Starting Work at the Tea Shop.(a tale of mature wm

Part II of the Tea Shop Story

I was told to call the tea shop before I arrived on my first day. Even though I had been getting unemployment for the last few months, I was still too low on cash to replace the company cell phone I lost when I was fired from my last job. To top that off, my room mate was real a dick and had spent the utility and rent money I had given him on online poker, beer and possibly some "Craig's List hook ups". I went out to find a pay phone (which is harder and harder to do now a days), to call the shop. But, then my luck changed . . . I think. . . I spoke to Ms. Lisa , the woman who hired me; and was told: One, that I should call her Lisa from now on and two: the "Milk Boy" job also came with room and board, should I want it. I told her that this was perfect and I was very thankful since, I was about to lose my apartment anyway and really didn't have anywhere to go.

Her sly chuckle of "Oh, No car AND no place to live. Well THIS IS perfect for us" made me a bit uneasy, but I decided to just roll with it. Ten minutes later, I was back at the apartment. I gathered up the few clothes I had, my iPod and the few porn DVDs that my roommate apparently thought were too weird to steal from me. I put all my shit in a trash bag and told my room mate to fuck off. Then, taking out the last two dollars from my wallet, I headed for the bus stop.

Lisa was waiting for me at the door of the tea shop. Her brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail like before. She looked as pale and beautiful as I remembered. But, today instead of a skirt, she was wearing an old pair of jeans with some holes in the knees and on her upper thighs by the pockets. I tried not to stare at those C-cup tits with their nipples standing to attention under the thin white t-shirt she was wearing. Lisa was around 50 years old and had one of the hottest pair of tits I had ever seen. Even though she had toyed my ass and I had eaten her pussy on my "job interview" I was unsure how I should react. So, I decided to play it safe and not look too hard at her chest.

Lisa was quite friendly, asking how my trip had been, if I was glad to leave my apartment and other general chit chat. But, as she was talking I must have tuned out and started staring at her nipples pressing through the fabric of her shirt. I heard her clear her throat with a loud "Uh Hum!" and then I was suddenly snapped out of my trance. Her cheerful face had again, changed back in to one of sternness.

"Milk Boy! You will have to be more professional if you want to work here!" she said.

Stunned, I dropped my trash bag full of items by my side. "I'm sorry Lisa. I just got side tracked, I guess. Uhh, it won't happen again, I promise"

"Well see that it doesn't!"

And then as quick as her furry came, it was gone. She looked me up and down for a few sends, smiled and said
"Good. Let me take you to your cell, uh room. Let me take you to your room." Damn, she's odd.

I followed her through the shop and could see that her jeans also had two rips that went across the back just under the curve of her ass. It was hard to tell, but it looked like she had nothing on under those jeans.
"Fuck! This is going to be hard." I thought.

We crossed through the back room where I had watched Lisa play with herself last week and then went down a hall and a set of stairs to the basement level. The room I was given was decent. . . I guess. It had a concrete floor, about 20 x 20 ft, a twin bed, a large flat screen television with a DVD player, dresser, trash can, small fridge and a small dining table and chair and an electric kettle that looked like it was already on. The adjoining bathroom was also large. Maybe 10 x 10 ft. It had a toilet, sink and a shelf,( with more towels then I would ever need) on one wall. On the other, was the shower. No stall, just a shower head that sprayed onto the floor tiles with one large drain in the center of the room. Not the best design, but it would do.

"Oh I left my bag upstairs, let me run and get it." I said

She rolled her eyes. "Hurry back."

I grabbed my bag and went back down. I was surprised (although I'm not sure why) when I saw more sex videos playing on the TV that Lisa must have cut on.

"Milk Boy, you will study these videos and learn how to put on a good show for our clients." She said.

"Uhh . . OK."

"Plus." she said as she handed me a cup of tea, "You will drink a cup of this every hour today. Then afterwards you will drink it three to four times a day."

I grabbed the cup from her and took a sip. It was disgustingly bitter and had an acidic, almost metallic taste.

"Ugh, what the hell is this?" I asked.

"Just finish the cup." . . . "You will" . . . she smiled, . . . "learn to love it, very soon".

