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Rearanging the appartment..

Liz and I decided to rearrange the apartment last week, it was raining and we were stuck there together anyway. We moved all the furniture around and added a lot of extras. We are now organized for the first time since she moved in. We have added mirrors to the walls and ceiling over the tub, and a mirror inside the closet door closest to the bed..Sounds strange I know but...Its sometimes.. Well truth is Paul is so big I want to see something other than his chest and belly. Don't get me wrong I love him but years ago after taking a bath together we went into my moms room and got into her be... Continue»
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A lesbian weekend

Paul stayed home with his wife and k**s, so the weekend looked lonely and bleak. Work really sucked on friday befour the holiday, so I spent most of the afternoon filing old paper work till I came across one that really interest me a lot.
A woman by the name of Mary who I didn't know had Issues with her daddy and b*****rs she must have been a nimpho it seemed she wanted something up inside of her all the time. Even when she was home alone she used to rub herself and masturbated thinking of cocks. She told Dr.T. everything very graphic stories about using bottles candles and cooking utinc... Continue»
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Fiften hours in the car with my foster parents

A business trip for my foster dad and vacation with my foster mom and her s****r in Chicago, ten days of misery. We stopped in a resort half way there so mom and dad could play some golf leaving me and moms half s****r to fend for our selves alone in the room. I took no time getting in my bathing suit to try out the pool and spa, either that or stay in the room with liz. A quick shower in the locker room and into the pool. The water was cold but felt great, I swam several laps till I got tired, resting against the latter checking out a few of the pool attendants who were watching me. A few mor... Continue»
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If your wife/gf asked u 2 wear her panties and bra next time she wants sex would u?
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The girls are getting together tonight to have an oyster eating contest...most and biggest.....I GOT THIS IN THE BAG......NO WORRIES......ok guys who likes oysters?

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Trim, shave or natural?

Well its beach time so it's time to decide..TRIM SHAVE OR NATURAL? me out here....
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Bobby and Sarah

Sarah came in on friday having issues. Pam had left for the day and I sat behind my desk in the waiting room for Bobby to finish his appt.. Sarah seemed uncomfortable sitting there waiting so I suggested we go get her dressed. I had noticed her looking under my skirt several times in the waiting room. So In the dressing room I wasn't caught off guard when she brushed me with her hip several times. I took her to the exam room and got her up on the table. She held the hand gripps as i hooked up her arms. When I pulled her panties off I saw they were cumm stained. When I put her feet in the metal... Continue»
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Short weekend

Paul flew in on Friday night for a quick visit with his mom. I picked him up at the airport but he didn't have any bags. We drove to where his mom works as a house keeper. I couldn't keep my hands off of him. Work this week was awful with lots of new equipment to learn and new patients to write files on. My hand rested on Pauls leg, I could feel him thru his trousers, my fingers stroking something I knew well. He adjusted himself in the seat as it grew down his leg. There was no time for anything else when we pulled into the gated driveway and up to thee house. He made me stay in the car whi... Continue»
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White Cotton Panties

I have my own but Paul brought his daughters for me to wear. They were in my drawer when Liz told me to put them on and lay on the bed. I hugged my pillow as Liz put her leg over me facing my bottom.. Her hands smoothed the lotion into my back and do my behind. My period was on and I ached everywhere. I felt the warmth between her legs as it rubbed my neck and the back of my head I didn't care as her hands kneeded my flesh. I lifted my bottom and opened my legs hoping she would rub me there also. I felt her fingers as they found there way over the cotton. Her pussy humping harder against ... Continue»
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Moms LBGT party tonight...

Liz. and I are picking out outfits to wear tonight. Last years party was awesome everybody was beautiful. I was sore for days afterwards. I'm trying to decide what We will take home tonight but better wait to see...Last year liz dressed as a pony and was a huge success wit the lesbian and the gays.
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Teachers Pet

Yea me and my forth grade teacher have hooked back up now that he is out of Prison...It DIDN"T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME>>> Only problem he has a thing for guys I think, I know.. He has been open for the most part but I think that given time we can get back where we were years and years ago...While he and Sarah's dad watched us together on the bed tribbing and playing with each other. They sat together naked on the couch, their cocks were hard just like I would have expected. Sarahs dad leaned way back, I watched as Mr. E. bent over and took it into his mouth. They didn't even notice when Sa... Continue»
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worst night to best day

