Big Cock In Hotel

Me and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories
My partner wrote this one

I had been to a friends Daughters christening, that day and later that evening she was having a small celebration, , as my partner wasn’t there that night I said I would stay for a hour or so and then I would leave about 9.30 to get home before it got to late.
I’d been chatting to Ian for most of the night as neither of us knew many people there,
And I knew Ian thru my ex husband. He was 44 years old and a married man. I’m 63 years old.
As the night went on we chatting and flirted a little he said he’d love to see my tits and get me into his hotel bed, I bet you would I replied and I just laugh it off.
During the evening I called my partner a couple of times, I told him Ian was flirting with me, and wanted to get me into his bed, My partner said he was getting turned on at the thought of Ian wanting to get me onto bed and asked if I fancied Ian and if I’d like to spend the night with him. He said his cock was hard just thinking about me spending the night with another guy,
I like Ian but I haven’t got the nerve to spend the night with him, I replied.
I’ve never done anything like that before, I said if he (my partner) was with me I might be encouraged to have a threesome, My partner said what about letting Ian feel my tits And maybe arrange a threesome at a later date, I will see how it goes I replied.
10.00pm I said I had to leave because I had a long drive home, I said my goodbyes. Ian was staying at a local hotel as he wasn’t going to drive all the way home to Peterborough that night, so he asked if I could drop him off at his hotel as it was on the road I was taking, Ok I replied we went to the car park, we chatted and flirted as I drove,
Ian said I had got nice big tits and asked how big they are, 36g I replied, nice big tits Ian said,
Big tits and big hard nipples, I said laughing,
That’s turned me on now Ian replied; He asked if he could see my tits, cheeky I said.
He told me he’s got a big 9 ½ inch cock and asks if I want to see it,
I laugh and said what would your wife say, you naughty boy.
But the thought of seeing A 9 ½ cock did turn me on,.
Ian said he was getting aroused talking to me about sex, and rubbed his cock,
He asked if I wanted to watch him have a wank. and said if I pull into the next lay by, he would show me how big his cock is.
I was also getting aroused, at the thought of watching him wanking himself, but didn’t tell him that, anyway I thought it was just an excuse to flash his cock at me,
I wondered what he would do if I did stop, So I pulled in to the next lay by, to see what he would do, I hoped he would get his cock out,
I love to watch men wanking themselves off,
Ian rubbed his crutch and said see how hard he was, I laugh and said I could see he’s got a big hard cock thru his trousers,
Ian asked if I wanted to see it in the flesh, Id love to I replied, and asked if he was going to wank himself off, I’m sure you could do it better he replied, I just laugh.
Ian unfastened his trousers and pulled them down to his knees, exposing his giant cock It’s enormous I said, my Ex husband had an 8 inch cock but this was much bigger, and real thick.
Ian slowly started wanking himself as I watched, I was getting really turned on watching him wank this massive cock as he sat next to me,
He said now I’ve seen his cock would I show him my tits, I laugh and told him to keep wanking, because it was turning me on watching him having a wank.
Ian asked if I wanted to feel it; I couldn’t wait to hold it, but I knew if I put my hands on his cock he would probably end up wanting him to fuck me tonight, but it did look very good it was thicker than my wrist, it was huge the biggest cock Id ever seen by a long way.