"So, what's so great about this tea?" I asked. Swallowing the bitter cup of liquid in three hot gulps".

She walked towards the door. "This tea is a rare blend of herbs from the South American rain forest. You will actually form an addiction to it. It will cause your semen flow to become huge." She chuckled. "Giant, really . . . and your sex drive will become almost insatiable. But, keep in mind milk boy, no matter how bad you want to, you are not to play with your cock" . . . she thought for a second, "or your ass.". . . "If you do, you will be kicked out on the streets and be left to your own devices. And seeing as how this is the ONLY place you can get your new fix. . . well, who know what you'll do?
You will also be watched by the cameras in the corners to make sure you don't break the rules . . . sl**p well."

I tried to move, but was feeling dizzy and weak. I stumbled over to the bed, just as my legs gave out and I fell on the mattress. Lisa shut the door. I heard the lock click and then a grating sound. When I looked over at the bottom of the door, I saw that it had a sliding window just large enough to pass a tray of food in and out. Lying on the bed I now noticed the small surveillance cameras, mounted on the ceilings, in the corners of the room. How the hell had I missed that?
I wondered.

Through the small window in the door I heard Lisa. " I will bring you more tea in an hour, by then you'll need it and want it again. Your dizziness will ware off in a while. So, just watch the TV and don't fight the tea. Let it fill you with lust, let the lust consume you. You will know pleasures you didn't know even existed. . . .And if your good . . . maybe you will get you first release tonight."

Slowly and in a haze, I put my head back on the pillow and stared at the blurred images, on the TV, of what appeared to be a man, being fisted by a woman. (God I hope that wasn't what was in store for me tonight). As I fell asl**p I could feel my dick hardening and my balls tighten, swell and ache.

I woke up to the feeling of my cock being slowly stroked. I opened my eyes to find my self naked, with my hands tied to the narrow sides of the twin bed. As I blinked over and over, slowly, the world came in to focus. I saw that Lisa was on the bed playing with my rock hard dick. I tried to jump up. . . but it's no real use when your hands are tied.

"What the fuck? Let me go!" I yelled. "You locked me in a basement room AND you tied me to a bed? Your fucking crazy!"

"Oh hush." she said coyly. You were only tied because after your fifth cup of tea you couldn't stop playing with yourself in your sl**p"

"And what the hell you you doing to me then? Fifth cup? I only remember drinking the one cup."

"I'm sure YOU do only remember one". She laughed. Plus, I'm not going to make you blow your load like you would. I'm just keeping you . . . ready. Now go use the toilet and in a few minutes I'll be back to help clean us both up in your bathroom."

"Both of us?" I asked, with my cock twitching. "

"Yes, I went out for a run the last hour you were asl**p and you need a shave."

She got up to untie my arm closest to her and I noticed that she had the same white T-shirt on with no bra underneath. But, she had changed in to a pair of incredibly small red cotton gym shorts that barely covered her well rounded ass. From my vantage point of lying on the bed, I could see the cotton around her crotch had ridden up between her pussy mounds and was colored a darker red from her sweat. When she turned to leave I saw the mirror image on her other side. The fabric had ridden up in to the voluptuous flesh that made up her picture perfect ass.

Well, I could at least stick around for the shower I thought. As I untied my other hand. And another cup of that tea wouldn't be bad either. . . . . What the fuck was happening to me?

Once my erection finally subsided, I used the bathroom and was heading to the dresser to put on some clothes when I noticed Lisa sitting on my bed. She was sill in her red cotton gym shorts, T-shirt and white socks, only now she was holding a cup of tea and at her feet was a bucket of water, shaving cream and strait razor.

I went to cover my genitals with my hands and she laughed.

"Oh honey, don't you think were passed that now? "Tea?" She asked with a smile.

I tried to say no but my mouth started watering on the spot. She could tell I wanted the tea and she chuckled.

"But first, a shave!" She said cheerfully.

"Uhh with a strait razor? I asked.

"Well if you don't move you won't get cut. And if you don't get shaved you don't get your tea."

I sighed out loud.

