Dogging curtailed in cold winter :-(
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*** Latest News ***

DO NOT begin your message by calling me "babe"...it just proves to me you have not read my profile.

I am a Dominant Black MALE and I pimp out my sluts, for free , whilst outdoors , dogging in the London/M25 area.

I ONLY add "friends" who are MALE and LIVE in the London, U.K/M25 area. Others, please dont bother.

i am now looking to hear from farm owners, stables, kennels, horse or DOG OWNERS in England (WILL TRAVEL - so you can be outside of London area) for interesting dilemmas for the slut.

TWO public , dogging, sluts – to serve ALL men.

I now have TWO greedy sluts under my control. The original “PublicSlut Tiffany” and more recent property, “PoshSlut”.

These submissives are being trained as London's premier REAL outdoor pleasure givers.
They are being turned out to pleasure ALL cocks whilst dogging/outdoors on warm Summer evenings.
They are being trained to pleasure ALL cocks that belong to men aged 18 -55 who are not overweight.

Dark haired (natural)“PublicSlut Tiffany” is a tall , slim, sexy, smooth, CONVINCING tgirl (transvestite). She has natural long hair and nails and she has a feminine voice.
No more email ping-pongs with women you are hoping to get a bj from , no more buying dinners and gifts.

I post FOR REAL where and when she will be in public and gets your rocks off in spectacular style. She is REAL and you need to be too.

PublicSlut Tiffany lives in central London so she is generally taken to locations within the M25 area.
She does not do women or other Cd's/Tv's so please do not ask, message her or add her.
SHE SERVES MEN ONLY - FOR FREE and needs as many as she can get to perfect her training.
She only has a relationship with The Dogging Master at dogging times, otherwise , she is unowned in general.

Blonde haired “PoshSlut”is another trans girl and lives in Surrey , so I tend to only take her to Surrey locations.

She is around 5ft 9ins tall and has a cute, sweet disposition. She has a feminine “posh” voice and manner and she prefers her hair to be long and blonde. She wears the cutest dresses and hottest lingerie. Beneath the sweet exterior lies a cock hungry whore that just loves taking cock in her mouth and ass.

DO NOT contact me unless you drive and own a car.
DO NOT contact me unless you are Male, aged 18 -55 and you are NOT FAT and you live in the London/M25 area.

Stupid mails like "I wish she lived closer to me", "if you ever bring her to Birmingham (insert far off location) let me know…." "will you train me as a slut, as I am CD too ?" etc.. etc... are NOT appreciated as they just waste my time.etc... they are NOT appreciated.

Special notice
I am particular keen to hear from Bondage Top Males/Masters/Doms.
I need to expand PublicSlut Tiffany’s training and i would like to see her bound and spread in the woods or detained at other places , unable to move or escape , so all men can invade her holes. You may photograph or film your bondage skill and the subsequent use of her, if you wish.

Winter/Spring 2014/5 Update

The PublicSluts can only serve outdoors on warm Summer evenings.
So , for 9 months of the year I need OTHER locations.
Do YOU know of any sheltered locations within the London Area?
I NEED dry, warm locations where i can get PublicSlutS gang fucked and keep them serving cock.
Perhaps you own a large house or a farm with outbuildings? On the same kind of lines maybe a dog pound, stables or a factory unit that is heated and has room for cars to drive up to?
Perhaps you own a large motor home where PublicSluts would be kept with an "open door" for men to get out of their cars and come and use them in the motor home? A large transit van with heating would also serve this purpose.

**I am also willing for myself and PublicSlut Tiffany to be transported to other parts of the country or even other parts of the World where she can be bound or chained and made to serve groups of men.
Transporting her and chaining her at foreign locations to be used as a sex slave for all men , for a couple of weeks , appeals to me. I may even leave her with you and return to collect her after the timeline. You would have complete control of her, BUT I WOULD ONLY DO THIS if you covered our expenses and you were not the sole user of her. She would need to be used by several men.**

**LEGALITY** - Site Owners/Moderators please note :Dogging/Outdoor sex is perfectly LEGAL here in the U.K , so , this is a legal profile as publicsluts are only ever taken to known dogging locations, after dark , where local people KNOW what goes on there and therefore unable or have little grounds to complain that they have been offended.
Under British Law , I take "all reasonable precautions not to offend or be observed by the general (non dogging) public".

