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Mrs. E's. Halloween bash

Mrs. E's. Halloween bash was as always amazing. You could tell those hat put a lot of thought into their costumes. All the guys especially Tommy T. your dresses were so beautiful, sorry that you got into the lesbian cross dressing thing with your other bitches, maybe we can get together sometime. Mr. and Mrs. E. the dom /sub thing suited both of you, your s****r was also hot dressed as a stallion. and the fact she didn't miss a single detail was a huge turn on. We had maybe 75 or 100 great turn out looking forward to next year. The bath water was warm as i slid down into the soapy water. It had been a long night and the alchol was a bit to much. As i relaxed there thinking about everything that had happened at the party i found myself enjoying my own caresses. Having not participated in any of the sexual activities I was horny having watched. As i lay there I heard the door to the house open and close, So i got a towel and stood up to protect myself in case one of the d***ks had wandered in looking for a place to sl**p or something more sinister. The knock on the door was followed by a may i come in. It was mrs. p's s****r she needed to p.. with out an answer she opened the door and walked in. My Eyes were fixated on her partially naked body her breast small and pert from the cold air outside. Her lower half covered in her party outfit snug fitting brown fur from the waist down. Her hoves clicked on the tile floor as she walked across the room. I watched not saying a word as she slid her outfit down and sat on the john. I could hear her pee as it hit the water. I stepped out and stood in front of the mirror drying myself. I felt her warmth as she stood behind me and wrapped her arms around me. Not having gotten an orgasm before being interrupted I had no objection when she removed my towel and slid her hand between my legs. She kissed the back of my neck and down my spine, her hand slid off my breast as she got down on her knees. her tongue pressed into my backside and i bent forward over the sink. never having had the pleasure of a tongue in my backside before was awesome..but not what i really wanted so i turned facing her and pushed back the flesh around my clit. Her mouth went to sucking and licking driving me insane. Her fingers went up inside of me and found the spot. The night had gotten me horny and her wanting to help me to orgasm was huge. I lifted her and had her sit on the john as i sat on her lap the fur from her outfit rubbed me between my legs. My hand slid down her front and under the waist band of her panties finding her smooth shaven and she opened her legs wide as my fingers penatrated her ussy. I rocked back and forth dry fucking her leg. her mouth latched on to my nipples causing an amazing pain. Lust and passion had taken both of us as we made our way to my bed. I pulled her costume off and pushed her on her back. with only her panties left i mounted her our leg intertwined as i pressed my pussy to hers and began to gyrate wildly against her. She orgasmed first and i felt her heat wetting the fabric between us. I slid down her, my mouth grazing as I wanted to make her cumm again my lips parted her and her clit stood like a small penis in my mouth. As my fingers entered her she arched her hips and i felt her hand as it wrapped around my wrist. she pulled my hair as my hand went up inside of her. Her passions went wild, screaming that she wanted to be fucked harder and harder. Finally with my arm deep inside of her she pulled it out lifting my head with my hair. My legs were still parted as she turned and climbed under me. She had the horse cock dildo in her hand and as she sucked out my pussy began fucking herself with it. I watched as the huge rubbery cock opened her up. xtc flooded out of me as i watched her f***e it deep into herself. The shaft was slick and wet as it went in and out. She whimpered and begged her voice muffled benieth me. I rubbed her clit and breast as i gyrated on her face. She let the huge cock go when she pulled me down into a 69 and we enjoyed each other for a while. I felt her as she got an orgasm then pushed me back into a sitting position on her face. I could hear a muffled BEAT ME, BEAT ME. and her legs went as wide as they could go. She pulled the 18 inch horse cock dildo out and put it into my hand. slick wet with her cumm i held it close to the balls and smacked it down onto her mound a few times. She arched up on to her toes her panties wet with her cum half covered her slit. I smacked the thing this time directly across her hole making her shutter. Unable to do it any harder i held it over my head with two hands and brought it down on her again and again making her erupt into xtc. I finally have a friend that I have something in common with, later that night i told her and she abliged me by letting me lay on my back my muffled screams of pleasure benieth her as she put a belt to my pantie covered privates....omg awesome pleasure...

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2 years ago
2 years ago
Wish I was there
2 years ago
Sounds like a sexy hot Halloween! ;-)P - Peter Pan