Out On My Ass, A Shemale Story

It seemed simple once I realised it. The Mr. Peter Simmons that everyone knew and loved was actually Ms. Lusty Swellcock, a fetish loving transsexual prostitute. I walked around frustrated for years about my sexuality, sex in general and basically who I was. I had fucked a bunch of girls in my younger days but that had dried up as I requested stranger and stranger things from them to get myself off. I clearly remember a girl telling me to fuck off because I wanted her to piss in my mouth. After that I fucked my way through half of Adelaide’s gay community plus a fair few of the straight boys too. But still I was unsatisfied despite constant depraved fucking with groups of strangers.

Ha ha! The moment arrived just in time as I was running through the facts in my head. I knew for fact about myself that I loved having my ass penetrated more than anything else in the world. I knew that I liked to be dominated and finally I knew that my cock was useless for me to use to get off with. Then after stewing on this I realised that I could be satisfied because I was the problem, not because extreme sex wasn’t enough to get the bl**d pumping. All my problems could be solved by becoming someone who was an icon to my sexuality, Lusty Swellcock.

Roughly two years after my revelation the transformation was getting close to completion and boy they had been the most exciting two years of my life. I went from a raging gay to transvestite to transsexual. Estrogen and hormone treatments had given me continuous pleasant surprises all helping me to become a woman. My hairy body changed into a slim petite girly figure, my voice changed and finally I started growing a little pair of titties. Towards the end I had a bit of surgery to lets say, slut up my face a bit and a nice pair of big fake titties. Looking now like the slim, sexy, slutty tranny I knew I could be I was happy for the first time in my life and getting happier every day. Every morning I would wake up, tuck my dick in and smile to the girl in the mirror. I retained a few manly features which the more astute observer would pick up on but to most I really looked like a woman. My legs were thin leading up to a now lush pouty ass, a slim waist was followed by bouncy firm melons under a cute pair of eyes and long hair.

The biggest issue of course was what to do with my little cock and balls. I didn’t know whether I wanted them chopped off in preparation for a nice little pussy to be carved, or whether I wanted to keep them as a symbol for my kind. Either way it didn’t much matter to me because of how little I needed a cock in any way but in the end I decided to keep them because I didn’t want confusion about what needed fucking down there from my many partners. I would only ever want cock in my ass, so why give men the choice between my beautiful hole and a cute little cunny. My asshole and rectum soon became my most important and most cherished attributes because they were both my centre for satisfaction and increasingly a preferred source of income. Normal jobs gave way to hooking, striping and depraved sex shows. My elastic ass, my bouncy fake titties, my soft face and long hair, and my need for frequent deep stuffing…

A short time later I met Djioun, an African immigrant working security at a pub at Glenelg. He was one of the hottest men I’d laid eyes on and easily one of the tallest. Standing at around seven feet my mind immediately wondered how proportional his cock was to the rest of him. It would most definitely be huge, and I wondered thick as well? He was fairly well built for a man that tall and his hands and feet were too massive as I studied them. I flirted with him all night and found him to be quite receptive to my charms and bared skin. He let me know that he knew what he would find in my pants later that night, that I was a one hole type of girl. As I waited for him to finish work so we could begin our night my asshole and balls ached knowing that tonight I had hit the jackpot. Djioun and I partied for a couple of hours, drinking heavily and becoming quite heavy handed with each other. In the corner of the dance floor I was grabbing and stroking his semi erect cock, which was every bit as impressive as I had imagined earlier, and he was slipping his fingers up my dress, past my g-string and into my ass. After some moaning and panting Djioun knew I was ready and slipping his fingers out of my ass and up into my mouth he asked, “You ready to come home and take this?”

“So ready!” I yelled as I nodded frantically and started for the exit.