I stroked the shaft as he wanked working my way up to the head massaging it with my fingertips, He sighed when I put my hand around his cock, I was soon wanking him, I wanted to taste this monster so I leaned over and licked the head of his cock and down the shaft, after a minute or two I put his cock in my mouth and began sucking him off, he moaned as I sucked and wanked him, it was a real mouth full of cock, as I’m leaning over giving him a blow job, Ian felt my tits telling me they feel fantastic, he put his hand inside my blouse I didn’t stop him, and in no time Ian had my blouse open and my bra unfastened and his hands all over my bare tits, telling me he loves the feel of my big erect nipples, they are so hard, he’s been looking at my tits all night, wondering what they would look and feel like, He told me to sit back in my seat so he could have a good look at my tits, My bra was hanging lose so I removed it for him, Ian pulled my blouse wide open and off my shoulders, exposing my 36G tits, very nice tits and incredible hard nipples he tells me, after fondling my tits for a few minutes he said he asked if he could lick my nipples, they are so hard and erect, I lay back in my seat and let Ian enjoy my big tits, I don’t know who enjoyed it most me or Ian,
This turned me on even more because I love my nipples licked and sucked,
Ian put his hand on my thigh then up my skirt stroking my pussy through my knickers before slipping his hand inside my knickers and rubbing my hairless pussy, I spread my legs to allow him to feel my clit, I moaned as he rubbed my clit, I tell Ian I cum very easy and I’m on the verge of Cumming, He tells me to spared my legs a little wider so he can get a better feel of my clit, and make me cum. just a few seconds later. I tell him I’m about to cum, as I pull his head hard onto my tits and moan as he makes me cum. That was quick Ian says. Mmmm but very nice I reply.
Ian said now my pussy is very wet and asked me if I wanted him to make it even wetter, he asks me if I want to feel his big cock inside my pussy, and tells me he would love to fuck me, and he would love to fuck me until I cum on his big cock, he says we could fuck on the back seat right now, I would love to feel that huge cock inside me,
I suggested going back to his hotel, where we could fuck all night, if my partner agrees to let me spend with him.
I phoned my partner and told him what had happened in the car and how big Ian’s cock is, now Ian wants me to go back to his hotel for the night, and that I agreed if it’s ok with my partner
I tell Ian my partner would love to watch us fucking,
Ian says he must be a very understanding man letting you stay with me for the night.
My partner tells me to enjoy myself and to send him a picture of Ian’s cock so he can wank him self off looking at the cock that’s fucking me tonight, and he wishes he was there to watch me fucking, and he wants all the details tomorrow.
We head to Ian’s hotel.
In the hotel room Ian pours a drink and standing behind me unbuttons my blouse and removes it, letting my big tits hang free, I’m already braless from the car,
I can feel his cock is already erect as he rubs it against my bum, kissing my neck and looking over my shoulder at my tits as he massages and touches my nipples,
He tells me he loves my big hard nipples and how they stick out so much, I tell him its embarrassing at times having big erect nipples all the time, after a few minutes I turn around to face Ian, I unfastens his trousers pull them down and let them fall to the floor releasing his monster cock, He removes his shirt, Ian is now naked standing in front of me, has a well fit body. Now I can see how big his cock really is, His cock is rock hard and pointing straight up,
Its massive 9 ½ inches and really thick and quit heavy veined looks absolutely fantastic. Just looking at it makes me very wet.
I drop to my knees in front of Ian and start licking and sucking the head of his hard cock, He’s got nice big balls hanging between his legs.
Ian moans as I’m wanking him and sucking his huge cock.
What a great cock I tell Ian it’s a really thick cock, I can’t wait for him to fuck me with this monster. Glad you like it Ian replied. After a while I stand up and remove my skirt and Ian pulls my knickers down feeling my pussy as he removes them, we are both naked now.
Ian sits me on the end of the bed and kneels in front of me and starts kissing my breasts and licking my nipples, then feels my pussy, he spreads my legs slightly
So he can feel my clit again, and rubbing his fingers over my pussy lips,
My pussy is very wet now, he then slips a finger into my pussy slowly working it in deeper, as I hold onto his huge cock, I spread my legs wider and Ian puts two fingers in my wet pussy, I gasp and tell him that feels good as he fingers me and sucks my nipples at the same time.
Within a few minutes I ready to cum again, Ian finger fucks me faster as I start Cumming, The sound of my wet pussy as Ian fingers me is a real turn on, I moan as I cum, Ian says he loves the way I cum so easy.
That’s twice you made me cum and you haven’t put your cock in me yet I reply.
Ian says he’s going to make me cum all night; Mmmmm can’t wait to feel your huge cock inside me I reply.
I can’t stop looking at this huge cock in front of me, I asked Ian if he new how big his cock was, 9 ½ Long and 6” in round He replied, it looks and feels fantastic, I replied.
