The Tea Shop (Strapon themed)

My first attempt at writing a story.

I had answered an ad on-line for a local tea shop that was hiring. "Upscale Tea Shop Needs Milk Server - discretion is a must" read the add. Why would a tea shop need discretion? - I thought... I had not really intended to work at the tea shop. I just went in to apply for the job so, I could keep receiving my unemployment that I had been getting for the last 4 months.

Really, I was lucky to get unemployment at all since I had been fired after being caught in my office masturbating. Luckily, I had some dirt on my boss so she still let me claim unemployment, but that's a story for another time.

Anyway, I took a 30 minute bus ride to the tea shop, which was in a part of town I wasn't too familiar with. Truthfully, it was in a shit-hole part of town and I was doubting the term "Up Scale". But what the hell, I thought. I've already come this far and I had nothing going on anyway. I spotted a inconspicuous door with a small sign taped to the it that said "Upscale Exotic Teas . .Closed". Upscale my ass! I thought as I looked at the cheap sign. . .
If I only knew how true that thought would be.

I entered the shop. The bell over the door rang as I came in. The store was dimly lit and mostly consisted of a large bar like counter with rows and rows of canisters of dried tea. Off to the side there was a small cafe table that could sit two people and in the back of the room was a door way covered with hanging beads.

"Hello?" I called out.

I got no reply. But I thought I could faintly detect a low moaning of a man and woman, coming from the back room.

"Hello"? I asked again . . . .

The sound got lower.

I heard the beads clank as a woman walked out. I looked pass the her and tried to see through the beads in to the room behind and figure out what made those sounds. There were flickering lights, presumably from a TV, casting shadows on the walls of the back room and the audio from the TV sounded like pornography.

That's odd. I thought.

The woman who approached me looked around forty-five or fifty. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a simple pony tail. I couldn't help looking at her pale, milky breasts which were shown off nicely in the low cut black top she was wearing. They looked to be about a C cup and while still perky they had just the right amount of sag to prove that they were real and from a slightly mature woman . . .one of my many carnal desires. Her smooth pale legs were equally shown off in her tight knee level black skirt and on her feet she wore a pair of simple black flats.

"Can't you read the sign that says we're closed? She asked, drying her hands off with a paper towel she had carried with her. And seeming annoyed that I had caused her to stop her work back room.

" Oh. I'm sorry. . . Mam, Uh . . .I'm here about the Milk Server position." I stammered out.

She walked in circles around me, scanning me up and down .

"How old are you"? She asked.

"Umm. . . 33" I replied.

"I don't think, you're what we're looking for. And we're closed. And I'm currently in the middle of something important. Please leave now." She then turned around and headed in to the flicking room of possible porn in the back.

I stood in the shop for about a minute, thinking about what the hell just happened.
"Please, I really need to at least apply for the job, for my unemployment" I called out. But it was no use, she was already in the back room.

I stood there for another two or three minutes, thinking about what I should do. All the while the sounds coming from the back room grew louder.
"Fuck this!" I thought, "I'm applying for this job, I don't won't to lose my unemployment," — and with that I headed to the back of the store.

I walked up to the beaded curtain slowly, and puled some of the strands back to peek in. What I saw instantly make my cock stiffen in my pants.

The beaded doorway my head was in was in the middle of a room long room. To the left was a large TV playing footage of a woman with a large strapon dildo fucking a man who was on all fours. She had her hands on his hips and was f***efully pulling him in to the large phallus as she shoved it deep in his oiled ass. "Fuck yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me good" He was crying out.

As is that wasn't hot enough, to the right of the door was owner of the tea shop. She was sitting on a couch with her legs planted on the floor but spread out a bit wider then her shoulders. She had pulled her skirt all the way up, and didn't seem to be wearing any panties. Her eyes were closed as she was sucking on her bottom lip.
I watched as two fingers on her right hand slid up and down over her shaved pussy trapping her swollen pink clit between them. She gently pushed down a bit pushing on the small treasure between her fingers. Next , she started to make circles with the palm of her right hand over her clitoris, moving her pale pussy in a small up and down motion. Then, with her left hand she started to finger fuck her smooth sex. At first slowly, then building up speed until she was giving herself a rapid fire fucking.

I glanced back over to the TV and saw the scene had changed, now the woman in the video was laying on her back with what looked like a larger strapon about the width of my wrist! The man on the video was on top of her, facing away in reverse cowgirl. Or in this case cowboy, position. Somehow he was taking all of the huge rubber dick in, grunting loudly as she pulled his hips down to her harder and harder.

