Becoming her Anal Slut

It was happening again, the cravings has started to appear a few weeks ago and were slowly building in to what I knew would soon be an unstoppable f***e. There was only one person I knew who could help me. The last time I called her I swore it would be the last time. Just like the time before that and before that and so on. I can't help it. Im a weak man. I picked up the phone and I called Jen.

"Hellll---o" the voice on the other end of the phone cooed.

I sighed, "Hi Jen, this is Scott".

"I know who it is". she said coldly. "It's been what, about 3 months since we last saw each? I remember because your apartment had the broken AC and it was hot as hell when I left you spent, used and sticky on the floor. I didn't think you were ever going to call".

"Yeah it's . . . uhh. . been a while" I said flatly.

"Do you want me to come over?" she asked in a low husky tone.

"Yes" I said.

"I don't know, I don't like being blown off for months at a time. I'm pretty fucking pissed at you. . . And then you just call when you need a good fucking huh? You know, I don't know if you can take, what I have to give you. We see each other, things go fine and then after a good fuck session you get all weird. If you want me to come over you better be able to handle it."

This made me a little worried since each time I had seen her, our encounters got more and more intense. It was part of the reason I had tried not to call her again. We did have a good relationship outside of our sex lives. While exploring in the bedroom she found out that I like to have a strapon used on me and I found out that Jen . . . well Jen likes to totally own a man.

Thats were we differed, I still wanted to be in control in the bedroom or at least equal say, but in sex, Jen wanted me under her complete and utter control. In the rest of her life she was a nice, personable, if somewhat shy person. But in the sheets, she changed in to a totally domineering, aggressive, bordering on abusive, lover. It kind of freaked me out. But I was at my breaking point. It had been 3 long months of no sex at all. What else could I do?

"So do you want to see me again or not?" she asked.


"Yes what bitch?"

She had started already.

"Yes please come over" I said irritated. I hated that she like to toy with me. I hated more that I always gave in.

"Yes please come over and what?"

I swallowed. I always hated saying this part.
"Yes please come over and fuck my ass". I stammered out.

"With what?" she giggled.

"Please come over and fuck my ass with your big rubber cock. . . .
Please Jen, I need it. I need you to fuck me. . . ."

"That's a good boy. I'll be over at 11:00 PM."

After I hung up the phone, I saw that it was 8:00 PM, with three hours to spare, I ate something light, took a shower, "cleaned myself" and shaved my cock, ass and even my legs, which I know Jen likes.
After all of that, it was about 9:00. I opened a bottle of wine put another on ice for 11:00 and waited for two hours with my cock growing harder in anticipation of tonight.

At 11:10 I heard a knock at the front of the apartment. I swallowed the the last of my fourth glass of wine and opened the door. Jen was there with a devilish grin and her large purse.

"Please come in" I said.

Jen is 45 years old, ten years my senior. She has pale skin, reddish, brown hair about down to her mid back. She is only 5'3 and about 185 lbs. Which means had quite a bit of curve and meat on her bones. Her breasts are 36 D or so I would guess and despite her small height every pound of her being seems to be filled with the desire to cruelly mercilessly fuck any guy she's with.

She walked in, set her purse on the couch and sat down. I closed the door, went in to the kitchen and brought our the a new bottle of wine with two glasses. Uncorking it, I poured us each a glass and handed her one. She took a sip, stood up and said: "Alright fucker undress me and then undress your self".

"Jesus, Jen" I said, "You're wasting no time tonight"

"We have a lot to make up for. I told you last time not to make me wait. It's been three months. Three fucking months"! She continued as I unbuttoned and slid off her top. We get along great, we have a great time together, but you never call, just because you have hangups about how I like to fuck and you have hangups about how you like to be fucked. I've had other guy's Scott, but none of them need what you need. None of the can go as far as you can. No one but you can give me what I want and no one be be can give you the treatment you need."

I got on my knees took of her high heels and slid off her skirt.

"Look, I just like to be physical . . in . . . that way. It doesn't mean I want to be degraded or be your bitch all the time."

