The Ther****t ..,part one

The outer office was brightly lit and well appointed. It was my first time so my step mom was with me. I was told we were going there to have some test done. My step mom put her purse on a chair and told me to watch it while she went to the desk to check in. I could see the lady behind the desk was not much older than i was. School had gotten out at 3:30 and she picked me up, i usually walked home or rode the bus but because of some trouble i had gotten into the school and court ordered me to go to a ther****t to be evaluated. I never thought i was anything but normal, yea i had a few issues but what girl my age doesn't. So there we sat waiting and waiting. Mom was getting pissed because she had taken off work to take me, 45 minutes passed and about the time she was about to get up the door opened. Bobby Taylor that S.O.B... he was one of the guys that ****d me, O.M.G. what was he doing here, there we were face to face I just melted into the seat.. I saw a smile cross his face my mom didn't see, she turned to me and took my hand dragging me up beside her as he went out the outer door. You would think that my step mom being a lawyer wouldn't miss a thing but she sure missed knowing who that was..Just then the receptionist stood up barely seeing over the counter and said 'He will see you now'....As we walked into the inner office a rather large older man was off to the side washing his hands and looking over his shoulder motioned for us to sit. Mom quickly moved into an easy chair while i found the couch.. I'm Dr. Taylor and you are he said. Mrs. Petterson and this is my foster c***d Dana...Ah yes he says I was sent a copy of the court papers and her school report, just been over them he says, putting his glasses on and picking up the folder. Well Mrs. Petterson he says. Your daughter has quite a history, i'm not exactly sure i will be able to help her. The court has ordered you to bring her here for evaluation that's it not to make her better or anything else. I may be able to put her on some meds to calm her down so she will be manageable that about it. Any therapy you will have to pay for not the school you understand this right? Of course it won't be cheap he says looking over at me..We will start the test tomorrow afternoon 3:30 have her here, and with that he got up and walked to open the door...Thats it? i said having not been listening, Yea mom says tomorrow Anna will pick you up from school and bring you here. Understand kinda pissed being embarrassed by me, f***ed by the school to do something she didn't want to do...the next day when we arrived I didn't see the doctor instead the receptionist took me to a room with a desk and a pile of papers.. Here she says putting them on the desk. Fill this out and bring them to me she says. Two and a half hours later i'm handing them in to her..ok good she says be here tomorrow, he will see you then and she shuts the glass. The next day the same thing only this time the test is in his office.. Dr. Taylor begins by pulling a chair up close to his and shows me ink blotches ask questions, lots of questions, personal questions, tells me to play with blocks on and on then more questions. Two hours later he says "Be here tomorrow same time"..O K well this isn't so bad....So i go back the next day this time he says "I think i'll hypnotise you is that alright? I don't remember anything after that except, "be here tomorrow same time... Wow easy no worries..Friday...I go in as usual the receptionist says "come this way please", and takes me to a room off to the side, "take your clothes off and put this on the doctor will see you soon" a paper hospital gown? no way, but i did it anyway..When i go into Dr. Taylors office this time the curtains are closed, i sit down he doesn't look up just a glance, then he begins. Dana?, You like cocks don't you? What? where did that come from.. kinda i said... more than kinda i would say, he said. In fact after all the test we have done I would say that you are very much into cocks..lots of dear are a slut..a horny whore just like your momma..OMG..yea its all here i know all about you and your momma. Not mrs petterson your real mom, the crack whore, do you want to be like her? Sucking off men for money? Yea its all here in your file..(I hadn't thought about my real mom in years)
and I know about your 4th grade teacher, that's in here too about how you two played house together...Is there anything that's not in here i need to know about? he said..I didn't tell him about Anna and Paul her son who by this time was off to school.. after all i don't know this guy and at thir teen i didn't know he couldn't tell anyone...This goes on for about an hour.. back and forth..he knew a lot and it embarrassed me. Questions and more questions about cocks, pussy, masturbation, my period, titties, girls at school, boys, boys things, on and on....then the big one..." when the boys from your school took you to their club house and ****d you, you went there willingly and you encouraged them to make you do things didn't you? You wanted them to abuse you didn't you? You wanted them to fuck you, make you suck their cocks didn't you? You like when a guy shoots his cum on you, on your milky white titties..If i hadn't been so freaked out by this point I probably would have noticed that he was jacking himself off.... "Your foster mom and dad are meeting with me tonight and at that time we will decide just what to do with you"..and at that point i couldn't get dressed and out of there quick enough...P.S. at this point i didn't know that one of the boys from school was his son and he knew more than what was in the file...What was in the file was a story the four of them made up to protect themselves....

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2 years ago
You don't need therary, only proper paragraphing to make your long stories better readable - Peter Pan
3 years ago
the best therapy is a long trip to a new place, so you can reinvent yourself however you want to be.
3 years ago
boy did you get set up for that