The ther****t Part 2

It was late when my step parents got home from their conference with Dr. T. I could hear them talking as they came in. Mrs p's concerns that my issues were making her look bad in the community, and that I may be so damaged Dr. T might not be able to help me. They also found out or at least he must have told them things they didn't already know. They talked on and on for about an hour before going into their room, about what they should do to focus my energy and how to get me back on track with my school work. Mr p kept telling Mrs. P how horny he was an that he needed some special attention. Mrs. P agreed and they went of to bed. They were still sl**ping together at that time, so for about the next hour i listened to them making love or at least fucking which just made me horny also. At breakfast the next morning I was told what I was to do and what i wasn't supposed to do. Every once in a while Anna and I caught glances of one another. I was to start doing more home schooling with a tutor and maybe some sport like tennis or ballet or martial arts. Along with seeing Dr. T twice weekly who had agreed to take my case on against his better judgement, I guess that cost extra... My first tutor was a nun of a bitch an x principal or something...I still went to school part time which was hell, Most of my friends didn't speak to me as much as they did about me. Everyone was convinced that the guys that ****d me didn't **** me at all, and that the teacher that had gotten fired for having sex with me for about a year probably wasn't guilty either. None of the girls wanted anything to do with me but all the guys were like drooling all over themselves to get a date on the sly so their girl friends didn't find out...some even tried getting me to go in the bathroom or locker room to have some quick sex between classes, they all seemed to have an agenda at my expense. I don't know what all the fuss was about. I wasn't pretty, didn't have tits, weighed maybe 65 lbs 4 ft nothing, but guys were like all up on trying to get a feel or what ever till i got sick of it. Dr.T suggested on day that I see a friend of his a tennis coach that gave lessons at his house, Mr. and Mrs. P also thought it was i good idea so the afternoons i didn't go to Dr. T. I went like i said I was only 65 lbs and so most of the time I spent on the back board. Practice practice some times he would come over close and show me different things that was nice and sometime he would send another student to volley with for a few hours,,standing on the sidelines coaching or talking on the phone.. One afternoon Anna went to Dr T"S to pick me up which is on the other side of town and got caught in traffic coming back so she was several hours getting there..I waited by the front door for her but she didn't come. I could hear that the coach and his student had come inside and were getting drinks then went into the showers where they stayed for a long long time. When they came out the coach was wearing a towel but the student was naked, they had gone back to the bar to finish their drinks. I surprised them when i walked back in to ask for some water, I guess they thought I was already gone. The conversation was normal for the most part. The phone rang and it was Anna saying that she would be a while getting there. The coach seemed concerned that I might have some idea about what had gone on while they were in the shower, being me I just kinda didn't know what went on in the shower and laughed it off, which drew a stare from both of them. The coach asked me if I wanted anything stronger to drink and not being a drinker at the time said no but i could tell he was feeling it. He also asked if I knew anything about pool...ahh no, just when i saw it so he suggested that they play and I could watch in order to learn it.. About the second game coach had lost his towel to his student. There is something about naked guys shooting pool, especially the ones that are lean and toned and athletic. It didn't seem to bother them that I was the only one dressed in the room. There was no hesitation when he suggested that i try a few shots which i blew badly,, harder than i thought,, so as I leaned into the table he came around and held my clue stick thing and showed me how it's done. He then suggested that we shoot for a while and he went back to the bar to watch us..Maybe 30 minutes passed and a car horn honked signaling me that Anna had finally gotten there. I didn't tell Anna what had just happened and wasn't going to say anything to Dr. T. the next day, but he brought it up almost like he knew. Once I started telling him he was all over it asking me all kinds of questions..How did it make you feel? Did you masturbate when you got home? were you horny? How do you feel about gay guys?....WHAT?....AH...I DON'T ANY...Then he brought up the shower and i knew then that he and the coach had spoken.. The next day I was back at the coaches tennis lessons which were work work. I didn't know it but he had called Anna and told her we would be another 45 minutes or an hour late finishing up..he told me that we were to quit early because of the heat.. so we went inside to get some cold drinks. Sitting talking for a while it didn't take long before the conversation was about sex and vodka and more sex. The coach then suggested that I take off for a shower which sounded good to me, so I went feeling a bit loopy form the vodka. It felt nice washing the sweat off. But before I was done the k** that was there the day before walks in naked and gets in with me and starts soaping me up. Now he is like 4 or 5 years older, maybe almost 6 ft tall. So to see his face i have to look up with him being so close to me. His cock which the day before was limp most of the time, is now very erect and rubbing me in the back or chest. When I turn around its right there, and i'm having flashbacks of when Paul and I took baths together and it got really really weird. I didn't want to do anything sexual with him but i felt this need, or obligation or something to help him deal with the pain guys get when their cocks get hard like that, I know he wanted me to, and besides he wasn't in my school or anything and no one would ever know, and it was so beautiful, and nice to look at and what the I better not....yea just this when he didn't object to me touching it and he didn't object to stroking it...I knew he wouldn't object to the next step..The coach had come in and was sitting on the bench in front of the lockers watching us, which gave me hesitation. I felt myself being lifted and turned upside down the water was pouring as my legs were parted by his head and went over his shoulders. His cock was below me but was within reach, in fact slapped my forehead as he started sucking my clit and tonguing me making it difficult not to want to give him what he wanted. He lowered me a little as i took his cock into my mouth and lowered me some more as I got more into what was going on. The coach had removed his tennis shorts and was stroking himself as he watched us in the showers. It had been some time since I had been with a guy with a cock so disproportunate to my size so it was difficult it best. He was ok for a while but he began to lift me and lower me harder and harder slaming his cock deeper and deeper into the back of my mouth. I began to gag and wanted to throw up, which i did sever times. His cock driving deep into my throat opening. I had to push away from him when it got unbearable knowing he wasn't going to stop until the entire thing was buried to his balls which it was several times. Coach had come up and reached around him to stroke him from behind. I could see the coaches cock as it disappeared into the young mans ass without objection. He put me down and bent forward allowing the coach to slam fuck him from behind as I watched. I wanted to reach up and jack his cock for him but I was kinda freaked at this point and cowered away. His cock erupted onto the floor of the shower as the coaches cock erupted into his behind and dropped out limp a few minutes later. The next day at DR. T.'s office i told him everything that had happened and he asked all the usual questions with no suprise on his face at all. There was a time once when the guy I was with knew how to do this properly by picking me up and letting me ride his cock as he walked around reading literature to me, now this to me at the time was aw some having his cock buried deep in me where it belonged.
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