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Some people call me a Creeper, but I guess that's the doing of whoever coined that "oh so clever" term for the body of work my content happens to fall under.

Personally, I'd call myself an admirer, a worshiper, a connoisseur, if you will, of the female body - in all its shapes, sizes, colors, perfections, and even imperfections.

For me "creeping" is about capturing these women, and bringing them home with me to fantasize about, to imagine what they'd be like to use for my pleasure. How they fuck, how they suck, how their lips would feel on my cock, would they know how to blow me right or would I have to teach them, is their pussy hairy or shaved, neat and tight or saggy and loose, are they bored with their current lover, have they ever been fucked like I'd fuck them, would their screams be in pleasure or pain, would they be shocked when my tongue was penetrating their ass, would they fantasize about me afterwards or think of me as the boogeyman? Hell, I prefer boogeyman.

A wise man once said, the only thing cooler than the guy who gets all the girls is the guy who scares them!

Yeah, I like to watch "real" porn, in fact, I've made porn professionally now for 8 years, but the "paid" sluts always have an idea of whats coming and are used to it. Thats probably half the reason I enjoy this fetish so much, dealing with model's attitudes and drama, they remind me most women are a lot better in a picture than in reality. What gets me off are the Plain Jane, Suzy Homemakers who's world I'd either open or destroy with my sexual desires.

No one's safe in my world. You Mom's, Daughters, Sisters, Cousins, Girlfriends, Ex's, Co-Workers, Neighbors, Future Wives, Future Ex's...if they cross my path, my camera will be there.

I invite you to enjoy this world of mine, or even hate on me cuz I don't just post Hotties, or post photos that are less than HD (use you imagination for Christs sake). Im not here to be Mr. Popular - Im here for the few of us who enjoy this path, and to share with them my conquests.

And if you see your Wife here, I wish I could say sorry. While, at heart, I'm quite respectful, just know that it's not your Real wife I'm fantasizing about. Your Wife bitches, complains, has period panties, bitchy In Laws, stupid quarks that drive you crazy. You can have all that, trust me. I just want to use her likeness to get me off after a hard day at the office...

If you Rate or Comment my photos, cool. Personally, I hope you're too busy enjoying my content. But for those of you engrossed enough to say hello, I'd love to hear your thoughts! And for those of you hardcore porn seekers who have nothing better to do than click on my galleries and boost your own ego with your ignorant remarks, Id love to hear from you too. You remind me of how lucky I am to have such an open and still functioning mind.

Thanks for stopping by....

BaDeep BaDeep, that's all folks ; )
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1 day ago
Awesome candid folders lets. creep together
6 days ago
Great selection of videos and pictures!!!!
1 month ago
love your work. thanks for sharing.
2 months ago
I am loving the pics and vids. Provides me with hours of jacking material. But I am also digging the introduction of yourself. Add me please.
2 months ago
At least your honest with your shit... respect...
3 months ago
enjoy your content tks for the add feel free to stop by and check out the PF :)
3 months ago
Good look on the add
3 months ago
thanx for the add
3 months ago
love your work
4 months ago
Loving your videos!
4 months ago
Great profile, great vids, keep up the good work!
5 months ago
5 months ago
Thanks for the add, check my peep posts, always adding more
6 months ago
LMAO - all balls no cock Bozy....
6 months ago
You are not a CREEP just..u are a SICK CUNT...If I would catch u sick fuck pervert filming my wife I would crack your stupid skull on site!
7 months ago
10s 4 +.
7 months ago
8 months ago
I love your vids really!
8 months ago
Thanks for the add!
9 months ago
great videos!
9 months ago
buen videos mira los mios
9 months ago
i love your collection!
10 months ago
Thank you for all the comments and tips! I'll def check out your site, hope to see what captures you guys got on there! Plus get to share my stuff at good quality!
10 months ago
Great site!
10 months ago
Yo Folks...I got the first Wet TShirt Video Posted on ClubCandids.com - its the girl from the photo set I posted here! Go Check it out (she's in the HD Beaches/Bikini section)
10 months ago
Great stuff in here, thanks!
10 months ago
Excellent work...
10 months ago
wonderful..more please
10 months ago
We did Wet T shirt contests all day, it was great. A couple thicky's surprisingly enough! Updates will come soon!