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Paul came home 4 the weekend

omg what an incredible weekend with Paul. He came in Friday afternoon I didn't know he was coming he said he will be working here for the next few weeks off and on so I have to be on my guys coming home, even sex with mr and mrs. p will be difficult. I really don't want to get caught unprepared if u know what i mean....girls do....He was waiting in the pool house when I got home from school. he met me at the door, as we hugged and kissed i knew he had been thinking about us. His cock pressed against me as I squeezed him, his hand wandered into all the right places. Having sat in class all day I was looking forward to a long hot bath I had been thinking about how it would feel and this was totally unexpected. We were naked within a few minutes I took his clothes off for him and stood back looking at his slender 6'6 body his amazing cock hanging half hard in front of him his chest his long and beautiful face. I let him undress me to my panties and bra as i pushed him backwards onto the bed then climbed on top like we were k**s again his cock pressed into the v between my legs. It felt wonderful his cock parting my lips as my panties were wet sliding along his cock the head pressed my clit . harder and faster i felt like we were right for each other he understands me. i wanted to cumm and did a little .He unsnapped my bra as he got on top of me he pulled my panties free, I was ready when he opened my legs wide. His cock was fully erect, I held it and guided it to the opening. He did the rest. I was gripping his shoulders taking thrust after thrust deep, I felt his balls slapping my ass hole, he kissed me endlessly. I gripped his cock as tightly as i could, then orgasm after orgasm took me to a familiar place long ago. He picked me up as I held him tightly around his neck. His cock was like a spike inside me, but it felt good as he picked me up and lowered me again and again, his arms under my knees harder and harder as i humped my 90 lbs. into his 200 lbs, it felt like his shaft grew inside of me with each thrust. cumm was the only thing that mattered...I felt him when he started to cumm which got me even more horny because i knew it was only his first and he is good for many more. I rode his cock like a stallion. when he layed me back down on the bed he drove deeper and harder like the old days, As his cock started to get soft i relaxed and let him keep fucking me, My orgasm finally pushed him out, he knows once i start i want it to never end so like when we were growing up he kissed me as he made his way down. I gripped his head between my legs his lips locked to mine his tongue made its way to my g spot and i was off again. A short rest and we were off to the tub where he sat on the edge while he washed my hair I enjoyed sucking his cock. the warm water caressed me, I massaged his balls. His cock grew in my mouth and he pressed the back of my head, i enjoyed the feeling like when his mom showed us how the first time. She sat beside us and guided my mouth to it, once I got the hang of it she would sit back on the john and watch us. We played in the tub like this for years until one day when i was rubbing my pussy on his cock I slipped and he penetrated me for the first time. I was in god awful pain afraid to move, and the bl**d. She was horrified at the time but later explained to us that it was what boys and girls do only that in most cases a little older. But from then on oral was mixed with regular cock riding and it was ok with me..Not being on the pill or b/c he always pulled out and either me or his mom would finish him, by sucking him or jacking i liked both. Today he is all mine if only for a few days. He mounted me or I mounted him maybe twenty times by sunday night. monday morning he leaves again for work and back home to his wife and k**s then in a week or so he will find his way back here. Its all good... My pussy was so sore monday morning that when I felt his hard cock against my butt i didn't let him put it in my pussy but instead guided the head into my other hole which is virgin. Paul was my first oral...he broke my cherry... now my first anal... oh and his mom was my first lesbian and my first three the way i see it we are bonded for life..and thats the way i want it to stay...not to say there won't be others but he is my love for life and nothing will come between us...nothing......
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What a hot weekend! ;-)P - Peter Pan