Young and taken advantage of.

When my wife was 17 and a Junior in High School she wanted to attend an away basketball game but her ride canceled at the last minute. She really was a school spirited type of student and was at every game. Later she was over heard in the hallway by a male teacher telling a friend she wouldn't be able to attend the game.

She preparing to call her parents to ask them to come and pick her up when the teacher asked if she needed a ride to the game. She excitedly said "heck yea who can I ride with?" He said "well you can ride with me." Now the teacher was in his late 20s, nice looking and all the girls thought he was hot so she accepted the ride. The trip was a good 2 hour trip so she called her Mom to tell her the trip was a long one so she'd stay overnight with her friend.

The Teacher, whose name was Matt, suggested they had better get on the road so off they went. The trip was nice, Matt played good rock music in his stereo. They talked of school, her friends and what she liked and the fads etc. They arrived at the game and Matt told her she could ride back with him if she wanted. She agreed and went to watch the game with her friends. Her friends asked her if Matt made a pass at her and other teenage girl talk. She said "no" but a thought entered her head which made her tingle. She asked her friend if she could stay with her over night. They would meet up in town and then go to her friends house.

The game ended and she and Matt took off for home. He was thirsty and stopped at a convenience store. He returned to the car with a bag and as they drove off he told her to get herself a drink. She pulled out a malt liquor looked at it and she said "what is this?" Matt stuttered and said "Oh I am sorry I thought you all drank this at parties. I should have got you a soft drink." She felt so immature and replied "Oh it is okay I'll try this." She tilted it up and drank it very fast. He sipped his as they drove. It was dark by now and he suggested that she drink another one which she did. She drank this one very quickly emptying it entirely. He smiled at her as they were making small knowing she was unaccustomed to drinking alcohol. Their conversation went from school work to where it started to enter into the physical and sexual nature.

She was pretty well intoxicated by now but drank another bottle. Matt asked if she had a boyfriend. She replied "No we broke up." Matt said "he must be crazy to lose a nice looking girl like yourself." She was high on the liquor and the compliment from a mature man made her feel good. She said "Thanks but he was so immature." Matt said "Yeah, I bet a hot girl like you needs a real man to make her happy." She blushed and remarked " well I guess so."

Matt continued to drive and the dash lights were dimmed. He turned the music down while they talked. He said "I bet the only thing he really liked was kissing and touching you right?" She should have been embarrassed but responded, "yeah, all he ever did was grope me." Matt said "that isn't the way a man should act towards his girlfriend.” Matt then said, “Why don’t you scoot over beside me. It’s okay I won‘t bite." He laughed then which put her in a more relaxed state. She did hesitate but Matt was a teacher and she thought it would be okay.

She moved over to his side and it did feel nice. Matt said "Don’t get mad but can I put my arm around you?" She looked at him and softly said "well I guess so." Matt raised his arm and placed it around her shoulders. She sort of snuggled into his side and he said "Now isn't this nice? Go ahead have another drink while we talk."

She was a bit nervous and drank this next one down really quickly. The car was warm and toasty and she found herself feeling really good. Matt said, "Look I can't stand a guy who doesn't know how to please his woman. I bet he touched you like this?" At which point his hand shifted and cupped her right breast sort of tightly. She tensed and started to pull away but he said "Stay calm I won't hurt you I am just curious." She half looked at him and said "Well yes it was like he was mauling me all the time."

Matt took a breath and said "Look Sue, a man is supposed to touch a woman gently,,,,,sort of like this." His hand became gentler while cupping her breast. “See isn’t this better?“ He was slowly cupping and releasing her breast in a sensual manner. Sue replied “Uhh, yes it does feel better this way.“ He kept this going for a time and he could tell she didn’t mind.

“This probably will be better” he said softly as he raised his hand to her shoulder. His hand dropped down her low cut gauze top and began to massage her right bra covered breast. She jerked from the sudden movement but also involuntarily moaned and pushed her chest onto his hand. Sensing her positive reaction Matt began to slowly massage her breast, tracing his fingers along the top and bottom of her bra. Both were quiet which was what he wanted.