Grabbing the sides of her black satin panties I slid them down over her large pale ass brushing my palms along the sides of her soft thick legs. I admired her full figure and the slight bulge around her midsection. Some guys aren't in to that, but to me, she looked amazing. I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. As I went to stand back up but Jen put her hand on my head and held me there. She pulled back on my hair so that I was looking up at her.

Making eye contact she said, "Oh, but you do Scott. You may be a man in the rest of your life, but when it come to the bedroom, you need, what only I can give you. You need to be treated like the bitch whore you really are. Like my little anal whore."

Standing there she placed one leg on my couch exposing her plump, shaved pussy for me to see. As her lips spread like a flower in front of me she grabbed my hair and guided me between her legs. As soon as I was close enough I stuck out my tongue and gave her wet slit a lick. Yanking me back by my hair she said "No tongue, just your face!"

I nodded my head. "Look at me." she commanded.

From my knees, I looked up at her. "I don't know why you fight it Scott. You will be mine. I'm the only one for you and you for me. . . now get to work bitch." And with that she grabbed the sides of my head with both her hands and pushed me in to her damp, humid pussy.

I kept my mouth shut as she rubbed herself in small circles on my face. As always, she was f***eful in getting whatever she wanted. Moving my face from the bottom of her pussy to the top she pushed my nose deeper and deeper in to her slick cunt. I tried to breath in from my nose in the moments it wasn't being ground in to her pussy. But, every time I inhaled I got little air and brought in some of her juice in to my nose, filling my head and brain with nothing but the musky scent of her sex.

Knocking me on my ass and spinning my head around she pressed it so it was now up against the arm of the arm of the couch. Moving one foot deeper on the couch cushion and keeping the other planted on the floor, she began to fuck my face.

"Now lick me!

Hearing that, I placed one hand on each of her ass cheeks, opened my mouth and began sucking on her swollen clit as she pushed my head back in to the arm of the couch. She was pushing so hard up against my face all I could do was hold my mouth open with my tongue out as she slid up and down my face. Her moans became lower and lower in pitch and she began to slam up against my face harder and harder, until I thought I was going to see stars. Finally, she pressed the full weight of her body against my mouth and screamed.

"Suck it bitch!"

I took her clit back in to my mouth and sucked on it, flicking it with my tongue as I as her body began to convulse. Her breathing got deeper and deeper as she shook. She squeezed her fists tighter, putting at the hair on my head and then suddenly, I felt her pussy spasm and my mouth was filled with a hot saltily fluid, as she came in my mouth. I drank up as much as I could, with the rest running down my neck and in to my shirt. Pulling away from me, she moved her hand to her slit, swept up some of her ejaculate and smeared her hand on my face.

"Mmmmm, not a bad way to start baby. For round one that was good. My bitch did a good job eating that pussy. Now take off my bra and your clothes."

Paying no attention to her words, I took off my shirt, unbuckled and loosened my belt, stepped out of my pants and looked at Jen.

"That's it baby, turn around and take that ass out of those shorts for me now"

I spun around and slid down my underwear.

"Mmmm look at you, all nice and smooth" she said, as she traced her her finger over my buttocks.

"Spread you cheeks and show me my fuck hole".

I sighed. With my back still to her I asked, "Why do you do that? Can't we just . . ."

"What? Fuck?" she said. "No baby, If you want me to please you, you have to please me twice as much. Now arch your back spread your cheeks and let me see my god damn fuck hole!"

I hate her sometimes, but I spread for her anyway.

"That's a good anal slut". she said.

I felt a sharp sting as she slapped my ass hard on both cheeks and I could feel the heat spreading through my body.

"Take off my bra"

I walked behind Jen and unclasped her bra, sliding my hands under the straps, I slid them over her shoulders and down her arms until it dropped to the floor. Reaching around her I brought her massive breasts in to my hands. Pushing them upwards, I pressed in to her as she leaned her head back on my shoulder. I gave her dark nipples a little pinch as I kissed her ear lobe and her neck.