Ian tells me to lie on the bed, he spread my legs so he could lie between them, before going down on my pussy, I looked down to see him licking and sucking my swollen clit, he lifted my legs into the air and teased my arse with his tong licking from my arse up to my clit, I told him it wouldn’t be long before I cum, if he carries on doing that, he’s pulling on my clit with his lips then licking it I moaned and started Cumming, Ian made me came twice, I always have multi orgasms, He loved how easy I cum and he was going to make me cum all night, Ian said.
I’m dying to feel your huge cock inside me I replied, he made me cum three more times licking on my clit, He certainly knew how to lick pussy.
He slipped two fingers in my dripping wet pussy fingering me as he moved up my body to my tits where he lick my tits all over, before sucking my erect nipples, he asked me to lick my nipple with him we licked the same nipple taking turns to suck it, I was so turned on. I’ve never done that before, I pushed him onto his back and told him I wanted to suck his cock again, he had a great body my hands were all over him, I started sucking his lovely big balls, Ian moved my leg over him so we could get into 69 position, we sucked and licked each other like this for about ten minutes the Ian rolled me onto my back where he kneeled between my legs,
Ian slapped my wet pussy lips with his big hard cock. Flicking the head against my erect clit, and pressing his thick heavy veined cock against my pussy
He spread my pussy lips with his fingers and slipped the head of his cock in me,
It felt so good, as my pussy was stretched around his cock, nice and tight, the biggest and thickest cock I’ve ever had,
He slowly worked his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy,
I looked down to see his big thick cock sliding in and out of pale hairless pussy, it looked fantastic,
It was tight in my pussy, but felt really good as his huge cock stretched my pussy to the limit,
Ian asks me how much of his cock I want in my cunt,
I want it all, I want to feel all of your big cock inside me, I replied.
He leaned forward and lay on top of me slowly fucking me, he asked if I could take anymore, a little deeper I replied, he slowly worked it deeper and deeper into me,
Then I felt his pubic hair against my hairless pussy and his balls slapping against my arse,
I’m all the way in he said, thank god I replied I thought it was going to split me in two, it’s enormous. I told him he has a fantastic big cock, it’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had, so treat an old woman gently as I’m old enough to be his mother.
I wish my mother had tits like yours, I’d never stop breast feeding. He says Laughing.
The slight discomfort was soon over come with the intense pleasure as he slowly slipped his cock in and out of my very wet pussy.
He started sucking my big nipples I joined him because I know he likes it, flicking our tongues over them at the same time,
With in minutes I was ready to cum, I’m Cumming I said you’re making me cum with that huge cock, cum all over my cock Ian says, whimpering and moaning I cum three times as he fucks me. I know I’m going to be Cumming all night I said, hope so Ian replied.
Ian kneels up feeling my tits and starts to fuck me harder, it did feel good now I’ve got use to the size of his cock.
"Fuck me. Fuck me... I moaned wiggling my ass around. I want to cum all night.
I could feel another huge orgasm building inside me, his big cock pumping back and fourth in my quivering pussy it felt so wonderful. His thumb flicking over my fat clit bringing me to the edge of orgasm,
Turn over he said I want you doggy style, when he pulled his cock out of me it looked great, wet and rock hard I had to have a suck on it before he took me from behind.
Ian loved to watch my big tits swing as we jerked back and fourth as he fucked me doggy. He fucked me from behind for ages, with his fingers sliding up my ass. Ian asked me if I liked his fingers in my ass, oh yes I love it I replied,
Ian asked me if I like anal sex, I love it, but my arse is reserved for my partner only, anyway your cock is much too big for my arse, I replied, I was in ecstasy.
Ian was pounding my pussy holding onto my hips slamming his fat cock all the way inside me now. As he finger fucked my asshole. My whole body erupted with pleasure as I reached orgasm. Again Moaning
Ian pulled out of me and I lie on my back on the bed, Ian got on top of me and pushed his cock back in my pussy, and started fucking me again.