"Good boy." She set the tea beside the bed and patted the mattress. "Now place you place your ass on the edge of the bed, open your knees and lean back on you elbows."

I did as asked. She got on her knees before me, pulling a large sponge out of the bucket and squeezed warm water over my cock. I could feel it growing larger and aching as the water ran down my balls and dripped off my ass. I heard the spray of shaving cream and felt her slather my dick in it. She grabbed by cock, pulling it down towards her and started to shave my pelvic area, up to my stomach. Her warm hands around me felt almost mind blowing, as if my senses had been heightened. She looked up at me and smiled as I let out a soft wimpier. Then, dipping the razor back the bucket she wielded it with precision.

I spread my knees even further apart for her as she started to shave the sides my cock at the base. Next, she asked me to hold my member strait up with one hand while she shaved my balls. Pulling against me, she stretched out the skin of my scrotum, sliding the razor ever so gently and slowly. I heard her giggle every time I tensed up and held my breath, fearful of being cut. Finally, she had gotten as far under me as she could.

She motioned for me to move further back on the bed. After I slid down, she grabbed my legs, raised them and pressed my knees in to my chest. "Hold them there and use you hands to spread you ass apart." She commanded. And as I seem to keep doing. I obeyed. It was difficult to breathe in that position, but I pulled my ass as fat apart as I could for her.

"Mmm ,what a lovely pink treasure you have Milk Boy, very nice."

I couldn't help but smile and feel pleased with myself. What the hell is happening to me?

I felt more water running down my ass, more cream and then, the sharp but smooth scratch of the razor moving from the end of my rim to each cheek. Finally, she gave everything she had shaved one more splash of water and helped me up off the bed. I turned to see that the mattress was completely soaked. Honestly, I didn't really care. I just wanted my cup of tea.

Lisa handed me the cup, and then to my surprise, sat down in the wet spot of the bed. "Tonight's customer will be here in a few minutes, so drink your tea." I gulped it down quickly. Immediately I felt the effects. My testicles felt like they would explode my cock twitched repeatedly and my appetite for sex was . . . a****listic.

Lisa smiled at me. "Look at you Milk Boy. Don't worry, if your good, you''ll get your release upstairs tonight." As she laughed, I watched her breast move up and down and her dark erect nipples slide against her T-shirt. It was too much. I had to have them in my mouth. I pushed her back on the bed. She let out a startled squeak. Then, running my hands under her shirt I slid it up to her chest. Before she could protest, I had her right nipple in my mouth. It tasted salty and sweaty. I kissed her breast and tugged her nipple in my mouth for a few minutes while groping her other breast with my left hand. Then, I switched, giving the other nipple my attention. It was just as salty as it's s****r, and just as sweet.

"Oh honey, suck on those tits!" She cried. Only this time I didn't listen. I stood her up, quickly turned her around and pushed her down over the bed. Her chest and stomach were now on the wet spot as her ass and legs hung over the side of the bed.

"Mmmm, well look who thinks he's in charge."

Ignoring her I grabbed her cotton gym shorts, pulling them over her plump ass and down to her knees in one motion.
I then spread her cheeks wide apart, took a second to view my prize, and ran my nose and tongue up and down the crack of her ass.

"Oh Fuck!" she cried out.

Pressing deeper in to her ass, I lapped at it like a dog in heat. Her scent was pungent, earthy and sweaty from the run she took earlier. Her scent was . . . pure heaven. Like a man possessed, I ran my face and mouth all over her ass, up and down, side to side, from my chin to my forehead, I was covered in my own saliva. I pushed her in to the bed applying more pressure on her sexy pink starfish. I could hear the bed bumping up against the wall every time I licked her ass deeper and with more f***e. I looked up and saw Lisa still had her T-shirt pulled up to her neck, her face and stomach were flat against the bed and her arms were holding on to the mattress, just inches from where I was devouring her ass.

"Oh shit, make me cum, make me cum! She pleaded.

It was all I needed.

Facing the palm of one hand down towards the floor,I plunged two fingers in to her soaking wet pussy. Then, squeezing my face back in to her slippery ass, I covered her small pink asshole with all of my mouth and began sucking furiously on it. As she pushed her ass back in to me, I curled my tongue up and slid it in to swollen puckered hole.