"Mmmm, your so nice to me anal slut. I can feel the precum from your dick on my ass already. You are in need of a good fucking" she said. " Now go place your feet towards the headboard of the bed and your head at the end and I'll be in momentarily. . . . bitch "

I killed off the last of my wine, which was starting to make me dizzy and walked in to my bedroom. Throwing the pillows to the floor, I plopped my feet down in their place and stretched out with my head at the other end of the bed. As I heard Jen unzip her purse in the other room, I closed my eyes and felt the wine coursing through my body. It felt like the room was slowly spinning. I heard some noise from the other side of the bedroom and opened my eyes.

I saw that Jen had taken my wardrobe mirror off the wall and placed it against my head board. Walking back to the other side of the bed, she stood over my face, looking down at me with a wicked smile. There it was, protruding from the belt around he waist, her 10 inch long strap on.

"I think you need to get this nice and wet for me baby" she said as she stroked my cheek with one of her hands.

Having never sucked on her strapon before I pleaded with her. Can't we just use the lube? I have some in the. . . "

"I said fucking suck it!" she screamed. Then grabbing my stretched out arms, she yanked hard pulling me so that my head was hanging off the bed. Grabbing the rubber cock with one hand she pressed it against my lips. I was debating how bad I really wanted this. . . but I gave in and opened my mouth slowly. As soon as she had enough room, she shoved the cock in to my mouth. I desperately fought the urge to choke.

"Shhh, that's it baby. Relax you throat muscles and take my cock all the way in." She said as she played with the hair on my head. "You can do it" Again I fought the urge to choke and calmed myself, I could do this. . . I think.

Now that I wasn't panicking, I did like she told me as she slowly pushed the phallus down to the hilt, filling my mouth and throat. My mouth ached at being open that wide and my eyes started to water. But as the base of the strapon made contact with my lips, Jen reached over and grabbed my dick, and slowly started to stroke it. It was all the encouragement I needed. I began to suck her cock as hard as I could.

"That's a good little slut!" she laughed.

She pulled her dick out of my mouth suddenly, bringing with it gobs of stringy salvia dripping off the strapon that then ran from my mouth towards the floor and in to my hair.

"Mmm that's what I want to see. I want a messy, wet face on my anal slut. Now open up your cock sucking mouth for me baby".

I opened as wide as I could. Jen moved her hands from playing with my dick to around my throat. Locking my head in to place, she slammed her cock back down my mouth.

Mmm huh . . . Mmm . . .huh was the only garbled noise I could make as she fucked my face again and again. Every few thrusts in to my mouth she would take her cock out completely and rub the sticky dripping shaft across my face. Before long I was covered in my own saliva.

"Oh shit baby, thats so fucking hot!" she squealed. "Now get on your knees and grab the headboard so I can fuck my anal slut, whore!"

For some reason I didn't ever bother to wipe or clean up my face. I got on all fours, placing both hands on my headboard and around the mirror that Jen had set there. I looked at myself. My face was sticky and dripping. My lips were red and puffy from the face fucking Jen had given me. I knew she had put the mirror up so I could look at myself and feel ashamed, but instead, I felt some what proud of how I had handled her treatment. I even smiled slightly at the thought of it.

My reverie was broken by the feel of a cold viscous liquid being rubbed over my asshole. Slowly, the lubricant began to warm to my body. Shifting my gaze from my reflection to that of Jen's I could see her staring at my ass, almost transfixed. I felt her hand on my tailbone and she began to stroke the tight round circle of my anus.

I took a deep breath and closed my eyes feeling her make small circles with her thumb around the center of my ass. Every once and a while she would apply more pressure as she grazed over my opening allowing it to flex some and yield to her caresses.

I watched from the mirror as she applied more lubricant, this time to her fingers. Seeing me looking she flashed me her wicked smile.

"Get ready anal slut, for round two."

Jen crawled beneath my knees, laying on her back so that her face was under my dick. I felt her slide her index finger in to my ass. There was a moment of small residence and then I felt her first knuckle pass, followed by the second and finally her third knuckle was pressed in between my lubed cheeks. I took a deep breath enjoying the sensation of being opened and filled as Jen started to slide her finger in and out of my ass. Then, I felt heat and wetness all around my cock as Jen took it in her mouth.

