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dreams make me cummm

It wasnt a normal week or was it? The meds dr. t have me on are freaking my dreams out. they seem so real that when i wake up i am so fucking horny and wet i have to masturbate or dildo myself back to sl**p. My panties are sometimes soaked as is my pillow. I go to school with a dildo up inside of me dr. t said it might help, but i cum sitting at my desk or some other not so approprate time. by the time gym class starts i sneak off to a stall an get myself off thinking about cocks and dicks all around. thinking about if all the guys in my school had to be naked and if they would be hard when they were in class and how much they could make me cumm, I watch the other girls in gym and how their boobs look and wish we were all made to be naked when we were doing sports and i wish i had bigger boobs that showed more so guys would look there instead of between my legs so much. My vib helps get me thru the day most of the time. My english teacher got so close to me the other day that i could smell his cock so i went back after school to see if he could help me out with my writing.I was sitting at a desk and he was standing next to me when i felt it brush my arm omg it was so hard I wanted him to take it out and make me suck it right there in the class room i even had a dream about it. I dream about my forth grade teacher an the trips we went on to the mountain and the beach and how we would be naked most of the time. field trip he told everyone, but really sex trips. I liked it when his g/f came with us cause its just better when another girl is there. she liked everything as much as i did. I sure do miss him ...her i see once in a while i don't think she knows who i am now, i know she and my gym teacher are lesbians and live together on a farm just out of town. Pam spent the night cause paul couldn't get away from his wife this weekend cause of the holiday... maybe next week.. Pam and i slept together as always mrs. p came to tuck us in which turned into a fuck fest. Mr. p was probably tied up in the game room watching everything on the tv. kinda mrs. p's thing with him these days. Pam and I were under the covers when mrs p. walked in she sat on the side of the bed when her robe opened up i could see she was wearing a black night gown and a strap-on black to match. luckly she was on pams side of the bed and i watched as she ran her hand up pams leg and started rubbing on her pussy mound. both of us had shaved each other earlier so we were ready to go swimming this morning. Once pam got hot which doesn't take very long she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to lick on it . pam slid under me, mrs p got behind and began doing me like a dog, her dildo is always several sizes to big which i hate but it fits her nicely if she lets me put it on for her she thinks i look boyish being flat chested and skinny. fucking her is ok i usually think about other things till she cumms. i haven't been able to talk her into shaving smooth and eating her pussy the hair is a distraction but she likes having a rug there and it makes her pubic mound look bigger when she is in a swim suit but it hides the fold and i wish it didn't cause she has a beautiful clit. so this morning pam and i were sore from the fucking i woke up during the night and put pams hand up inside of me she was annoying my clit anyway and i had been dreaming about horses for some reason so with her arm up inside i went back to sl**p and woke up it was still there. I must have been horny cause it felt so amazing i sometimes slip a dildo in me under my panties when i sl**p but this was better. girl cum was on her wrist so i must have gotten of several times while i slept. I got a chance pee before pam was fully awake and was glad i did i found the dildo and harness beside the bed and put it on then slid between the sheets next to pam it made a tent. It wasn't long before pam was stroking it she pulled the sheet back and straddled it. her breast bounced up and down as she rode the thing with each thrust she was going deeper and harder i arched my hips up the had to be in to her lungs good thing we hadn't had anything to eat the thing is like 9 or 10 inches long and thick as she was grinding it rubbing harder and harder she was pinching the hell out of my puffies thats what she calls them. so i did the same to hers she was ready to cumm when mrs p walked in. not missing a step she walked over and put her finger into pams ass hole setting her off. pam mouth met mine and i was getting horny a long french kiss and tongue sucking ment she was cumming as well as peeing all over the bed at the same time i guess she couldn't hold it any longer. mrs. p was enjoying it i wasn't so much. mrs. p put a towel under my ass and soaked most of it up pam on the other hand was going for her second then third orgasm before she rolled of and went to the bathroom. mrs. p and i went out to the pool and took a dip she had a swim suit i didn't only the harness and dildo which she made me wear while we swam she said i am her toy when she needs me. Its kinda cute seeing the lust in her eyes wheen she wants something. pam joined us and we sat in the sun for a bit,we played grab ass in the pool a while before going back inside. Mrs p was getting horny and i knew she wanted to eat some pussy and get a dildo or two before she had to go untie her husband so he could get off himself or deny him any satisfaction depending on her mood at the time. She did finally make him stand in the corner of the kitchen and jack off while we watched and ate our lunch then dismissed him to his room for the afternoon while we went back for a swim and more fun in the pool house.

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2 years ago
Tasty threesome! ;-)P - porn poet Pete