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Summers about over

Well summer is about over, i guess for the most part it was a good one. Saw a lot of stuff, did a lot of things, sex was great. I start back to school and hopefully this year will be better than last year. I have a part time job and a little bit of money to spend on myself. The place I live is great and the people I live with are cool with the way I am. Paul and I have been seeing more and more of each other, hopefully he will get a divorce someday so we can be together all of the time. I miss his cock and think of it all the time especially when I'm home alone or having sex. Working at a ther****t office is eye opening I always was told I had issues but having worked there O M G. Guys, really if you look like a truck driver in a dress.... take off the dress. and for the rest of you if you ask enough sooner or later you will find someone to say yes, its not worth going to jail over...masturbate that's what other guys do some of you entirely to much, but what ever. Well i'm looking forward to making new friends that don't know much about me. I signed up for gym class hoping that one of the younger girls will show some interest or some of the new teachers don't mind handing out good grades for extra credit assignments. Am English teacher I had years ago moved up to teach one of my classes and wasted no time having me come to his desk to correct my paper as I stood next to him i felt his hand touching the back of my leg. He ran it all the way up slowly looking at me for a reaction while acting as if he was teaching me something. His fingers pressed into my panties rubbing my clit I was horny anyway but this was going nowhere. I watched as his other hand nervously held his pencil. A bulge grew in his pants I was getting wet and I knew he was turned on also. He wrote his address on my paper and told me I should use it if i want to pass in his class. That pissed me off so i walked away back to my desk. I love to write and I think that I have good things to say sometimes. After work I decided to see where he lived so I found the address and pulled into his apartment complex. Things seemed quiet so after a few minutes watching I decided to see if he was at home, and he was. He came to the door all happy but seeing me he got all nervous. I could hear behind him laughter. He was only wearing shorts with no shirt. He said he had company and maybe i could come back another time thats when Sarah the girl from my gym class and Dr. t's office popped her head into view and invited me in. Shocked he stepped aside when Sarah took me by the hand and pulled me into the living room. I know from reading her records that Sarah is alot like me in how she grew up, after years of being dominated by others she is a sex addict in every way. It doesn't really matter as long as there is cumm involved. She has several b*****rs and a dad that at times makes her service them, not that she cares anymore. For me I have and had Paul and his mom, later a few teachers dr. t. guys from my school and numerous others to shape me. With books in hand I sat in a chair across from the couch where Sarah and my English teacher sat. I couldn't help but notice that under Sarah's skirt her panties were off and as my teacher pushed a drink across the coffee table he caught me looking and asked if I was interested in a closer look. My lips were dry and i guess he took that for a clue to lift her skirt to her waist so everything showed. Sarahs pussy is well trimmed almost shaved naked. Her blonde hairs hide nothing, her clit is high on her pussy mound which makes it protrude more and opens up if she spreads her legs, which he made her do. I first saw Sarah In the showers at gym class she has the most beautiful pussy, her breast are small like mine and she is skinny skinny like me. Her hip bones protrude as does all really skinny girls do. Our teachers hand began to rub her slit apart opening her wider as he watched my reaction. What he didn't know is that we know each other really well. One day after therapy i saw her go in so i waited outside for her to come out and we were friends from then on, that was last year and a whole summer has passed so we are really good friends now. We know everything there is to know about each other. I sipped the drink he gave me as i watched Sarah begin to hump against his hand. She pushed his finger into her and held it as he fingered her with her other hand she stroked his cock thru his shorts. She was getting hot and so was I. Sarah leaned into his lap and pulled his cock from the opening in the front, taking it into her mouth she started sucking like i had watched he do her b*****rs. He was fully erect and she took it to his balls her face vanished into the fabric of his shorts. When he took his finger out of her pussy she quickly replaced it with her own. He lifted his hips and slid his shorts down pulling his cock form her sucking mouth. Her hand quickly guided it back to where she wanted it. He watched me as I was growing uncomfortable, Opening her blouse and unsnapping her training bra unveiled her puffy undeveloped breast. Not that she wasn't old enough, she is, she like me just never developed much, being skinny does that you know. His fingers pinched them and pulled at them. When he told me to take my panties off, so he could see my pussy, I did with out hesitation the wet panties were uncomfortable anyway. As i leaned back into the chair I, with both hands pulled my lips apart for him to look. He picked up her panties and threw them to me and told me to rub myself with them. The cotton fabric felt different from the silk ones Mrs p. makes me wear. Sarah was soon to start watching and was fingering herself harder and harder as I rubbed myself with her panties. He pulled her mouth off of his cock and repositioned her so she was sitting on his lap facing me. I watched as his cock impaled her, driving deep into her belly, her pussy, She opened her lips as it went deep into her. By now she was on fire, I had seen her like this before and as before I began the first of many orgasms. He pinched her nipples as he pulled her back against his chest. his face vanished into her flowing hair as she rode up and down the lenth of his hard cock, When it slipped from her lips she just took it and guided it back in. Driving down harder each time. Sarahs panties were soaked with the liquid from between my legs and I had cum several times watching as he let her use his cock. She rode him harder and harder as it split her open. He motioned for me to get up and come over, so i stood on wobbly nervous legs is i stood in front of them. He motioned me down on my knees between his legs. I was close, very close to the action when he pulled my hair and my face came in contact with her belly. I felt her part her legs wider and her small hands pulling me toward her open womb. I began to finger myself as i watched her go into abandonment when i started licking his balls and cock not failing to suck her clit as she orgasmed forcing his cock out of her I took it into my mouth as his cum shot against the roof of my mouth and i swallowed hard as load after load went down my throat. Sarah quickly took his cock from me and put it back in. She bent over as she ground her pussy against his tool and we started kissing deeply only to have my face pushed back between her legs to lick her into another orgasm. His cock was going half soft but she held him there as I tongued her slit, for two more orgasms finally blowing his cock out limp and soft. I lapped up the fluid that came with it. He wanted more but it was getting late and I knew mr. and mrs P. would be holding supper for me. I didn't need the punishment after a perfect day.

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2 years ago
It's fall now, any new experiences?
2 years ago
Hope you get what you want - Peter Pan