I started to slowly move my hips back and forth, pushing my ass into Jen's hand and then my cock deeper in to her mouth. Jen started sucking harder on me and I felt another of her fingers enter my ass. I picked up my pace of fucking her hand and face. As she released my cock from her mouth I felt a little disappointed, until I felt her applying a downward pressure with her two fingers. She had found the walnut size bulge in my ass and started to stroke my prostate. I was simply amazing.

I stayed frozen in place as waves of pleasure rippled from the point of her touch throughout every muscle in my body. She picked up her pace, sliding her two fingers in and out of my ass and each time she applied more pressure on my prostate as she pulled out. Looking at her down between my legs, I could see the pre cum I was dripping as it fell in strings on Jen's face. Just as my muscles began to twitch and throb Jen felt my hole clenching her tighter she stopped and took her fingers out of me before I could shoot.

Sliding out from under me she grabbed more lube, poured it over her strapon and asked "Are you ready to take this big cock up you little fuck hole?" I nodded yes. "Let me hear you say it then". I glared at her from the reflection in the mirror. But, I couldn't have her stop now, not when I was this close.

"Please take my fuck hole Jen" I said.

"Yeah that's what I want to hear baby. Are you my anal slut?"

I wasn't giving in to her. I just repeated what I said before.

"Please, please take my fuck hole. . . . It's ready for you" I added hoping that would be enough.

It was.

Jen pressed the head of her rubber cock against my anus. As she pushed in slowly I tried to to relax my muscles. The strapon was quite wider then her two fingers, so I was still a bit tight. Finally, I felt the head of her cock slide in. Jen paused for a moment and said "Get ready slut". And with that. she slammed the rest of her long and thick dick up my ass.

I let out a loud grunt, but she gave me no time to catch my breath. Already almost all the cock was out of me and before I knew it, it was rammed back in. Jen seemed to take a special delight in hearing my grunts and moan. In and out, in and out the strapon went sending jolts of pain mixed with pleasure throughout my body. She kept fucking me harder and harder, so that I was slowly being pushed closer the the mirror.

"Look in the mirror, whore!" she screamed. As I held on to headboard the mirror was between my arms and I was now only a few inches from it. Seeing her opportunity Jen swung her hips deep and slammed her large cock in to my hole with such f***e that she pushed my face against the glass. . . . And that's were she kept me, never letting up the assault on my ass. As I bounced off her cock and into the mirror all the saliva left on my face began to smear all over the glass.

"Oh fuck baby. Look at me using your bitch ass. It so fucking hot how you take all of my cock. Do you want me to keep fucking you, you fucking anal slut?"

"Yes." I answered. "Keep fucking me". Keep fucking. . . . .my . . "

Looking in to the glass and watching myself something in me changed. Finally, it all clicked somehow, it seemed that the last bit of any shame I had about myself . . . or maybe any respect, I'm not sure which, had been lost.

"Keep fucking my bitch ass!" I cried.

That spurred her on. The relentless slamming of my ass continued. I reached down between my legs and felt the wetness from more of my milk slowly seeping out of my cock. Squeezing from the base of my shaft and sliding up to the tip of my dick I gathered all the precum I could. Finding quite a bit on my hand I wiped it on the mirror. Then, as Jen kept taking my ass I watched my reflection and began to lap at my cum on the glass.

"Oh fuck baby, that's so fucking hot! She yelled as she drove in to my aching ass with even more power. "Let me taste the cum on your lips."

Jen pulled out of me and I turned around on the bed. Grabbing me by the back of my neck she pulled my face in to hers. As our lips met her tongue f***ed open my mouth entwining with mine. After a moment we broke the embrace.

" Damn, thats hot! Are you ready to admit you mine, that your an anal slut? she asked.

I said nothing. I only looked at the slippery cock hang hanging between her legs. I got off the bed and guided her to sit on the edge. Then, getting on my knees, I put her used cock in to my mouth tasting the lube and my own ass.

