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I sat in dr. t's office waiting for my appointment Pam the receptionist walked up to me and with her nylon covered leg pressed in close to me. she bent over to wisper in my ear, her nurses uniform opened and i saw clear to the floor. She wasn't wearing anything underneith except her hose and a garter belt. She lingered there pressing her leg between mine, the nylon was rubbing my inner thigh with out backing up she took me by the arm and lifted me from my seat, her leg lifted my skirt and i could feel her nylons against my pubic bone the heat generated excited my clit as she held me close and rubbed hard into me. My knees grew weak and i wanted to sit back down but she held me close. Its time for your appointment she said not letting go. I arched my hips and opened my legs as i humped her nylon covered thigh slowly. Sex had been on my mind all day as i got ready for my appointment. trying to pick out just the right outfit. I didn't wear panties i never do for my weekly therapy unless i'm told to in advance. Pam finally relaxed her hold on me and lead me to the dressing room where the hospital gowns are kept. She stood at the door as i undressed but i'm used to that with Pam she has seen me naked hundreds of times just as i have seen her. Once dressed I followed her into the video room, where i sat on the examination table she locked my ankles in, then tied one of my hands to the side of the table i lay there as she unbuttoned my gown and climbed on top of me pressing her pubic mound into mine. Her nylons creating friction between us as she began to hump against me, she moved into a trib so our pussies touched and began to hump harder and harder. I reached up and massaged her breast and pinched her nipples. The nylons were beginning to drive me wild as my juices wet them. She pulled the waste band open and took my hand. I knew she wanted me to finger her so i slid my finger past her clit and up into her slit. Her pussy clamped down when it was in place massaging her g. She pressed into it and into me. I felt her as something was pushed up inside of me At first i thought it was a finger but larger it filled me but I was relaxed. Pam orgasmed wildly before getting off and tying my other hand. She took a leather panty looking thing and buckled it around my waist and between my legs. the lights went dim and a movie started on the screen in front of me. Four guys were stroking themselves in extreme close up. A few minutes passed and a younger girl came into the picture she danced naked for them and eventually started sucking them and letting them fuck her. They took turned forcing their hard cocks up inside of her and even though she was in pain she wanted more and more and more to the point they slam fucked her every hole sometimes taking all of them at once. My tied hands didn't allow me to touch myself. and even if i could the leather saddle prevented it. I felt the object inside of me come alive and i held on to the sides. The girl was being slapped and whipped by the mens cocks as cum flew all over her the intencity grew as she was covered in cum her pussy open and exposed. I tightened up inside as the pulses grew and grew orgasms were starting. A woman entered the picture dressed in a night gown and nylons handling each of the mens cocks one at the time. She stroked them then had one of the other boys begin to stoke the other. Soon she was lapping the cum from the naked young girl spitting it into her open mouth. Finally the young girl opened the older womans leggs and began to sizzor her just like pam had done me. Their pussys separated by a thin piece of nylon. I was straining against my bindings as huge orgasms swept over me. Pam releised one of my hands but the leather prevented me from rubbing my pussy. The door opened and a doctor i hadn't seen before walked in followed by dr. t..they talked a few minutes while watching over me. Dr. T was explaining to him that after being gang ****d by 4 men I had stopped having sex with men and was for the most part a lesbian only desiring other women and girls, and thru years of therapy i desired cocks as much or more than women and that even though I still had sex with women on a regular basis seeing a mans cock or dildo created a renewed desire to gain pleasure from it. My pussy throbbed but i was horny and turned on for anything hot and hard to put between my legs. He walked up close enough that i felt his cock brush against my shoulder. He stood over me and looked down on my nakedness harnessed to the table i was laying on, my legs as wide as they would go as the dildo inside of me throbbed slowly. He reached out with one hand and pressed it onto my chest massaging my nipple with his thumb then squeezing the bud painfully making my toes curl. Seeing my reaction his other hand felt warm as it crossed my cheek, pausing on my lips i felt his fingers parting my lips and pressing past my teeth into my mouth. Dr. T. had walked up for a closer look. He told pam to put in dvd no.17. between my legs i watched as the screen stopped went dark and something else started..his fingers began to push in and