We arrived back at Djioun’s house, “you want to party a bit before I plough you, you know to help you relax?” Knowing what he meant I agreed and we had a couple of lines of coke each and shared a massive reefer which on top of the booze made my sexual urges uncontrollable. We poured another drink for ourselves and then did nothing other than fuck like a****ls for hours. Now I have no real idea of how many men have had me, I’m guessing its well over a thousand, but every man before Djioun was nothing from the moment I simply touched his warm brown cock and only a few men since have even come close to him. Upon kneeling to pull down his pants and have him dangling at eye level I could see he was at long as my forearm and probably half as thick. Djioun got hard as I tried my best to accommodate him orally, he started to pump and I gagged as my throat was jammed. With one hand pushing my head rhythmically onto him, he sipped his drink with the other, “Now you tell me now bitch, you want Djioun to fuck you like another prissy little girl or you want Djioun to fuck you like the filthy tranny whore you are?”

You don’t know what a dream come true moment that was for me having the most hung hot man offer to slam me exactly how I wanted it. I pried myself off his cock long enough to gasp, “Fuck me so hard it hurts! Fuck me until I break! Make me take you all, I promise…” The last clear memory I had was the feeling of drool hanging around my mouth and dangling onto my tits as I tried to finish my sentence. Djioun gave me what I asked for, I think he must have grabbed my head and slammed his cock into my throat so hard he knocked me into a daze. I could feel the tightness in my throat but was groggy for a couple of minutes, then I was flipping onto my back with my head tangling. Bang the cock was back in my throat and bang I was back fully conscious again, I remembered we were in the kitchen, I was on the table and I had just told a gigantic man to hurt me with his cock. That cock was scaring me now, I couldn’t understand how Djioun had managed to cram it so far into my throat. My lips and jaw felt stretched out to the max and my throat at the point of tearing. Djioun knew I couldn’t breathe but disagreed with my thoughts by adjusting his stance to get better leverage in the hopes of getting the remaining portion of his cock into me. He roughly slapped my tits around and squeezed my little cock and balls. I was overwhelmed by what a man he was and began to panic thinking that I had finally met a man who could fuck me so hard I couldn’t handle it.

“You are going to take it all bitch, don’t fucking hold out on me,” Djioun grunted. I felt him get frustrated above me as he started to pump again but aggressively and without retracting. My panic boiled over and I tried to get away, but Djioun easily held me in place and continued destroying my throat. “I really thought you could handle me bitch, thought you would make it easy.” Djioun’s genuine sounding disappointment soon returned to genuine sounding frustration, “All’s to do now fuckhole is to relax and accept it’s going in until my ball’s slap your face.” I struggled as hard as I could as I could feel consciousness begin to fade again but Djioun wasn’t lying, he was in control and his cock was only going deeper. Suddenly and out of nowhere my panic changed to bliss and I knew I wouldn’t disappoint my lover. My convulsing body did relax and somehow my stretched face found a little bit more slack for Djioun. Perhaps he was surprised as well because he grunted oddly as he finally slipped completely into my throat. His balls did indeed slap my face and that repetitive feeling was heavenly as I faded peacefully. I have no idea how long he was sliding in and out, completely into me then party out. Being willingly suffocated by a cock so large its tip must have been hitting the top of my stomach. Djioun being the sex god that he is somehow knew the exact second I could last with that b**st choking me and pulled out after taking me to heaven.

“Good girl, good girl!” He crooned at me as he got me up. I was still coughing and retching as he led me to the bedroom, “I’ve decided that I will give you a chance to show me what this ass of yours can do. When was the last time you cleaned your little wannabe pussy out?” He turned me to look at him, looking seriously at me.

“Before coming out tonight baby, I needed to be prepared for some dicking.” I managed to say, my jaw was quite sore.