After a few minutes of her not pulling away he allowed his fingers to sneak into the top of her bra so he could feel her flesh and roll her nipple between his finger. Sue was really enjoying this even knowing it was wrong. Involuntarily her head had laid back against the seat back, subtle moans escaped from her lips and she forgot this man was an adult and a teacher, Matt continued this while she moaned, pushing her breast to his hand, her breathing was like she never felt before. Another thing she was experiencing was she could feel her pussy soaking her panties.

After arousing her more with the nipple massages he softly said "Sue you would be more comfortable if you laid your head in my lap. This way I can show you more good things that the young guys don’t do.” Like the obedient teenager she was she twisted her body and laid her head onto is lap. She instantly felt a bulge under her head and knew it was Matt’s cock. She instantly thought she must be so beautiful and sexy that she could have this effect on an older man, plus his bulge was bigger than her ex-boyfriends by far.

Matt said “Sue let me lift your top so I can touch you easier.” She raised up a bit as he pulled her top up to her neck. Matt was slick and he knew it but when the dash lights showed Sue’s breasts he involuntarily remarked “Oh my God they are beautiful and big.!!!” She knew she was gifted in tit size (36C and firm) because most of her classmates were flat chested. The problem was all the teenage boys just looked at her tits and nothing else. Here was a man telling her how sexy she was in a adult way. Matt almost lost control of the car looking at her tits and said “Sue I really have to pull off the road okay?” She said “yeah if you need to.” He found a pull off and drove onto it. It was perfect he thought and also it had no other vehicles there. He turned off the motor turned in his seat so her head was still resting between his legs. He took his time to take in the beautiful sexy breasts in front of him.

After a couple minutes Matt again reached and began to massage her breasts , this time both of them. Matt asked “Sue these are beautiful and so sexy. Can I unhook your bra to see all of your breasts?” Sue was so turned on and intoxicated just enough so obviously she agreed. He unhooked the front clasp and the bra fell to her sides. Out bounced a perfect pair of tits with rock hard ½“ long nipples. Now Matt had been around a lot but never had he seen a more luscious set of tits.

As his finger again began to roll her nipples around and squeezing them softly Sue moaned and said “Ohhhh Matt that feels sooooo good. No one has ever made me feel this good.” Her head was beginning to move from side to side as she moaned. Her head was rolling on his erection and making him even more excited. He knew he was in dangerous waters with an u******ed girl and alcohol but he didn’t care one damn bit because it was all about him anyway.

He continued to arouse her and rub her breasts and stomach then back to her nipples, Sue could feel a strange feeling inside and all of a sudden she yelled “OH my God I’m cumming.” An explosion rocked her insides as her head was grinding into Matt’s cock and she was also bucking her hips as the orgasm over took her. Matt was astonished and a bit taken but also feeling very cocky. “I think she just had her 1st orgasm” he thought and smiled a sneaky smile.

Sue just stopped moving and was gasping for air as her body calmed down. Matt was still stroking her and asked “Did you just have a climax?”. She said “Oh I sure think so, I have never had a feeling like that before.” He said “Sue, you don’t cum when you and your boyfriend have sex?” She looked up at Matt and replied “Never, I have had minor feelings like that at home while alone and my ex and I have had sex a few times but he was always so quick.” Matt’s mind was calculating just how far he could go with her tonight.

He said “well that was great but I am a little left out.” She said hurriedly “ I’m sorry can I rub it like I do my boyfriends” and she rolled to her side and began to rub his jeans covered cock. Matt grabbed her hand and said “Sue why not take it out of my pants first it will feel better.” Sue replied “Well okay but I’ve never done that with anyone else.” He placed her hand at his zipper and she pulled it down, next she unsnapped his pants and laid them open. She hesitated and didn’t know what she should do next.