Lisa then slid her hand under her pelvis and stated to quickly roll her clit in circles. "That's it Milk Boy lick that ass clean. Go as deep as you can." As she played with her pussy I removed my two fingers from her sex, licked my palms clean and then, I spat on her asshole and slid my index finger in as far as it would go. "Mmmmm" she cooed, rocking back and forth against my hand, as she circled her clit faster and faster. I watched her breathing gradually get heavier. Finally, as her thighs began to shake and I heard her muffled cries through her clenched mouth. Pulling my finger out of her wet ass,
I plunged my face and tongue as deep in as I could. I felt her orgasm roll trough all the muscles in her body. Them as her ass contracted, my tongue was pushed out of it's new home. I sat down on the floor, amazed that I hadn't even touched my cock the whole time, and licked her pungent juices off of my fingers.

Lisa turned over, sitting up, smiled and said "Milk Boy you might go far in this shop. Now lets go to the shower and get cleaned up. The client should be here any minute now."

After the shower, Lisa changed in to another black skirt and black top that she must have had stashed in my room. I was told to remain naked. Before we walked up stairs, Lisa turned to me and explained that the clients might already be upstairs as a few of them, due to their importance and money, have been giving a key to the shop. "Tonights guests are to be Mrs. Lee, she's a wealthy Korean widow and her niece, Miko, who is having her first tea tasting ever."

I followed her up the stairs, through the hallway, in to the back room with the couch and TV and pass the beaded curtains.
I could see that there were indeed two women sitting in at the small table by the bar of the tea shop. The lights were dim and curtains covering the windows in the front of the shop had been drawn. On the table were two small Asian style tea cups and a cloth, with what looked like a green phallic shaped item on it. It had a gold cap and looked to be made out of jade. Lisa motioned for me to stand on a blanket that had been laid out in front of the table.

I looked at the two women in front of me. Mrs. Long only looked to be in her sixties. If she was a widow, I guessed that she must have married some rich old asian business man and inherited all of his money when he died. Mrs Long didn't appear shocked at my nakedness at all. In fact, she seemed to view me with indifference and boredom. Her hair was pulled up in a tight bun. She was wearing a red silk robe and it looked like, nothing else underneath of it .However, when I looked over at Miko in her robe of white silk, she blushed slightly and I could see her looking at my exposed member that was already growing and aching at the thought of what might happen next.

Miko was beautiful, she was very petite, maybe about 5'2 or 5'3. She had, golden, almost glowing skin and long strait, black hair that fell to her ribs. I heard the tea pot on the stove start to whistle as Lisa walked over and removed it. She got out a glass of ice from the fridge under the tea bar and mixed some of the boiling water with the ice. After the water melted the ice she asked Mrs. Long, "Madam, what tea would you like?"

"The Imperial green will be fine Lisa".

"Yes Madam" she replied as she pulled a canister of tea from the shelf. Mrs. Long motioned to Miko to take the large jade vile over to Lisa. I watched as Lisa unscrewed the gold top of the phallic container and added a spoon full of green powder to it. Then she poured in the warm water from the glass. As she screwed the lid back on the jade phallus I noticed the gold top had a large ring shaped handle on it. Lisa asked me to face the bar and present my ass to the clients. I was a little nervous, but I did as asked.

Miko came up behind me and with shaking hands and applied a large amount of lubricant to my ass. Then, slowly she pushed the large green jade container in to my ass. At first it met with some resistance, but as the heat from the tea mixture warmed me up, my anus relaxed and she pushed it deep in. Lisa came behind me and asked Miko to hold the vessel in place as she wove strands of silken rope through the gold ring in the back and around my waist. Then, she wrapped more strands from the ring, going under my legs and over my hips, so that the silk rope was on either sides of my testicles and wrapped them back around to the ring again taking care to tie the silk rope in knots were necessary. She gave gold handle a few strong pulls, sending waves of pleasure through me and causing my cock to leak a few drops.
Then, satisfied that the jade tea plug wasn't going anywhere she presented me to Mrs. Long for inspection. Mrs Long gave the ropes a few tugs and sat back down.