"Holy Fuck baby! she exclaimed. Oh my god! That is so fucking hot and nasty! Shit my pussy's getting so wet."

Placing her hand on my head she controlled the pace of my cock sucking. Something had snapped in me. I couldn't get enough. I cleaned her rubber dick from top to bottom, running my open mouth up and down the shaft. Spreading her legs while sucking on her strapon I slid two fingers between the bottom cock straps and in to her wet pussy. Jen wasn't k**ding she was fucking soaked. I curled my fingers up some to brush the top wall of her pussy finding her spot. Leaning back on her elbows she bucked her hips up and down riding my fingers with her cunt and fucking my mouth with her cock.

After a few minutes I felt the walls of her pussy contract and tighten as she made small circles with her pelvis, grinding in to my hand. When she had finished cumming I pulled my fingers out of her and released the strapon from my mouth. Reaching around her waist I began to unbuckle the strapon.

"What are you doing?" she asked stunned.

"I think I need something . . . a little more intense". I said.

"Like what." she said suprised.

"Maybe that?" I said motioning with my eyes to her hand.

"Are you fucking serious? You want me to fist you"? she asked in disbelief.

I got up, removed the mirror, threw some of the pillows back on the bed, and climbed back on the bed. Laying on my back, I pulled my knees to my chest. "Fuck my slutty hole with your fist Jen . . . Fuck me nice and hard."

Astounded, she quickly took the rest of her strapon off, placed it beside her and started pouring lubricant all over her right hand. Once it was dripping with lube she added even more to her palm and coated my asshole with it. Then, wide eyed and clearly very excited, she pressed two fingers inside me. Having been stretched by the strapon, my ass offered very little resistance to her invasion. Then, pulling out of me she added a third finger and pressed deep. I moved my hips up, pressing against her hand and rode her fingers down to the base of her hand.

Finally, she folded her thumb in to her palm and began to slide her hand up my ass. It went in a ways, up until she got to her bottom knuckles. Grabbing the bottle of lube, she poured more over her partially inserted hand. Then, she began to twist slowly. I could feel the walls of my ass moving a little with her. It was a little painful, but it was also an amazing feeling.

"I don't know you can take all of this in".

But I was a slut possessed by lust. "Jen, fuck my ass with your fist". I said. "I want you inside me in a way that no one else ever has been".
I could see her getting excited as she began pushing and twisting again. Then, to push her over the edge I added "Fuck me like the slut boy I am. Fuck my ass like a whore's used pussy. . . . Fuck my boy pussy!"

"Holy shit Scott!" was all I heard. Then, with on another shove Jens hand was now pass her knuckles, 3/4ths of the way there. Pausing for a moment, I took a deep breath and nodded my head yes and as I did Jen made a fist and my ass pulled her all the way inside me.

"Oh Fuck"! she gasped.

"Oh my god"! I exclaimed, grabbing the sheets of the bed at my side.
I had never been this wide open or filled up so much in my life.

"That's the sexiest fucking thing I've ever seen" she said. Then Jen raised herself up on her knees, grabbed the strapon beside her, brushed it up against her cunt and took it deep inside her.

Jen began to rock her fist back and forth inside me, stretching my hole to it's known limits. I felt the pressure on my prostate and then, in other places I couldn't even describe. Closing my eyes and rolling my head back and forth on the pillow I pressed with my hands on to the mattress, pushing my ass even deeper on to her fist. I felt like the room was spinning.

I could hear the sounds of the slick lube around my hole sticking to hot, moving skin, as well as the slurping sound coming from Jen's pussy as she slammed up and down on her strapon.

The room was awash in the scents of pussy, ass and sweat. For sometime we moved violently back and forth, the strapon fucking her pussy and her fist stretching and fucking my ass. I was swimming in pleasure. I had finally let go of everything. My mouth became a conduit for obscenities.

"Fuck my whore ass! Slam my fucking boy pussy! Oh my god! Stretch my slutty, whore, bitch boy, pussy out!" Towards the end, I don't know if things even made sense. I was just a grunting, mumbling, bag of flesh getting the best fuck of my life.

