I was going to spend the night at Maria’s house and I was really looking forward to it! She was 14 like me. She had just moved to town a few months ago from Miami and had started going to my high school! She was beautiful, tanned skin, big brown eyes and a figure that made me drool! We became friends and I got the feeling that she was bi because of the way she looked and talked about both guys and girls. She would also give me kisses and hugs that seem more than just friendly. I was determined to find out tonight!

When I got to her house, her parents were just leaving. They seemed nice but their Spanish accent made them a little hard to understand. Maria told me they wouldn’t be home until tomorrow and we had the house to ourselves. “Want a glass of wine?” she asked me. “Sure!” I said.

We were starting on our second glass when she ask, “Wanna try out the hot tub?” “I didn’t bring a swimsuit, skinny-dipping OK?” She just smiled, stood up and pulled her t-shirt over her head! Her large breasts bobbled into view. My mouth almost watered at the sight of her dark brown nipples! We wasted no time stripping off our clothes and hopping in.

She sat very close to me, our thighs touching and our conversation turned to sex. It turned out neither of us were virgins and we compared notes on what we liked and disliked. “Ever been with another girl?” she asked, putting her hand far up my inner thigh! I answered by pulling her close to me and giving her a long, deep kiss!

I cupped one of her soft breasts, my hand just barley fitting around it, then I teased her stiff nipple. Her hand moved up my leg and she started to play with my pussy, rubbing my clit gently. I slid my hand between her legs and felt her hard knob. It stuck out just enough so that I could trap it between my thumb and finger and jerk it like a little dick!

I kept my thumb on her clit and slid first one, then two fingers inside her! She did the same to me! We kissed each other hard while we both climaxed! We sat in the tub enjoying the afterglow and another glass of wine.

“Let’s go to my bedroom,” she suggested. We got out and dried each other off, very slowly and kissed again. I loved the feeling of her big boobs and stiff nipples against my skin. I ask her why she had no tan lines and she told me that she tanned nude! The thought of her naked body lying in the sun almost made me dizzy.

We got to her room and lay on the bed. We began kissing and touching each other. I heard a noise and looked. He dog was staring at us from the foot of the bed. He looked like he was tall enough to stand about half way up my thigh and short haired. I couldn’t tell what breed, just that he was pretty big.

“Looks like we have company,” I told Maria. “That’s Bozo!” She told me. She called Bozo up on the bed. “Wanna see something really cool?” She sat up cross-legged, giving me a great look at her glistening pussy. She reached out and took hold of his furry dick sheath and started to rub it. A little pink tip poked out, then started getting longer. She moved her hand up and played with it until it must have been almost foot long.

“Ever jacked off a dog?” I just giggled, I wasn‘t ready to tell her about my own dog, Pally. She grabbed my hand and put it on his huge cock. It felt much hotter than any guy’s dick I’d touched. I didn’t tell her but I that I’d let my dog lick me and I’d jacked him off before. She seemed to be enjoying herself introducing me to dog sex and I didn’t want to spoil it.

Maria let go and came around to sit beside me. She put her hand back on Bozo’s dick and we started jacking him off. It started getting even thicker than it was. Bozo began humping against our hands. He let go what seemed like a gallon of dog cum, most of it landing on my tits and stomach and running down to my pussy!

I jumped and let go of his dick. Not that I hadn’t seen my dog cum before but maybe because he was bigger or more practiced, it was so much more than I was used to! Maria laughed and leaned over to me. She started licking Bozo’s cum from my tits. Her mouth felt so good that I forgot about my initial shock and just started to enjoy it. She moved up and kissed me. When I started to French her back, she pushed some of the dog cum into my mouth.

I laid back and felt her hand rubbing down my cum-drenched stomach to my pussy. She spread my legs and suddenly I felt a tongue licking me. It was Bozo! Oh My God! His tongue was so much bigger than I had ever felt before! Suddenly he shoved his tongue way up inside my pussy. It went so far in it felt like a dick! She started sucking on my tits and with the dog licking my pussy, I climaxed even harder than I had with her.

She pushed Bozo away and waited for me to relax. She kissed me again and asked, “Wanna see him fuck me?” The question kinda shocked me but made me hot at the same time. I had thought about it before, but hadn’t had the guts; I was afraid of the knot! I told her ok.

“We gotta get him hard again,” she said. His big pink dick was still hanging out of his sheath, but it had softened. She put her head down and grabbed his cock and put it in her mouth! I couldn’t believe it, she was sucking her dog’s dick! I started getting hotter and wetter the more I watched.

It began to get hard again as she pulled it out and pushed it back in her mouth! Bozo’s tongue was hanging out and he was panting. I started my pussy as I watched. She let go of his dick, stuck her fingers in her cunt and then rubbed juice all the way along her ass.

He got on all fours in front of him. I slid down so I could see better. Bozo started licking all over her ass and pussy, making her hips wiggle. OH MY GOD! It was SO HOT! He started to concentrate on her asshole and then stuck his tongue way in! I cummed watching that, just as Maria did!