When I looked over to the blanket Miko was nervously standing in the center of it. Mrs Long said something in Korean and then Miko untied her silk robe and let it fall the the floor. Unsure what to do I stood there for a few seconds staring at her small, almost flat breasts and thick, dark, hairy bush, until Lisa came up to me with a cup of my new tea d**g and whispered in my ear. "Go fuck her Milk Boy." I quickly emptied the cup and walked over to the blanket, my cock already twitching and spasming from another cup of tea and from not having cum at all.

Standing in front of Miko I put my arms on her shoulders and pulling her face close to mine, I pressed my lips against hers.
Closing my eyes I probed her soft mouth with my tongue. Her hair smelled of apricots and plumb, I thought. I moved my hands from her shoulders to her small breasts. Her tits cute and tiny, but they had incredibly long and thick, dark brown nipples on them. I softly rolled the between my fingers, giving each a little squeeze and pull."Mmmm" Miko moaned into my mouth. She ran her hand down my chest, past my stomach, right to my swollen, aching balls and gave them a slight squeeze, Then. slowly she started to massage them. I stopped caressing her nipples immediately and stood lost in the pleasure she was giving my balls. Opening my eyes again after a few seconds, I decided to sit on the blanket. Reaching up, I took her hand and guided her down to the blanket with me.

I laid down as she stood on her knees over my body facing me. I slid down on my back until my face was under her pussy.
Looking up I could see a milky white liquid between her lips, sticking to some of the hairs of her dark, lush pussy. She was positively dripping juices. I brought my arms around her legs and pulled her down to my face.

Miko's hot, thick wetness enveloped my senses. It was my world. It was, at that moment all I knew. I started at the bottom of her pussy and licked all the way up to the top, stopping to suck on her swollen clit, before repeating again. She ran her hands through my hair and let out small stifled cries as I flicked her clitoris quickly with my tongue. Then, suddenly I felt her hand on my forehead pushing me away from her pussy. She stood up. I went in to a sudden panic! Had I done some thing wrong? Would I be punished?
But then, Miko turned around so she was facing my cock and slammed her dripping pussy back down on my face.

I went back to eating her with a vengeance. She slid her pussy back and forth on me, fucking my face. In this new position, when she slid her pussy to my chin, her light brown asshole was presented to me. Waisting no time, I gave it a quick and deep lick. This set her off in to a frenzy. As she started bouncing her ass off my face I felt her hand wrap around my cock and then . . . hot wetness, as she wrapped her mouth around my cock.

I let out a cry "Oh God!" As I gasped for breath. My cock had never felt so many sensations before, the tea had heightened the pleasure to levels previous unknown to me. It felt like I could feel the bl**d rushing through every vein in my hard dick, every nerve was on fire, begging to swallowed up by her small, hot mouth. I pulled her pussy back down on me and began sucking as I fucked Miko's mouth with my cock.

Unable to resist her wet, glistening sex any longer I pushed her legs off of me and laid her on her back. Parting her legs,
I got ready to fuck her missionary style. Lining my cock up with Miko's pussy, I thrust in. She let out a gasp while I pushed in as far as I could go. Pulling her legs over my arms I began to pump my cock in and out of her. But, when I looked over at the table what I saw shocked me. Mrs. Long's red silk robe was open and she was playing with her nipples. Her ass was hanging of the chair slightly and in between her legs I saw Lisa, eating out her hairy cunt. The sight was so painfully erotic, so lustfully beautiful, that I started to fuck Miko even more f***efully. I made eye contact with Mrs. Long as I slammed into Miko's hairy pussy over and over. I watched as Lisa's head was bobbing up and down faster now as Mrs. Long was grinding her pussy up against her face. Just then, I heard Mikko whimpering her hands were grasping at the blanket clutching at the material with her fists. She arched her stomach up and pushed herself off my cock and then she shuttered uncontrollably. I watched as her head swayed from side to side and her eyes rolled back in to her head. She moaned loudly in her contractions. Then her whole body began twitching as her pussy leaked a clear liquid all over the floor. When she was done, she just lay there, completely spent and breathing deeply.