Let me say that I have many things that get me off, two of which are strapon sex and women masturbating. Now, if you put the two of those together, you have an unbeatable combination. By now my cock was really putting a strain on my pants. So, with the hand that wasn't holding the beads, I slowly unzipped my pants and eased my cock out and started jacking it quietly.

I heard the tea lady start to moan and when I looked back over she was rocking her hips up and down. She was now holding her right wrist in her left hand and using both hands to thrust two fingers deep in her slick, wet pussy. It was so fucking hot that afterwards I started to stroke my dick even harder. As I watched her squirm on the couch she let out a loud, deep moan as her body was rocked with the convolutions of her orgasm. I was so close to cumming myself … but then, some of the strands of beads slipped out of my hand. . . .

Her eyes flew open instantly. She looked over and she yelled "What the fuck are you doing pervert"!? . .

And yet she didn't bother to pull her skirt down or close her legs, leaving her open, shinny pussy in clear view of me.

I let all of the beads go and started to zip up my pants.

"Umm. . I'm so, so sorry mam". I exclaimed. I. . Uh. . I " And with that I turned my back and headed for the door.

"I have security cameras installed in the here. If you leave I'll call the fucking cops asshole". She said.

That stopped me dead in my tracks.

"So you little pervert you like spying on people huh? Were you jacking off to me or the movie?" she asked.

By now she had gotten off the couch and fixed her skirt back to normal. I turned around, not meeting her gaze, and said: "Umm . . Both. . I guess."

"That's what I thought." She walked to the large bar area in the shop and I followed.

"I could have you arrested, you know?"
"Yes, I know" I sighed.

A smirk grew across her face. "But . . . I think. . Maybe, you might just be right for the job. Would you still like to apply?"

Sure, wheres the application? I asked.

"Oh honey, that's not quite how it's done here. Take off your cloths and come behind the bar with me."

I started to protest until she reminded me I was on the tape of the security cameras already. So, I took off all my clothes, threw them in front of the bar and followed her naked,behind the counter. It was like any bar anywhere, except instead of bottles of spirits there were tea canisters a small stove with a tea pot on it and one old looking bar stool.

She poured some water in to the kettle set the temperature to low and turned on the stove.

"Put your feet there." She pointed a foot outline that had been painted on the floor.
They were in center of the large area behind the bar and in front of two pipes with small rings going through them. They came up out of the floor about three feet in height leaving about six feet between me and the bar and me and the wall. I did as I was told. From a shelf underneath the bar top she removed for round braces two large and two small. She then clamped the small ones around my ankles and hooked them to the rings in the pipe and the followed with the large ones around my thighs.

"Okay very funny. Let me go now please. I said I was sorry."

She paid no attention to me.

"This is a very exclusive tea shop, for very exclusive and secretive clients. They pay well for the tea service we provide".

"Uhh huh" is all I said, while checking the restraints on my legs. It was no use, I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon.

"So you just want me to pour milk in to tea cups. I can do that. . . I can even do that naked if that's what the whole schtick of this shop is."

"Well, it's not quite that simple" she answered. Then, from under the bar she grabbed a pump bottle and unrolled a velvet pouch. Out of it she pulled a long, smooth, silver phallic object. It was about twelve inches long and about the thickness of a flash light with a flare in shape at one end. She laid the object and the bottle on the bar.

"Lets see if you can indeed serve milk in my tea. I always enjoy a good cup after a nice orgasm. . . even one cut short by an intruder. If you get the job you may call me Ms. Lisa. If you fail. . Well I call the cops. . . . So lets see what you got baby."

She pumped out a large dose of what I could now see was lubricant in to her hand and walked behind me. Instantly I tensed up when the slick cold liquid touched my ass, but she kept rubbing my hole with the tips of her fingers and everything quickly warmed up. I felt like I should protest, but she would have know it was a lie. I was already breathing heavy and my cock was now at full attention.

"My, my. Somebody is eager". she chuckled

She got down on her knees behind me and started to slowly work one finger in to my ass. It was hard to keep my balance because of the restraints. I stretched out my hands carefully and pulled the old bar stool in front of me. Resting my weight on it I was able to stick my ass out just a little bit.

I could feel her first finger pushing deeper as my anus clenched reluctantly around it. She slid her finger in and out multiple times. My ass grew even tenser as her second finger started in enter with the first. Back and for she went, in and out. I tried to keep my breathing low, but it was now use. It just felt to good. "Oh Fuck!" I blurted out.

"Well, I guess it's time for phase two" she said.

To my disappointment, she pulled both fingers out of my ass, which now felt empty and alone without this mature goddess' probing touch. She walked over to the bar grabbed the silver toy and coated it in a liberal amount of lubricant. This time, she moved the bar stool and got on her knees in front of me. She reached around to my ass started to slide the silver toy in. But, my ass still wasn't quite ready for something of that size.