“I’m not joking when I say that I’m going to literally fuck the shit out your tender ass there sweetie, and like it or not your going to clean and spit shine my cock afterwards.” I replied by smiling and lowering myself onto the bed with legs spread and asshole pouting. Djioun lubed up and entered me firmly but softly. I squealed with delight as he went deeper and deeper and he kindly gave me time to loosen as he plunged. It was a magical fit as he hit the internal wall at the end of my rectum just as his cock reached its hilt. That was where any tenderness from my lover ended though as he started the familiar pumping I experienced in my now stiff and swollen throat. He manhandled me for some time after that, easily moving me into whatever position he wanted while his gloriously huge cock pumped away in my ass. I know some people can’t understand the beauty of the pleasure and pain involved in anal penetration but to me the pain of getting stretched and split and internally hammered is an unequalled pleasure. He fucked on top and on bottom and behind me, with me off the bed, even fucking me upside down. I groaned and moaned his name letting him do whatever he wanted as my ass grew numb and tingly from the trashing. It kept going and going, Djioun was a fucking stallion, like a metronome his cock continued to crash into my insides. My ass was fucked to a point of ‘free-entry’ I couldn’t keep a cock out if I wanted too. When any normal man would be about to blow, Djioun amazed me again by getting on top and kicking it into a higher gear. He paralysed me with his furious fucking along with his huge body of top of me. His sweat dripped onto me and I sucked it up tasting whatever I could from the man who completed me. My tits were squeezed and slapped around roughly, he pulled my hair and called me names and every thrust with his cock was savage. I was quivering from the ass pounding already when he fucked so hard he felt like he broke something inside of me. My body flipped out and I screamed to god over and over. Djioun moaned loudly as he finally came and humped the last few times of our first time, it felt like a large load of semen filling me. He stayed on top of me and inside me just staying still for a while before getting up and pulling himself out of me. I couldn’t move for even longer than this and just laid there saying, ‘oh God,’ over and over. Never ever had a man thrashed me so good, a thought I was taken away from by Djioun.

“Time to clean this shit up slut,” he pointed to his cock and the bed sheet under my ass. His dick was covered in jizz, shit and a few drops of bl**d. The sheet had a big pool of jizz on it which was studded with lumps of shit. Djioun grabbed my hair and pulled my face towards his cock. I eagerly cleaned of the mess I had left of his beautiful cock, slurping and sucking off every blob of his sperm and fleck of my shit. He had again been truthful about fucking the shit out of me and I was happy to clean up for him keeping his word. I went to the sheet next and sucked greedily at the cum and shit, I hoovered it down until there was just a big wet saliva patch. I went to Djioun thanking him over and over, I was his whenever he wanted. “Good bitch, cause we still got a long night ahead of us.”

The rest of the night was just as magical as what I have just described with more coke, more cum and plenty more ass stuffing. We finally cuddled up as it was getting light, both exhausted from the incredible probing Djioun had done on my insides and I went to sl**p the happiest girl in the whole world. When I woke up Djioun was still asl**p, I could feel his erect trunk pressing into my back so with always a one track mind I shifted up until his tip was pressing against my ass. Despite the rest my ass had gotten it was still so trashed that I could barely tighten it at all so it was no effort to slide myself on Djioun. The pain was intense and I whimpered and squeezed my tits as I pushed myself down more. Djioun stirred, “what a good girl, waking me up like this.” His hands moved to spread each of my ass cheeks, taking control yet again. “Even after the pounding I gave you last night.”

“You hurt me baby, but I can’t help myself,” I moaned to him. That was about all the talking we did while we fucked apart from Djioun’s mandatory name calling, and my repeated guttural ‘yes’s’. I left his house afterwards and went home to lick my sores and reflect on the best sex of my life. I definitely had some stretched muscles in my neck and swelling in my throat that made it sore to swallow. My tits and dick hurt from being squeezed and slapped and my ass was a red raw mess. I knew that I needed a few days off work and a massively high fibre diet to help my ass with its evolutionary purpose because of my chosen one. I’m embarrassed to say though that my good intentions were immediately thrown away the next day when Djioun called me up for some booty. Only about 24 hours after I walked funnily out of his front door I was walking back in to get slammed again. Our relationship based on nasty sex blossomed for the next couple of months. I told Djioun that I earned a living by fucking and stripping and he didn’t mind that I fucked other guys. Djioun fucked a few others too but mainly we were fucking each other a lot and becoming quite a tight couple. I met a few of Djioun’s close friends and was casually shared with them from time to time making me feel like the last couple of years were culminating in this happy time. I thought things couldn’t get any better when Djioun sat me down one day. “Baby you are the finest piece of ass I have ever had and I’ve been thinking about things. I’m moving in with Tyrone and Abdul in a couple of weeks and we want you to move in too.”
I squealed and laughed, “I’d love to D.”