out of my mouth softly. He told me to watch the screen and nothing else as Dr. T backed into the shadows with Pam. I heard as the motors in the table lowered the head rest. On the screen I saw a very close up as the actor masturbated himself to a semi erection a girl who appeared to be badly abused was on her knees in front of him, he grabbed her hair and f***ed his cock deep into her mouth making her gag. He held her head as he fucked his cock repetedly in her mouth. The pulses between my legs had stopped. I felt his hand let go of my breast his lab coat parted and i heard a zipper being pulled. On the screen another man was moving behind the girl and guided his erect cock between her legs. She began to fight back spitting the cock out of her mouth she began to fight. The man behind her threw her to the ground,landing on her side in a fetal position as he got her legs spread and got on top of her, her blouse was ripped exposing her naked breast. I fixated on the mole beside her nipple. Her titties rippled as they heaved back and forth. Pam had walked between me and the screen blocking my view. I felt her unclip the leather belt around my waist, the leather chasity belt pulled from under me. Cold air met the heat that had grown between my legs. The viberator slowly slid out of me. Memories of the day several years ago ran thru my head when i was attacked by several guys. Pams hand massaged my inner thighs and i felt heat from the now exposed cock against my cheek. My nipple reacted to a hand rubbing against it. I had become so hot with abandonment like so many times i had masturbated reliving a day from hell that lingered in my mind, never reaching an orgasm equal to the ones experienced that day. I could smell the manhood as i turned my head. The cock half limp soothed my cheek as my lips traced the ridges in its shaft. I felt the velvet head as i opened my mouth and strained to guide it between my lips. Restricted by the bindings on my wrist i was only allowed to have the head as it dangled in front of me. From the corner of my eye I watched as Pam pulled her latex covered had from a jar of goo which trailed away from her fingers.. I protested wildly when i felt her fingers part my pussy and press. the cock fell from my mouth as i strained to see what she was doing. The bindings tight on my arms restricted me. Pain was followed by pleasure as her small hand entered to the wrist and her fist filled me. Abandonment followed as i dug my heals in an pressed down hard driving her faux cock as far as it would go relief followed when her mouth began to lick the parted flesh.. instant throbbing followed by a series of orgasms i was there, that point of no return. She pulled and pushed her fist deeper and harder than she ever had. Pauls cock is large but was of no comparison to this. No mans would be. No longer able to see the screen i could only hear the screams which thru me back into a self distructive flashback of desire. Unable to hold my upper body up i lay back to find the head rest removed and my head was now unsupported, The intern i didn't know was standing over me his pants down on the floor. I was in horror when he wrapped his cock with my hair and stroked himself. I felt the bindings on my wrist removed one at the time and used them to hold Pams mouth tighter to my slit. My bladder pressed hard leaked as i felt my mouth being coaxed open. He stood over me and stepped so all i could see was his cock I knew he needed some relief his balls swung like sacks as it pressed past my tongue and down my throat. His hands were behind my neck when he began to throat fuck me. I took my now freed hands and held his ass cheeks guiding his thrust. the assault between my legs reached a fever pitch as that one massive orgasm began to build up.. I felt him begin to heave and throb in my mouth hoping to take his power. I pulled hard on his behind but he resisted pulling back denying me his cummm. I felt his cock as it withdrew, his cumm filled shaft wrenched from me. Again he stepped over me this time his balls were pressed to my lips, I felt pulling and knew he was jacking his cock. I felt the hot liquid when it splashed across my belly and trailed up my chest. I felt pam when she lifted her self and still being impaled on her arm caused me to pull the bindings on my ankles. i couldn't see as she took his prize away from me. Once done he stepped back and i watched as he wiped himself off on my underwear, throwing them onto my belly he began to dress himself. I felt used again. Pam licked me clean as I watched the two men leave. I heard one tell the other what good work he was doing and T. suggested he move his practice into one of the empty offices. One thing most guys don't know is after a massive orgasm I tighten up like a virgin which made getting pams arm out quite painfull. With a guy it's not so difficult. We finally managed and while dressing we discussed what a hottie this new dr. is and that his cock would stay up much better and longer that T"S. Being later than I expected I had to hurry home leaving Pam theer to catch a ride with her dad..

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