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We sat in a circle all 12 of us, all girls, all damaged one way or another by people that had been a part of our past. Each and everyone had something to say about it. Thats why we were there, a tell all of our past sexual history. Most had been abused by their parents, boy friends, friends etc. etc. I sat and listened to each and every detail. Dr. t. sat in the circle with us along with another dr. I could see the uneasyness that was on some of their faces remembering what had happened until one girl that had grown up some what like I had she had no problem at all and I could tell she was quite ok with guys and cocks. She told of an older step b*****r that every day would come to her room and let her suck his cock while he fingered her pussy then one day he took her a magazine about how boys and girls have sex this excited her so much that she got her first orgasm. From then on she was addicted to sex, even when he wasn't there she would masturbate any way she could and when he was there she did anything and everything he desired until they were caught and ended up here. While she told her story a few of the other girls became uneasy and moved around in their chairs thinking about their own experiences fucking and sucking cock for the first time. And like me most of them had started really young. I went last and began telling about my teacher. I skipped over telling about Paul and his mom who was my nanny because Dr. t didn't know about that and I don't want to start all over. If he knew that I had really had sex 5 years earlier on a daily basis it would change alot so I stuck to telling about my teacher and how he tutored me thru the summer and how I had walked in on him and his girlfriend, how I had watched as he put his cock in her and how she enjoyed it, and how when he was about to cum she pulled him out and looked deeply in my eyes watching my reaction when his hips thrust his cum into her open mouth and she loved it. I told of how we would swim in the pool together and afterward go inside to lay naked together on the bed or couch and i would have to hold and stroke his cock for him while he read to me. Sometimes I would sit on his hips putting it between the flesh folds between my legs and slide back and forth, the head would pop out and i stroked it till his cumm shot out over his chest and belly. Just like i had done thousands of times with Paul growing up only anna was not here to clean it up but I knew from watching her and my mom what I was expected to do. I told all of this and they all listened squirming in their chairs. I watched as the bulge between the new dr's pants grew larger, several girls had slipped their hands into their gowns as the room filled with pussy smell. I went on to tell about how eventually i would hug my teachers neck as he stood reading and how I wrapped my legs behind him, both of us were naked as we always were. I reached between my legs making sure i was wet and open then guided his hard cock to the place Paul had opened years before and had spent hundreds of hours driving himself to orgasm, flooding my pussy with his hot youth full sperm. How I loved the feeling as he pumped in and out of me. I told of how my teacher wanted more and more till it was everyday all day. I loved letting him take Pauls place now that he had gone off to school. I would let him do what ever he liked even stroked his cock with his girlfriends silky panties until he shot his cumm all over them. I sometimes would lay on the couch, his soft cock inches from my face hoping that it would get hard one more time before i had to go home. His girl friend would get home about 300 or 400 and I would meet her at the door with a big hug my face pressed into her belly my leg rubbing her nylon legs. She would quickly take us into the bedroom where we watched as she undressed and put her suit on to go swimming or sometimes I would help her unsnap her bra and tie her bikini in the back but mostly I wanted to be as close to her as i could so i could feel her soft smooth breast and the fur between her legs. My teacher was never so spent that he couldn't get an arousal when we went down on each other I know she liked having my mouth sucking her clit as his cock began to open up her pussy. She would bury her face between my legs and tongue fuck me till we came together. Her breast so soft and smooth against my sides. I loved watching her being penatrated close up as her lips opened and closed around his cock. Sometime he treated me by letting me take his orgasm into my mouth which I still love letting guys do till this day i guess in that regard i am much like my mom. Then he would slip it back into her so she could finish. Sometimes he would just sit and watch us together sometime i would watch them. Then we would swim or shower together making sure his cock was properly washed and cleaned as Anna had taught me to do for Paul. By the time dr. t called for a break all the girls in the room rushed off to the bathroom which only had two door less stalls. For a bunch of damaged girls they all wanted to masturbate. Several broke off into a group and got each other off before returning to the office we were in. After another hour we were dismissed to go back to our rooms and I invited the girl with a similar past as i had to join my room mate and I. She must not have had sex in a while because when my room mate took her strap-on out from under the bed her eyes were wide and never looked away from it. So we got into a 69 as my room mate eased up behind her from the rear and she let her pleasure herself as much as she wanted on it. She got me off thru the cotton panties we all wear, but then slid them aside so that she could tongue fuck me when her orgasms grew. My roommate held my legs wide and high so I was fully exposed to her assault. Later as we relaxed she began to tell us her whole story about how her mother had run off with a man and it became her responsibility to take care of her father and step b*****rs with anything and everything sometimes with more than one at a time. Her father expected her to sl**p with him but would allow her oldest b*****r to sl**p in the same bed once in a while, as long as she was in the middle. She stroked two men at one time and often sucked one while the other fucked her. She even kept the other a****ls on the farm happy, until one day while on vacation ran away. Now she Is in a hospital hoping to get better and get out one day. We slept together And I got to feel her all night whenever i liked, her legs would part when i ran my hand between them and she likes having her pussy mound massaged especially her clit area. Now that we are so close friends I hope we can stay in touch. Mrs. p will especially like to meet her i bet. mmmm Mrs p . thinking about her nylon covered legs and getting off when she rubs them against my pussy makes me want to cumm...omg I made myself horny...brb.....k better had to get something more comfortable on...
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1 year ago
Great story teller! Like being there!
2 years ago
had some too..
2 years ago
This made my pussy really wet. I just wish my sex addition therepy was this hot.
2 years ago
so,so hot
2 years ago
loved every word