“That’s not all though, we’ll gonna share you round a fair bit and I’m also going to take over your work decisions.”

“You going to be my pimp then?” I laughed again.

Djioun laughed too, “Yeah bitch, I am. We got a few things lined up which should have us sitting pretty.”

It took a little longer for me to wrap up things at my place but when I finally moved in with the boys it began the period of my life with the most frequent sex and also the most fulfilment. The night that I arrived the boys threw a surprise party in my honour and I was greeted at the door by seven hung Africans, a big pile of pills, coke and weed and hundred’s of dollars of bondage equipment and sex toys. “We’re all here tonight to make you feel right at home baby,” Djioun said to me.

“Let me just put my stuff away and we can get to it,” I flashed a smile at everyone. They all gave me a hand with my stuff and we all dabbled in some gear as we got naked. I trembled from the d**gs and from seeing so much thick dark meat flopping around me. Djioun was rivalled by a couple of these other men and the others were still all huge. “Spread your ass bitch, show everyone how I’ve opened you out,” Djioun told me after boasting to his mates. It was true and pretty obvious that a couple of months of frequent fucking with Djioun had left my asshole thick and swollen and completely stretched out. I showed it to them as I was commanded and they all complimented him of his work. I lubed up my ass by squeezing in nearly a whole tube of KY because I knew the gangbang I was about to have would require at least that much. Then I released the inner nympho within me and started satisfying the group as eagerly as I could. I gave deep headjobs to the circle of dark snakes until I was completely out of breath. Then I was stood up and my expectant ass entered for a mammoth anal session. I was kept on the spit for a while with the gang swapping from time to time. Then I was moved to the couch so they could begin double stuffing my ass. When that second cock first f***ed itself inside me I moaned so loudly it shocked a couple of the group. They took it slow for a minute working into a good rhythm, someone else resumed the fucking of my face and soon enough I was packed as full of cock as possible, all pumping in and out like a well timed engine. Sluts can normally only dream of a night like this but for me it was a reality. The boys stretched me into every conceivable position to fuck me in between toying me with all sorts of plugs and rubber cocks. I gave deep, messy rimjobs to any one who wanted and made sure I was getting to suck clean plenty of dick straight from my ass. The onslaught continued for hours and I loved every minute of it. I closed my eyes for long periods of time and just felt all the hands grabbing my hair and body, the cocks penetrating me at either end and the moist warmth of many bodies rubbing and squashing me as only they can in a wild orgy. All the men talked and jeered with each other while they either fucked me or watched, I was given no time to rest though and most of my attention had to remain on satisfying three or four at a time. I wasn’t complaining but most would think it unfair for a little tranny to single-handedly fuck seven men at once and despite my best efforts they were to be half correct. I was on my back with a guy underneath me and a guy on top of me, both were buried fucking deep in my ass while two of the others including Djioun were holding me up. They were holding me up so that whoever the stud below me was could get a real good action on his thrust. The guy above me was free to move so he was also just letting rip. This continued for a bit with me absolutely wailing my head off because of the pulsing cocks. There hips were both pumping so fast as all four hands held my hips like a vice. I wailed and wailed getting louder and louder until POP! Something went inside of me and both my lovers were ejected along with the inside of my ass. I had prolapsed in a big way from such a constant double trashing over most of a night. I screamed while a few others laughed as they put me down, Djioun moved around and tapped my fallen out ass back inside of me.