"I know how to fix that." she said

Before I could reply she took my cock with her free hand and engulfed by dick to the base. At fist I was in shock but as she started to pull her head away and come back down, I could feel the heat of her mouth all around my tense cock. She pulled my dick out again and as I relaxed the silver toy slide in to me.

"That's all you get". She laughed. Enjoying the look of shock on my face.
She placed the stool back in front of me and went to my backside to give it more attention. At first the size of the silver toy way too much but after a few good twists and pushes from. Ms. Lisa I was back in heaven.

"I'm going to push this all the way in" she said. " For your sake, I hope you can take it."

Slowly I felt the toy go deeper and deeper sending inexplicably intense sensations throughout my entire body. Finally as the flare approached my rim, I could feel my ass stretch wider and wider.

"Oooo that's it baby, take in all in like a good milk boy. Who's my good milk boy?"

"I am"! I replied without hesitation. I would have said anything she asked to keep this feeling going.

"Good milk boy indeed" I heard her say.
And then, with a final push of the toy the flared part passed my loosened rim and the toy was there to stay. The sensation of being filled that deeply was driving me insane with pleasure.

Ms. Lisa walked around the front of me removed her top and her dress, sat on the edge bar stool and spread her legs apart. I gazed with a rabid sense of hunger at her smooth pussy, which was slick and wet looking from all the days activities. As she pulled her lips a part for me I could see her gorgeous pinkness and exposed swollen clit throbbing.

"Well, what are you waiting for milk boy?"

That was all I need. I placed my hands on the wooden legs of the bar stool and lapped at her hot, wet pussy like a staving man. I gently I sucked on her clit, working my way down the crevice of her pussy. She grabbed my head and pushed it down deep into her pussy. I reveled in the sweet musky scent of her.

Faster! Faster milk boy! Eat my cunt! Make me cum milk boy"!

I licked her pussy up and down burring my face and nose as deep as I could go. My cheeks were slick with her juices as I drank up all I could of her. As she pressed my face deeper in to her, I could feel her tense up until finally, she moaned out loud as her body convulsed and twitched in waves,her orgasm over taking her, covering my face with even more delicious wetness.

"Not bad milk boy" she sighed.

By now the kettle she had put on the stove was boiling. She walked over and placed some tea into a cup, then she poured some hot water over top.

"I don''t want this to steep too long so you had better hurry up" she said.

She placed the tea cup in front of me on the floor and then I watched her perfectly shaped breasts and glistening pussy move behind me.

With a tug she loosened the toy from my ass. I moaned as she started to work the large toy back and forth in my hole. Sliding it until it was almost all the way out and then pumping it quickly back in. It was now sliding in and out with ease and the sounds it made was hypnotic. As she began a rhythm that got faster and faster and pushed a bit deeper each time. . . if that was even possible? I started to let out a low a****listic groan. I looked down to my waist and could see that a rope of precum had started to fall from the tip of my dick.

Now, I've fucked my ass alone before, but I had never seen this much precum. It started from the tip of my head and went all the way down the shaft of my cock and was dripping off my balls in to the tea cup. I started to reach for my cock to jack off but Ms. Lisa slapped my arm.
and said "

"Milk boy, stroking your own cock is not allowed. Milk boys must cum hands free. Put you hands behind your back and stick out your ass as far as you can!"

Again, I did as I was told. I clasped my hands behind my back and arched my back what little I could then, I stuck my ass out as far as it would go.

She began fucking my ass with astonishing speed, and had switched from one hand to two.Moving my stomach, my bladder and god knows what else, but it felt so fucking great. In and out, in and out the toy went , until the sound of my ass fucking was just a blur of wet noise. Suddenly, I felt the pressure start to build deep inside me and with every second it grew more intense One by one the muscles in my body began tense up which was followed by me screaming out: "Oh god I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Then, she gave one final f***eful push deep in to me and I began to shoot a stream of cum all over the tea cup and the floor. The room became a blur, time seemed to stop and all I could hear were my cries and the feel of the metal pipes as I trembled over top of them. Then, as I bucked up and down, the restraints keeping me from going too far, the most intense orgasm of my life finally started to subside.

"Well . . well . . .It looks like you got the job milk boy."

She then bent down, picked up the tea cup and took a sip.

"How does it taste"? I asked.

She smiled.

"It tastes delicious .You can start on Monday."

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1 year ago
may I apply for a similar job?
1 year ago
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I've been thinking about writing part 3 one day soon.
1 year ago
Very intense!
2 years ago
Very well done!
2 years ago
Love it
2 years ago
simply could not stop reading it!
2 years ago
Love this story