I don't care where we are, you whip it out and I'll suck it!
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I'm:Cathy Nunyabusiness,
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Height:5 ft 2 in (157 cm)
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Come on guys, hit me with some more tribute pictures! PLEASE??????

I added a folder with pictures of myself. I'm getting into tribute photos, so I would appreciate some nice loads of cum on my pictures.

Pictures of me: http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/838835/liittle_old_me.html

This is my all time favorite video (until someone makes a better one) Come on guys, you can do it! http://xhamster.com/movies/2345407/cum_tribute_for_cathy.html

I love these tributes, I just wish I had lots more! C'mon guys, let's see what you have! http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/2590876/my_delicious_looking_tributes.html

Just got this brand new tribute and I totally LOVE it! He's definitely my favorite so far. I wish more guy would make them:


Got another nice one: http://xhamster.com/photos/view/3997190-67306728.html

Thanks guys! I love the!!

Another great tribute that I love soooo much!! Thank you for the excellent job!

Hey lookie guys, plenty of room for more tributes. I'm sure there are plenty of ya out there with nice big loads of hot sperm to deposit on my face. :)

I love sucking cock, licking and sucking balls, I love watching a guy jerk off, I love jerking a guy off. I love cum. I love when a guy asks where he should shoot his load. I love being smacked in the face with a hard cock. I love seeing a guy's cock for the first time. I love unzipping a guy's pants. I love sucking dick outdoors or in public places. I guess I just love a nice cock! I don't care where we are, if my date takes his cock out, I'll definitely suck it!! I don't mind if anyone watches us, as long as they don't squeal on us!

I've had several, oh OK, a whole bunch of guys on here ask me where I preferred to have guys shoot their loads. To be totally honest, my favorite is in my mouth, I love swallowing! A close second would be on my face. On the boobies is nice also. Also, if he's on top fucking me like crazy, on my tummy is just fine with me. I love the feel and taste of hot sperm.
I have always looked at sperm as a reward for doing a good job. I would love at least one reward every day. :)

Twat did you say? I cunt hear you. I have a ear infucktion. :)









C'mon guys, I want more of these!! Just pick a picture: http://xhamster.com/photos/gallery/838835/liittle_old_me.html whip your dick out, and give me a shot! Is that really too much to ask? If you're here, you're probably jerking off anyway, so let me see your yummies!! :)

OK, I'm getting tired of asking, so now I'M TELLING YA! You're probably sitting there with your dick in your hand pumping it, so you should shoot your load on one of my pictures and let me see it! After all, I've been giving you good reasons to jerk off, and quite a few of my own pictures to catch your load. Isn't that the reason for living? You have a dick that shoots sperm, and I have a face that loves the feel of it. OK, you can't actually come on my real face, but there's plenty of pictures of it for ya. If I don't get more tributes, I'm gonna delete this page and become a nun. Not really, but hit me with your best shot and I'll deeply appreciate it!! xxxxoooo

Fuck me.

I LOVE this tribute and bet no one can make a better one!


CHECK HERE FOR MY NEW GALLERIES: http://xhamster.com/user/onmyfaceplease
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18 hours ago
aYe aYe babe!
1 day ago
Thanks for the comments!
1 day ago
I like your attitude!
2 days ago
2 days ago
Cock sucked on demand! Absolutely love that attitude. In a pool hall. . .
2 days ago
Would you have Peter North give you a few of his loads while your bf watches? ;)
2 days ago
promises, promises ;)
2 days ago
haha, yes, i'll sure whip him out for you if i see you! ^^
2 days ago
ill whip that shit out right on your forehead!
2 days ago
How about at the sporting goods section at WalMart?
2 days ago
Love your attitude. I'd really enjoy whipping out my cock for you!
2 days ago
yeah, suck him deep and swallow, that´s hot.
3 days ago
love the status !!!!!
3 days ago
You always have the best blowjob content on this site!! Many thanks :))
3 days ago
You deserve a nice pearl necklace over these lovely tits!
3 days ago
In my hot tub outside, would be a good place to start.
3 days ago
You are so hot. Do you have a new picture, where i can cum on? :-P
3 days ago
That would pretty well make you a friend of her's for life I think.
3 days ago
I would love that!
3 days ago
I agree:)
3 days ago
your videos are fantastic! Keep it up (as it were) be well. MJC
3 days ago
This is what i would do to you...
That is if you can take a lot like that.
3 days ago
I would cover your sweet little face with lots of cum ropes.
3 days ago
Nice galleries ! As i am myself dressed undressed in my own galleries, i hope you will like also :)
3 days ago
Outdoors, my favourite. Love the profile. Excellent videos and galleries.
4 days ago
Thank you :) Amazing galeries! Great videos :)
4 days ago
Awesome profile and amazing videos.
4 days ago
nice pics
5 days ago
very pics
5 days ago
very hot pics
6 days ago
Hey sexy, I will drop some loads on you baby! Add me.
6 days ago
Another great gallery thanks
7 days ago
i want to do some tributes for you, add me pleas
7 days ago
I love girls who love to suck cock, so I'd appreciate it if u added me :D
7 days ago
Please reply to my messages
7 days ago
happy to be your friend
7 days ago
MMMMMMM I would so love to cum suck your pussy!
8 days ago
thank you for all those sweet hot galleries! i just love them all! <3
9 days ago
when are we going to see a good swallow/creampie video of you?
9 days ago
A pretty face and a dirty mouth, just lik eyours and I'm shooting loads xox
9 days ago
Thanks for the invitation... You have a lovely profile, I like your taste very much.
9 days ago
Love a guy that has an excellent load. :)
9 days ago
Love a Lady that loves an excellent load
10 days ago
Great profile. erotic as well as amusing :)
10 days ago
why you want my sperm :d

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