The Ther****t part 3

I've gotten ahead of myself....For me being around two guys at that time was wonderful, especially those that were older more mature didn't mind getting naked and showing what girls like seeing soft or hard. With the exception of Dr. T. who was old, smelly and abusive, there were no guys like that. The only problem was that these two were all into one another and had no interest in me which left me frustrated so much so that i would go home and well you know. Dr. T. said I should. Don't get me wrong watching guys do that is kinda hot and Dr. T. wanted a blow by blow accounting of what happened the day before between them. Along with the usual questions that followed, such as who did what to whom, how big was it? Did he deep throat it etc. etc. I mean to Dr. T. having someone on the inside was a huge turn on. I would lay there on the couch in my hospital gown and recall every detail for him making sure not to leave anything out. He sat at his desk in his big easy chair, his pants around his ankles stroking his cock. He doesn't care if i watch him. The fact that they don't let me be a part of their party, and the fact that it is a point of frustration to me only excites DR. T. more. So much so that he will ask for my panties to cumm on. He will ask questions lots and lots of questions....Sometimes i even took Mrs. P.'s expensive silk panties for him to jack off on, then replaced them in her drawer without washing them..One afternoon when I got to the coaches house for practice the police tape was across the door, no one was there, no one to ask what happened. Dr.T never asked, never even brought it up again, not one word, he just moved on to some other perversion he had festering in his mind about how useless, other than servicing men women were. Oh and what a wonderful young man Bobby is...
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