into her like they wrap around me to accommodate me. The sounds of her moan as she receives me. I pull out and start to push in again to relive that feeling. It feels as though I can see into her vagina the way that my dick is going off at being inside one for the first time. Unfortunately for me, and her I guess, we had played and tugged and sucked so much prior that I start to come when I am halfway into her and I pull out instinctively.

I gush all over her stomach and her breasts and I soak her completely. I had never come so much before and i pump over and over and over again. I think it was all the foreplay. It is an intensely erotic feeling to cover her boobs and stomach in thick sticky come. It’s only after that she tells me that I could have come inside her as it was just after her period. Drat! Next time….;0)

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3 years ago
very sexy
3 years ago
hot story!!