And Finally!..., MY publicsluts are fully consenting to everything contained within this profile. They sucks cock raw and, at every outdoor training event, have a bag of condoms strapped to their backs for you to do them anal. They NEVER bareback anal , so do not ask.

They are true submissives and enjoys their purpose in life, to serve all of mankind in MY honour, under MY direction and control.

Also, mail to me from other cd's/tv's etc...is also NOT welcome.

ANYONE who does not live in the London, U.K area, do NOT message me - no point , you are never going to be here to use her.

****************** Latest News *********************

i am now looking to hear from male dog owners in England for interesting dilemas for Tiffany slut.


September 4th - A Wooded location in W.London
August 25th - A Wooded location in W.London
August 5th - A Wooded location in W.London
July 22nd - A Wooded location in W.London
July 15th - A Wooded location in W.London
July 8th - A wooded location in W.London


Nov 27th - A wooded location in W.London
Aug 23rd - A wooded location in W.London
Aug 13th - A wooded location in N.London
July 5th - A wooded location in W.London
May 29th - A wooded location in W.London


Sept 23rd - Two locations, one N.London, One W.London
Sept 20th - A wooded dogging location Essex
Aug 25th - A wooded dogging location N.London
July 31st - A wooded dogging location in W.London
July 20th - A wooded dogging location in W.london
July 11th – A wooded dogging location in W.london
July 6th – A wooded dogging location in W.london

September 10th 2011 - A wooded dogging location in N.London.
Aug 31st 2011 - A wooded dogging location in W.London
Aug 17th 2011 - A wooded dogging location in W.London
Aug 4th 2011 - A wooded dogging location in W.London
July 25th2011 - A wooded dogging location in N.London

September 22nd 2010 - TWO wooded dogging locations , one West London , one North London.
September 3rd 2010 - A wooded dogging location in W.London.
August 24th 2010 - A wooded dogging location in W.London.
August 18th 2010 - A wooded dogging location in W.London.
August 11th 2010 - A wooded dogging location in N.London.
August 4th 2010 - A wooded dogging location in N.London.
August 1st 2010 - A wooded dogging location in N.London.

SOME of you , when i message you, are getting a system message saying my words to you were SPAM .This is NOT the case, I was merely sending you the info (website and announcement group) that you need to use this slut. If you get message from me saying it was spam , pls write back and i will try to get the info you need to you some other way.

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1 day ago
When they begin ! In June 2015
11 days ago
When you uploading the 2015 meets
12 days ago
Enjoy your sluts!
14 days ago
very very wonderful. hot colls. thks to share
1 month ago
mmmmmmmm :}
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Great profile!
1 month ago
If you ever in sw I love to use them both or I come to them
2 months ago
what a slut...would love to cum deep inside her
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Very nice pics and vids horny
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This page makes me so horny!!!!
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Love what you are doing man!!
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Hey add me please
6 months ago
does anyone knows any dogging place in east london, Ilford,Barking?
6 months ago
Bad ass profile.keep up the good work!!!
8 months ago
luv to fuck her
8 months ago
love your profile and content would love to meet you guys
9 months ago
What a profile so much great info we keep an eye here for sure.
10 months ago
what a lovely slutty mouth you have! would love to fuck your face!
1 year ago
Impressive !
1 year ago
1 year ago
hmmmm sexy maybe someday will meet :)
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Just mail me direct - I will make sure she serves you mate - she is trained to pleasure Black cock
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YOU are hot as hell!
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Great video sexy!!!!! Love the way you sucked that black cock!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Loving the videos. Since I live close to Brixton how can I get in that sweet ass and pull your hair as I make you suck the cum out of my cock?
1 year ago
Love the Vid, very hot Whore
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Thanks for adding me and trust me i want to use her like the slut she is x
1 year ago
with pleasure
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Thanks for the message and add xxx