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living on thee beach

living on the beach has its advantages, like no neighbors year round, you have it all to yourself most of the year, and you see things others don't see. There is a lot going on and then nothing goes on. Ive seen guys with guys guys with girls girls with girls girls with dogs girls doing themselves guys doing themselves etc. etc. My moms condo looks out over the dunes and i can see for a long way. Mr and mrs. p's home is in the dunes and it's hard to see from the beach so lots of people practically come right up to the pool to fuck not thinking someone might be home watching them and i meet lots of lonely guys and girls that come to walk the beach only to find themselves alone and horny. The beach isn't the best place to fuck especially for girls the sand gets in places that make you uncomfortably sometimes. But then there are those that don't really care they are so turned on. Most girls I know don't care for guys wearing speedos but they look verry closely trying to see if a guy has a big cock or if its hard or soft, whether it's been cut or natural and guys don't mind if you look. Really and truly girls get excited looking at guys cocks at least the ones i know do. And they like guys that come over to borrow a light so they can get a closer look of your nipples or a wet spot between your legs if you show any sign of excitement then they will stay around a while me. for me i get extreemly excited when a guy shows his cock, i have been that way all my life i guess. my pussy gets wet my hands sweat and my mouth waters a lot. Dr. t says its normal but i haven't always been that way after i was ****d in the 8th grade i didn't want anything to do with guys. but dr. T has made me all better now and i love looking at guys cocks now more than ever, i dream about hard ons and guys jacking of and cumming on me and omg i've made myself horny...brb.... omg better now just not totally done so i kept it up inside while i finish typing. In english class today my teacher had me stand beside him while he graded my paper the class couldn't see him as he ran his hand under my dress up my leg to my panties his hand stayed there pressing against my privates until he was done , he got horny cause his penis got big in his pants really big and i felt so sorry for him cause i know it must have hurt. i think he still wants me to come to his house sometime and i probably should go and help him out with his thing. Dr. T thinks it would be ok too. But i never asked if he has a g/f or b/f not that it matters one way or the other i just kinda think Paul isn't giving me enough and I don't do Dr.t except jack him off and do oral sometimes as far as mr. and mrs. p are concerned thats a lesbian thing with her and an abuse thing she has going on with him not really sex at all, i think, but it sure makes dr. t jack off a lot and pam too. especially pam but then she likes sucking cocks and getting things pushed up inside her anyway. omg thinking about pam and her sucking her step b*o and step dad is getting me horny again. I think maybe i can go to her dads office before she leaves and get some, no i better not. i have some dvds of paul and myself mrs. p recorded for me and i'll stay home or watch some of the ones dr. t gave me but they are all gang bang **** boy does girl all tied up and forcing her to do things to his cock and balls and cumming in the girls mouth kinda stuff... hot and gross at the same time. Mrs p want's me to let her do paul cause of his exceptionally huge cock but i won't let her because of our arrangement me being a sub slut for her and her hubby in exchange of a place to live with out my mom whoring in the next room. Mrs p says she has ordered a sybian for me for my birthday i can't wait omg it's going to be sooo great.. g2g The dvd's dr.gave me were all about father daughter and b*****r s****r sex which having grown up with out a father figure in my life makes me horny as hell thinking about it. Most of the guys i have been with are all older i guess that has something to do with why they turn me on so much. I like older guys and how hard they want to make me cumm which isn't hard at all i guess. The sub thing is also a result of not having a dad. So I watched as these men helped their over sexed over horny daughters cumm in a verity of ways.....mmmmm....and went to bed feeling horny but not at all sl**py. and as usual ended up dreaming all kinds of wierd sexual things. About two in the morning with my pillow pressed under me I couldn't stand it anymore. Dr. t told me not to masturbate until my next office visit but this was to much and he probably knew it at the time. I wanted to cumm and my pillow is my best friend. I kept my panties on but it really didn't keep my pillow dry dry but then other than being wet i can usually fall asl**p soon after i get a few orgasms. I got a few small ones but not like a guy or dildo will give you. I got up with my pillow and walked out on the upper deck that looks over the pool and the beach. The ocean breeze went thru my gown and made my nipples hard and erect. My panties wet got cool against my pussy. I put my hand there but decided to lay on the lounge chair and use the pillow for insulation even though it was wet and cold in one spot. I thought about how i miss Paul not being there and how alone it seems sometimes even being in school and all the people there i feel alone, I have friends lots of friends though most of them are kinda sex friends and thats about it, really not any real real friends that I can talk about things with. I like going to the hospital once in a while cause you spend a lot of time getting to know your room mates even though sex is why they are there and they want it as much as you do. And so helping some one get off is expected of you i guess, and for them i think its the same. I kinda drifted off asl**p in the warm night air and was dreaming about the girly boys that go to my school, I have no idea why. Maybe because I think of them as having clit sized cocks not real ones like most guys have. I'll have to ask dr. t. sometime about that or make another trip into the boys showers which wasn't my idea at all, but it was interesting looking back on it. Kinda like a field trip into the kingdom of limp cockdom. Had the girls in my gym class not hand cuffed me in the boys locker room i wouldn't have been there in the first place. It was totally embarassing having the coach the shop teacher the principal and every other guy in the school watching me as they took there time cutting me off the shower handles no one thinking that i was naked andd a towel or something might help. duhh. so i had to stand there with everything out there for all of them to parade by and look at. Thats when a girl wishes she didn't shave her pussy hair...remember that...having older guys around me while all this was going on was nice because even though they look at every part of you they all get erections telling me that they all approve, flat chest and skinny and all.

Posted by pt4utoo 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Hot story :) Is that all true?