Matt said “Let me just take these off” and he scurried out of his jeans while she was looking at his erection under his underwear. Sue said “My boyfriends wasn’t that big.” He thought to himself “Of course not it isn‘t I‘m the man!!” He sat back against the door and said “well now what would you like to do?” She blushed and said “I don’t know” and Matt said “well just do what I ask and you’ll have a good time ok?” She nodded yes and he smiled again thinking well this should be great..

Matt said “Why don’t you take your blouse and bra off so I can see you better.” Sue sat back against the other side and began to lift her blouse over her head exposing her nakedness to his gaze. He was so amazed that a 17 year old junior could have tits as good as these. Her nipples were like 2 erasers, hard and sticking out waiting to be sucked on.
Matts mind was swirling with what he wanted to do with her.

Matt asked “did you really want to feel sexy again and also give me that same feeling?” She replied, “Yes I do, I loved how I felt earlier.” He said “well I guess is my turn now don’t you think?” She said “yes, what do you want me to do?’

“Would you give me a blow job?” She blushed and said “Uhhhh I have never done that before, I heard some girls talking about. I don’t know what to do.” He smiled and said “well first I need to take my cock out of my underwear.” With this he raised his hips and slid them off. Sue reddened but didn’t look away. With his cock out he asked “have you had seen one this big?” She nodded no, he said “well touch it if you want.” She reached to grasp his cock and as she took in her hand he felt a shudder go up his spine.

Sue rubbed it, letting her fingers and hand go up and down the length of his cock. A drop of pre-cum rose out and Matt said “You can taste it if you want to.” She hadn’t seen this before and oral sex wasn’t something she was accustomed to. Sensing her hesitation he pulled her closer to him and guided her head to his cock. She muttered “Matt I don’t know about this.” He held the back of her head and said “Just open your mouth and suck it, you’ll enjoy it.” He pulled her closer and her long brown hair fell forward blocking his view. Not only did he want to fuck this girl but he also wanted to see her suck her 1st cock.

He pushed her hair up and back and saw her mouth opening and the tip of his cock touch her lips. Her tongue tasted the pre-cum and she didn’t mind it much. Her tongue then licked the head of his cock and then the length of it. Matt guided her head and when her mouth neared his cock he pulled her mouth down and over his cock. His hands was moving her mouth up and down his cock while she gagged at times, especially when he drove it all the way down her throat. Sue gasped and tried to pull away but he held her head tightly. Passion had overtaken common sense and tenderness. When he started saying “Oh baby suck that big cock. I’m going to fill your mouth with cum, we are going to fuck tonight and I am going to fuck you so hard that you’ll want it everyday.”

He was becoming what she was used to. Matt and his ego continued pumping her mouth and he kept on with “Sue, I will teach you how to fuck, I’ll fuck your mouth, your pussy and your asshole. You‘ll love it. You‘ll love my friends too.” With all this he finally let loose a stream of hot cum in Sue’s mouth making her choke and gag. Finally pulling away from his cock and having a trickle of cum dropping from her mouth she grabbed her bra and top and began to put them on. Matt looked stunned, his cock shrinking and cum coating it.

He said “Sue what is wrong? I was going to give you another orgasm in a few minutes.” She looked at him and said “You are just like the boys at school, it is all about what you want. At least they are honest about it. You were so tender then the meanness came out. You didn’t have to manhandle me. Now take me home.”

On the drive home Matt was about to panic. He said “this is between us isn’t it? I’ll never say anything if you won’t.” Sue said “Yes it was my mistake but I better not hear a word about it either.”

Three weeks later Sue heard that Matt had been caught with a 14 year old, he was arrested and fired that very day.
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3 years ago
Ha! I got turned on and laughed so hard all at the same time XD
3 years ago
ROFLmmao! Matt fucked more then could cock lol lol!!!
3 years ago
very good. lol
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LOL great story
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Fun story!
3 years ago
What did Little Red Riding Hood think she was going to get from the big bad wolf?