Jen leaned forward so that she could fuck herself with the strapon even harder and deeper. With her hand still acting like a jackhammer inside of me, I just held on for the ride of my life.

Jen was starting to come close to orgasming. As she did she began to yell at me.

"Look at me fucking your ass with my fist! You fucking whore! That's my fucking ass isn't it? That's my fucking ass, cause you my fucking ass bitch, your my own anal slut aren't you?"

Still lying on my back and bucking my hips up and down on her fist, I suddenly realized she was right. There was no use fighting it anymore. This was what I wanted. . . what I needed. I now knew that I wanted to be her toy, to be a total slut, giving up my ass to her, giving up my entire self in the bedroom, both mentally and physically. Spreading my cheeks wide with my hands I looked at Jen.

"Fuck my ass! Fuck that ass! Fuck your ass! That's your ass Jen, that ass is yours! You can own my ass, just keep fucking me . . . I'm a fucking anal slut!"

It was everything she ever wanted to hear my submission pushed her over the edge. Jen's legs began to wobble and shake and her body began to sway. Watching her eyelids flutter, she opened her mouth, but no words came out. Just primal a****l sounds. As I watched her I could feel my balls tighten and a f***e building inside me. I folded my hands and placed them behind my head, grinding on her fist. Watching her shake and cum and feeling her inside me was too much. Without even stroking my cock, I felt it begin to twitch and shutter. The movement went from the center of my body and spread throughout my legs until I was just a shivering mass of muscle. And then suddenly, as Jen was coming down from her orgasm, I lost everything. Ropes of sticky white cum shot out from my cock covering my stomach and chest. I screamed out in pure amazment.

Jen laughed and pulled the strapon out from her reddened pussy and slowly slid her hand out from my ass. Crawling over top of me she began to suck what cum was still on the head of my cock. Working her way up my chest she collected all of my cum in to her mouth. Then, spitting it in to her hand that had been fucking me she brought it up to my mouth.

Seeing my hesitation her eyes softened. "Do it for me please?"

How could I resist her in anyway at all anymore? I opened my mouth as she wiped the cum over my lips. I sucked what was left off of her finger tips. Smiling she leaned in and kissed me. Out tongues swirled together with the cum mixing between us. After a minute or so, she broke the kiss and laid down beside me with her head on my shoulder. We stayed like that in silence or about 15 minutes catching our breath and collecting our thoughts.

Finally, Jen broke the silence. "Damn, round two was great! That was one of the best orgasms I've ever had. . . . . . .
By the way, what was that last thing you said?" She giggled

I sighed, "You know what I said. . . . I said I was yours."

"That's what I thought you said!. . . I always knew you would be." She smiled smugly, slowly stroking my now hardening cock.

"Yeah, yeah. . . you own me now." I replied

"Are you my bitch ass?" she asked.


"Are you a good whore ready to be fucked and used by me."


"Are you my anal slut?"

"I am" I answered.

" Good. . . . . I love knowing you belong to me. I love knowing that your ass will be waiting for me, ready for me to take it. . . . that your my anal slut, my whore in waiting".

I laughed at her choice of words. Getting up, Jen said she was going to bring back the bottle of wine for us to finish. Looking back she joked, "Hey slut, if you can take a fist, I wonder if you could handle that wine bottle in there. That would be totally fucking hot, you'd be a mega anal whore then."

"Yeah, don't push you luck." I replied.

Laughing, she walked into the other room and picked up the wine bottle from the table. I couldn't help but to wonder if she was right. Could I take that bottle? Had I become that big of an anal slut?

Hearing her waking back down to the bed room with the bottle I got on my knees, put my face and chest in to the pillows and reached back with my hands and spread my gaping ass open for her as she walked in the room. I was a total anal slut and I was ready for round three.

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Great story!!
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I love being an anal slut - great story, thanks for posting it!
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nice, now i am craving some dildo too..
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I hope you enjoy the story. If you do drop on by and say hello.