She reached back and patted her ass and Bozo got up to mount her! “Make sure he goes in my pussy, he’s way too big for my ass!” She told me. I reached over and grabbed his huge, hot cock and aimed it to Maria’s cunt!

I held it as it went in and felt his knot! It was about twice as big around as his dick and I could only imagine that it would hurt if it went in her pussy. Bozo got a good grip with his legs just above her hips and started humping. I felt his huge, hot dick sliding over my hand and into Maria’s pussy! God, I was getting so wet and excited that I moved my free hand down to my pussy and stuck my fingers inside, using my thumb to rub my hard clit.

“Let go!” Maria ordered me. Bozo’s humping became more frantic and then, unbelievably, I watched as his huge knot slipped inside! Maria let out a loud groan and I saw her legs quivering, she was cumming HARD, pushing back against him!

Suddenly, Bozo stopped and held tight, he must have started shooting his doggy cum into her cunt! I started dripping out, running down her pussy and on to her thighs! Bozo got off and turned around so that his big dick was between his legs, ass touching hers.

Maria’s groaning became quieter but her legs were still shaking! I could see how his knot had stretched her pussy as it slowly started to slide out. There was kind of a popping sound as his knot came out and his cum gushed from her pussy!

I was so hot, I couldn’t help myself. I stuck two fingers into Maria’s pussy, pulled out some juice and stuck them into my mouth! It tasted like a mix of guy cum, pussy juice and a little like a clean dog smells! I loved it!

I scooted over and put my head between her legs and started licking her pussy! There was so much doggy cum it was like two or three guys had emptied their loads into her! Maria moved over and started licking my clit, then stuck her tongue into my pussy!

I climaxed so hard I thought I was going to pass out! We turned around to each other and laid in each others arms for a while, just kissing, tasting our combined juices. Maria pulled her face away and gave me a real serious look.

“Bozo can do it again, you wanna try it? It feels so FUCKING GREAT!” I told her I did, but that I was afraid of the knot. She said not to worry, she’d hold onto it and keep it from going in, if I wanted. I nodded yes!
“We have to get him hard again,” she said. Bozo’s dick was still hanging out, kinda floppy and not so long. Maria took it in her hand and held it up to her mouth. She stopped, looked at me and asked, “You wanna try sucking it?” The thought of it was so kinky and evil, I told her, “Ok!”

I’d suck plenty of guys before, all shapes and sizes of dicks. I could even deep throat my Dad by then, but this was different. His doggy dick felt so hot in my mouth and the tip felt different than a guy’s, kinda pointy. I liked it!

I started to feel it grow in my mouth and considered just sucking him off to see what it was like to feel his cum shoot down my throat. But I wanted it in my pussy more!

I got up on all fours and Maria patted my ass. Bozo came over and started licking, shoving his thick tongue inside my pussy. Then I felt him shoving it into my asshole. Oh my god! It was so long and thick, filling my like my dad’s dick does, but so much better! I started cumming, Maria rubbing my crotch.

He pulled his tongue out and I felt his furry legs around my waist. I was afraid and excited too as I felt the tip of his cock at my pussy hole. He shoved in with all his might, filling my tunnel all at once, all the way to my cervix.

He started humping and I could feel Maria’s hand banging against my pussy! Suddenly, she must have let go, I felt the knot stretching my pussy and shove its way in! It was so thick I thought it’d rip me open! I hadn’t been fisted yet, then, but I know now that’s what it felt like.

He started humping faster and faster, big thick knot moving in and out, the end on his dick hitting bottom! It felt amazing, I was on my way to a huge orgasm! He stopped and started shooting his hot cum inside me! Gush after gush flooded my cunt with dog cum, squirting out around his knot!

I was cumming so hard that I didn’t notice Maria’s hands holding me so I wouldn’t collapse and pull Bozo’s knot out too fast and hurt me. Finally, Bozo got down and I could feel the knot straining at my pussy entrance! It popped out and I felt a rush of his cum flooding out.

I laid there for a while, Maria gently kissing me, stroking my face. She told me I could stay over so I didn’t have to walk home on wobbly legs. I laughed an exhausted laugh. Then she confided in me that it was her Mom that started her on it and that they did it together a lot. She said not to say anything because her Dad didn’t know.


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Die Geschichte gefällt mir sehr gut. Leider habe ich fast keine K9 Erfahrungen, würde es aber sehr gerne real erleben und bei Gefallen auch ausleben. Leider ist es sehr schwer eine Frau mit den gleichen Vorlieben kennenzulernen. Wenn du K9 magst, kannst du mir gerne auch eine private Nachricht schreiben. Ich würde mich freuen.

This is an awesome story. I don't have many K9 experiences ... but I would like to learn it. But it's hard to find girls or women which like it. If you have k9 experiences or connections, please feel free to send me a PN.
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