Lisa and Mrs. Long got up from the table and walked over to me. I saw that Lisa was now wearing a leather harness that wrapped around her waist and legs. with a golden circlet in the middle of it. Mrs. Long laid beside Miko with her head near me. She motioned for me to move over to her. I placed my knees on both sides of her head so that she was under my pulsing cock. I watched as Mrs. Long began to finger her mature, hairy pussy, that Lisa had already gotten soaking wet for her. Next, I felt Lisa come behind me and gently push me forward so that I was now on all fours, my face just inches from Mrs. Long's swollen and reddened pussy. Lisa had somehow untied the silk knots around my body and un-wove them from the golden ring sticking out of my ass. Then, she grabbed the ring, pressed herself up against me, gave the ring a twist. I heard a click as she locked the phallus to her new harness.

Grabbing my hips, she began to fuck me with the jade strapon. First slowly, then with ever increasing speed, sending amazing ripples of pleasure from my fuck tunnel all through out my body. The sensation was so exquisite and consuming I could barely move. I stayed planted on all fours watching Mrs. Long finger fuck her cunt as Lisa gave my ass the pounding of it's life. Mrs. Long reached up to me with her other hand and started massaging my cock while she began cum with an orgasm of her own. It was too much to bare. I braced myself on all fours, and watched Mrs. Long remove her fingers from her drenched pussy and just as Lisa gave the jade strapon one more shove, I came.

The intensity of my orgasm was overwhelming. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. As if the world was in black in white and at that moment, while cumming, I saw color for the first time. With my ass still in the air, my hands gave out and I fell on my elbows, my neck swung down and my face landed in Mrs. Longs lap. I felt Lisa remove the strapon from my ass. Still more spasms ran through my body. I began to suck up all of Mrs. Long's pussy juices. One contraction after another and then another and another. . . .

After about thirty seconds of shooting my cum all over Mrs. Long's chest and stomach. Lisa came up beside me, put my arm around her neck and helped me up. I was in a euphoric delirium, the room was spinning around me and I was d***k with sexual gratification and pleasure. Lisa sat me in the chair that had been Mrs. Long's and placed Miko's white silk robe over me.

What happen next is a bit of a blur, It looked like Lisa took the gold cap off of the jade vessel and poured the tea concoction into the two tea cups. She then walked over to Mrs Long, who was still lying on the floor and with a spoon removed some of my sea of cum off of her. She stirred it in the cup and set it on the table. I closed my eyes briefly and then when I opened them again, Miko had finally gotten up and was standing, naked, by the table beside Mrs. Long who had her red robe on, but not closed. I could see all of my cum running off of her stomach, some of it getting stuck in her pussy hair and the rest running down her leg.

They both drank the tea Lisa had prepared for them. I couldn't hear them but, from the look on Mrs. Long's face. I think they enjoyed it. Again, I close my eyes. When I opened them next, Mrs. Long and Miko had gone and the room had been cleaned up. Lisa put my arm around her neck and helped me up once more. Miko's robe fell of of me, leaving me naked and exposed again. Slowly, we walked to the back room, through the hallway and down the stairs to the basement level. As we approached the bed I saw that it was now dry and the sheets had been changed to a cool, slick, red satin. Pulling back the covers Lisa helped me in. I laid down, put my my head on the pillow and was still swimming with post orgasm ecstasy. She pulled the covers over me.

"You did good milk boy" she said smiling. Then leaning over, she pressed her lips to mine and kissed me deeply.

I could taste Mrs. Long's pussy on her.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"For a job well done."

"Oh. . . thanks."

"Good night Milk Boy." She said as she walked to the door.



"What time is tea, tomorrow morning?"

She chuckled. "8:00 AM."

"Ok". And with that I drifted off and dreamt of Mrs. Long, Miko, tea and of course I dreamt of Lisa.

(I hope you enjoyed the story - If you did, please let me know.) - Thanks.
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i want the tea
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I loved this story, made me rock hard. I want to work a place like that.