Sarah and i in the car trying to have sex wasn't working.. No room uncomfortable and hot. So we thought about several other places but we could get caught or at least interrupted. So we decided she would skip a few classes and go to her house. Her b*****rs were working or in school her dad would be working so we had it all to ourselves. Dashing in we went for the bathroom. I had to pee and she started the shower. quickly stripping down we took turns washing each others bodies. She wanted to wear the strapless but I wanted to explore her first. On my knees I washed her and massaged her till her... Continue»
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worst night ever

I tried everything to sl**p but couldn't. My day had been busy. School dr.s appt. then work. Paul had left my horny and unsatisfied, all he wanted was to have his cock sucked and stroked. He did fuck me several times and it was as always awesome. but he left me raw which the ob/gyn made a comment about. So finally I got up and took one of dr. t's pills he gave me a script for. Getting back to bed I still couldn't sl**p I was worked up and I know I need to make myself cumm. I took a vibe the batteries wasn't dead on and put it between my legs it was working me up. I rubbed pillow between my le... Continue»
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I need a vacation

The stress of going to school and working is getting to be to much. With two doctors in the office Pam and I can't keep up. In the afternoons we prepare patients for the doctors review files, type up progress reports and make appointments, and if thats not enough help out with doctors instructions. Pam had just gotten off her period and was horny as hell, so I let her do all the foot work while I typed up reports hoping to be close to finish by 6 o clock. Sarah had come in and we chatted a bit, her file was on my desk and I had a chance to reed it while waiting for her to go in. She had change... Continue»
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no work no school

today I spent most of the day getting ready for Paul this weekend. I woke up horny this morning. Liz was still sl**ping so I put my extra pillow between my legs and humped it till i got my orgasm. I thought I was being quiet but I must have woken Liz. She finished me off first with her fingers then with her tongue. Her lips were warm as i got major orgasms rubbing against her mouth. She wouldn't let me finger fuck her, I thought she would enjoy it. My legs were weak when I got out of bed to pee and brush my teeth. It took most of the morning to clean the pool house, bathroom is all clean and m... Continue»
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Not working out

Paul and I have been back together for a year now. I thought things would be like they were growing up. In ten years things have changed, a lot has happened he doesn't know about. I was happy being a lesbian even though sometimes I feel like a sex toy for others at times. My living with Liz has Is ok even though she is demanding and often keeps me up late when I have school or work. She knows what makes a girl orgasm, where Paul has a cock that is magnificent, sometimes he forgets how big it is, It makes me cumm. Sometimes I close my eyes and think about how we started having sex and how wond... Continue»
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Paul went home.

When we got back to the pool house Paul was in a hurry not wanting to talk about what had just happened, I was depressed to think some strange woman had just sucked my b/f's cock while I watched. Paul quickly went into the bathroom and started the water running in the tub then stuck his head out the door and told me to get undressed. When I walked in he was sitting on the side. His cock hung between his legs, I slipped my skirt and blouse off and got in the water. I took a wash cloth and soap to his cock like I have for 18 years now I guess only difference is his mom isn't watching me telling ... Continue»
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Paul got what he wanted

I heard Pauls cab pull into the driveway, and met him as he came in with his bags. Jumping up and holding him around the neck we kissed deeply his wonderful kisses, my legs wrapped around his back. Paul is a good foot and a half taller than I am and 100 pound heavier but I love every bit of him. He waisted no time letting me know what he wanted as I slid down his new suit to my knees in front of him. Still in the doorway I opened his trousers and with a little help drew out his cock. It was warm in my hands, the head covered in cock skin. He held it out for me to admire. I stroked the shaft pu... Continue»
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liz's revenge

Mom and liz have been taunting me for days after watching Paul and I by the pool. Both know how I feel about Paul and the fact that I will do anything to please him. Mom being bi and her s****r being a lesbian kinda makes things wierd at times. Especially when Liz and I have to sl**p in the same bed because mom doesn't want her in the house much. Liz went to the adult book store and purchased a double dildo about the same size as Paul's cock for us to play with at night. Last night she propped herself against the headboard and masturbated with it for me. She later pulled her panties on and ... Continue»
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sleeep less nights

Thursday night was awful, paul would be here on friday. Having to try to sl**p in a sofa bed with liz is worse her hands and arms or legs are all over the place. that along with the pills Dr. t. gave me vivid dreams about sex. Every few hours I would wake up with Liz's hand between my legs or her breath on one of my nipples. I was horny by three in the morning with the last day of school in a few hours. I pulled her hand from between my legs and began fingering myself hoping to get an orgasm so i could sl**p. I was already wet and it felt god but not awesome enough to get off. So leaning over ... Continue»
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