After about 45 minutes of continues fucking he was finally going to cum,
I asked Ian if he always lasts this long before Cumming, yes I can go a long-time before I cum, I’m I taking to long to cum he said. Oh no Please take as long as you like, I love it, Longer the better I said.
I told him I wanted him to cum inside me, I want to feel him shoot his load in my pussy, then I was going to suck every last drop of cum out of his cock when he pulls it out of me, He would love me sucking his cock the minute he pulled out of my pussy he says,
I rapped my legs around his thighs pulling our bodies tighter together, as he started moaning and grunting which made me start to cum as well,
We explode together I can feel his hot cum squirting in side me, he slows down and relaxes on top of me for a moment or two, before he pulls his huge cock out of me, and lies beside me, I’ m dripping with his cum,
That was the best sex I’ve ever had I tell him, he is fantastic in bed. Hope we can do this again sometime I said, I hope so I’m glad I can satisfy you, Ian replied.
I moved between Ian’s legs and asked him to take a picture for my partner,
I put the head of his cock in my mouth, and Ian took a picture of me sucking his cum covered cock and sent it to my partner, to show him what I had been doing,
My partner called me straight away, that’s huge, I can see you enjoyed fucking that big cock, fuck him again and get more pictures he told me as I sucked and liked all the cum of Ian’s huge cock, and there was a lot, That was a real turn on talking to my partner while I was in bed with another man.
Ian asked if he could take a picture of my pussy and my big tits on his phone, yes I said but don’t show anyone. I asked him to take some pictures of us on my camera for my partner to see.
That was a turn on lying on the bed with legs wide apart and Ian taking pictures of my tits and pussy for my partner,
I wanted him to fuck me again so I told him I want some more of his huge cock.
I’d Love to fuck you again Ian replied.
Ian then sat beside me feeling my tits, and sucking my nipples, he slipped his fingers into my pussy and finger fucked me until I cum again a few minuets later.
I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve cum.
I told Ian to lie on his back it’s my turn to fuck him, I lay on top of him rubbing by big tits over his body his cock getting hard again so I sucked till it was rock hard again, then slowly and gently slipped his cock in my pussy,
As I sat on him I could feel my pussy lips stretching around his huge cock,
It feels really deep inside me but god does it feel good.
I told Ian when I’m on top I cum very easy and I will have several multi orgasms especially with a cock this big,
Ian said he loves watching me cum and my hard clit looks fantastic as he watches my stretched pussy lips exposing my clit. As I sit down on his huge cock, and my nipples are so hard He could suck them all night. I ride his cock for about 10 minutes Cumming several times.
That night Ian fucks me in every position possible I’ve never been fucked like that before, it’s the best sex I’ve ever had. And I’ve lost count of how many orgasms
I had.
I even when Ian’s cock has lost his erection and gone limp it’s still 6 or 7 inch long and still lovely and thick.
We lay exhausted on the bed,
Ian was massaging licking my nipples while I was talking to my partner on the phone giving him all the details, I could hear him wanking on the other end of the phone, which turned me on all the more.
I told my partner Ian’s cock was so big I couldn’t keep my eyes of it; I wanted to hold it all the time.
The next morning I had to have Ian’s huge cock again before we got up and went home, after another good fucking I rang my partner and told him I was laying between Ian’s legs sucking and wanking him, my partner was really turned on, Ian too. knowing my partner was listening to us on the phone,
Ian said he was going to cum so I put his huge cock in my mouth as he came and I swallowed the lot as my partner listened on the phone. I could hear my partner moaning as he shot his load too, on the other end of the phone.
Since then we have met on several occasions with my partner, and they have both fucked me together.
My partner admires Ian’s huge cock, and wishes he had one as big, Ian has Fantastic staying power too, He can fuck for hours,
I love having sex with Ian and his huge cock, it’s always fantastic sex with him.
The best I’ve ever had.
There is nothing better than a huge thick cock.


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3 months ago
Thanks for sharing - what an amazing life you are both having
4 months ago
Mmmmmmm Love it