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Pams payback

Mrs. P wanted something special to play with so i invited the two sluttiest cock whores i know to spend the weekend, Pam and Sarah. They are usually up for anything from gang bangs to eating pussy and especially bondage but usually Pam is the one that does the tying up. After a few dips and a little sun we went to the game room/bar downstairs in main house. Mr P was working late but Mrs P. was home. We watched a lesbian bondage porno. Mrs p. sat on the couch between Sarah and Pam feeding them drinks and rubbing their legs. It wasn't long and she got sarah and pam out of their swim suits. They both had their legs wide open as Mrs. P fingered them both at the same time. By the time the woman in the porno was whipping the young girl to her amazing orgasm i was starting to get turned on and Mrs P had them doing a 69 on each other. Mrs. P. and I slipped out to her room where she had a beautiful long dress out for her and a tux with tails out for me. Before i could put the tux on I had to put on a strap-on so I would be more like a guy with a hard on in his pants. I knew from the look she gave me with this huge dildo on my 90 lb. frame that she was horny. When we got back to the play room Pam was kneeling between Sarahs legs, her hand was up inside her and she was licking her clit like a dog. I know both Sarah and Pam are very much into the f****y thing with their dads and b*****rs and have been doing it for a long long time. They also both like putting very large objects in every hole they have when a cock isn't available and it doesn't matter to either of them who or what that cock belongs to so what was about to happen probably didn't matter as long as a huge endless orgasm is involved. Mrs. P put music on we could dance together with, and pam and sarah watched as we slow danced in front of them rubbing each others bodies. As instructed with each dance I took a little more and more of Mrs P's clothes off until she was only in her panties and bra. Pam and sarah were dancing a sappho erotic dance while we stopped for drinks. The girl in the porno was getting a face fuck from a slave and having her pussy whipped at the same time...been there done that...Both pam and sarah were over the top horny when Mrs P lead them into her husbands private gym/ torture room actually it's hers to use on him but tonight she had two hot horny and willing young girls. She cuffed their hands and feet facing one another on a bench. feet to the floor hands in the air. clamps were clipped to their nipples and clits a chain connected the two girls. a dildo was placed in each girls mouth and a harness to hold it there. Mrs p. took a thick double headed dildo and put it into them, then pushed them together so that they could trib each others pussies if they wanted. Once all that was done she opened the fly of my suit and pulled the fake cock out and began to suck it as the girls watched i held her head and f***ed it down her throat. I made he finger herself so the girls could watch.Then she had me get behind her and fuck her like a dog still wearing the tux. I ripped her panties off and f***e fucked her holding her hair and bra while driving the dildo deeper and deeper. We watched as pam and sarah began getting hot their pussies pressing into each other. harder and harder they rubbed and the grinding ment they were ready. Mrs P had me take off sarah's face harness and put the dildo with her cumm on it in for her to suck it clean while she started whipping the girls asses, titties, and pussies. Driving the cum out of both of them onto the dildo they shared. She made them beg to let them fully cum they wanted to be free to get off hard. Pam ground her pussy harder and harder into sarah. Mrs P took the double headed dildo out and placed a double headed horse cock between them which they somehow managed to get it in with a lot of difficulty. That"s when Sarah began to really go wild working it deeper and deeper working her pussy over the head and down the shaft. buried deep in her belly she fucked the thing. Both girls lips were open and their clit head exposed Mrs P. massaged each girl with a vib. They arched and lifted hoping to get a better orgasm, the chain between their nipples pulled tighter tearing the flesh and causing a small amount of bl**d to flow. The clitty clamps holding tight. They watched as I was told to stroke the fake dick while undressing myself which was hard i don't know how guys do that, but i managed. By the time Mrs P let sarah loose she was like an a****l and when instructed she climbed onto the dildo i wore, going wild fucking her self until her orgasms wet the chair i was sitting on. Pam was allowed one hand free and her face harness removed. She used her free hand to fuck herself with the horse cock dildo and Mrs.P held her by her hair letting Pam lap her pussy into orgasm after orgasm. A few minutes rest and they were bound together again. another pussy whipping a dildo fucking a sixty nine a strap on f***e fucking etc.etc this went on sat. night and all day sunday. Mrs P was in her dom. place having three young girls to do with as she pleased and we did please her every sick and twisted desire. Mrs. P didn't allow me any satisfaction and I was left with a burning desire my pussy was filled with desires and no fulfilment, horny and wanting and she knew it she said that if i wanted to be like a boy i needed to get used to not getting what i wanted so after pam and sarah had fulfilled her needs she dismissed me to my room but not before she dressed in her gown walked her two male great danes to her room and locked the doors. I took the strap-on with me and fell asl**p after getting myself off. Monday as i lay on dr.t's couch with my panties around my ankles and my legs open so he could watch me masturbate, while telling him about my weekend he slid his pants off i could watch his hand coaching his erection. the story must have made him horny, as i told him what happened. he called pam into the office and asked her if it was all true and she said it was which got him all the more excited. Now fully erect he got up and walked over to where i was laying , looking up his cock was directly over my head and pam stood at my feet. He told pam to hold my feet wide apart and he took his belt from his pants with a crack he began whipping me directly across my pussy bring fire to my first second and third orgasm. Pam knelt down and unbuttoned my blouse unsnapped my bra. As her fingers and tongue lapped at my flesh i was on fire with lust. DR. t held my hands up to his cock for me to stroke. Pams eyes peered above my pubic mound as i took it into my mouth. His hips rocked slowly pushing deeper and deeper. Pam had removed her nurses uniform when she got up and knelt over my face in a 69 position. I felt her hand as it opened me up and she was sucking my clit into another orgasm. he withdrew his cock from my mouth and i watched as he plunged it into his step daughters pussy. Her cum dripped onto my chin his balls slapped my face. Harder and harder he fucked her. Her orgasms were coming, I arched my hips an she began sucking my orgasms one at the time i was in extasy her mouth locked on to me a finger probed my bung hole and i was cummmming. Her hips tightened and arched his cock pulled out and pressed into her ass. my mouth clamped her orgasm filled pussy i could taste his cock as he pushed deeper into her. Like a dog he had his way with her. She began to scream but i clamped her head between my legs. he withdrew his cock only to plunge it back in to her, I felt her as she pressed back into his thrust. Her cummm was flowing freely into my mouth, she pulled her head free and took his belt to my pussy fucking him and whipping me at the same time like a cowboy on a wild horse she rode my face and his cock. His cock stiffened and shuttered. His cumm seeped from her hole i stopped and watched as he withdrew it from her when the head popped free it dropped onto my face he picked it up and pressed it back into her wanting pussy a few strokes and it began to grow soft. My pussy was on fire by now so i didn't care when he put his cum covered cock into my mouth i sucked it as hard as i could coaxing another erection from him. Pam and i traded places and she lapped at me while he used me like he had her. I lapped his cum from her as i reached another few orgasms..he held my hips as he drove his shaft into me a huge orgasm was building and i wanted us to cum together. I felt him tense up just as i tightened around him. I felt his load, shot after shot blast deep into me. My cumm mixed with his and pushed out onto pams face i held back nothing and i let everything go at once. everything that i held back for three days of being denied gushed onto pams face and chest... omg done what a relief dr t sat back down in his chair and i crawled over to him and sucked his soft cock for him while pam watched us and masturbated on the couch.

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