“Looks like we broke her my friends,” he said to the others with a smile.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” I sobbed to them all as Djioun now slid himself partially inside me again. I was reduced back to panting and squealing because of the pain as he tried to speed up and after a couple of minutes he sighed and slid back out of me. “I can take it baby, I can take it guys. Please! Fuck me again! You all have to finish in me,” I felt so ashamed that they had been f***ed to stop because of me. One of the other guys spoke to me.

“Fuck girl, we’ve all been fucking you for over five hours now and you’ve taken it like a champ. I think I’m in love bitch your lucky that your Djioun’s. Now have a little break do some fucking pills and we’ll all finish up and give you that cream snack I can see you want. First though I gotta piss again.” A couple of the others agreed with him which gave me an idea.

“Ok deal but only as long as you all let me be your toilet for the minute to say sorry properly.” Two grinned, “would you all like that?” I continued seductively. The answer was clearly given and I grabbed a couple of pills on the way to the shower in order to receive one. The boys piled in and were about to begin so I placed the pills on my tongue kept my mouth open and waited for some warm golden juice to wash them down with. It came like a waterfall from different directions and I dropped using a mouthful of that musky stuff before rubbing my hands through hair which was quickly getting wet. When they were done I just kept rubbing my wet tits, “Who’s going to shit on me now?”

“What?” Someone said.

“Please” I moaned, “it’s how I say sorry.” Djioun started to egg someone into it when Carlos another roommate volunteered, taking me by the hair.

“Yeah I got something for you girly.” He sounded sinister which excited me. He pulled my head to his ass and I spread his cheeks with my hands without being asked. I had sucked on his ass earlier in the night and had felt a big turd when I had really pushed my tongue into him. He was the one pushing now as his ring parted to expel a large turd straight into my mouth. The first half was harder and log like but towards the other end it was mushy and that half feel onto my eyes and forehead as he pulled away. The ecstasy of submission like that took over and I sat back with the shit still in my mouth and on my face to start feeling up my ass. I chewed and sucked slowly before spitting the shit onto myself and rubbing it all over my tits.

“Ok lovers, just let me get cleaned up and I’ll be ready to bring you all to cum.” My expression looked happy and relaxed as I talked and I was made even happier when they all complimented Djioun on me as they exited the bathroom. In the shower the pills kicked in making me completely out of it with the other d**gs I had consumed earlier on. I staggered out of the bathroom and straight up too the closest cock to begin the sloppiest throat jobs I could muster. They carried me to the bedroom to finish the orgy and supply me with loads of sweet semen. I begged for them to continue fucking my ass and they did one by one slowly and using plenty of lube. They must have thought this was what was helping but really I was pilling so hard that I just didn’t give a fuck. The pain from the damage in my ass just couldn’t compete with my slutty needs. One by one they came in my ass and after it was done I sat up to let it all fall into a waiting glass. I had that sweet treat trickled into my waiting mouth and thanked each man with their cum smeared all over my face. I can’t say enough how lovely the whole gangbang was for me. I was so exhausted and happy that I just collapsed on the bed with a big smile on my face. With a few hugs and grabs at my tits the boys left the room to party a bit more and joke about how badly they had fucked me up. I vagued out for a little while and didn’t notice when Djioun crept in next to me in bed. I did notice when he went to stick himself up my ass again because of the tenderness there but I never asked him to stop. He fucked me without me doing much at all, instead just lying there and breathing hard. With his hand tight on my throat Djioun whispered in my ear filthy degrading comments.

“I hope your real fucked up tomorrow Lusty. I can’t wait to see how funny you walk and hear you straining to shit.”

“I love you Djioun. I would never deny you, my ass is yours.” I wasn’t joking about my love and submission to this great man.

“Your ass is finished!” Djioun continued with other comments which seemed to excite him causing faster anal. He finished himself deep inside me and I think I was asl**p before he had pulled himself completely out. His precious seed stayed up my ass while I slept. When I got up later that day I checked out how badly my asshole was messed up. In the mirror I was both impressed and disgusted with myself when I saw my bruised and swollen ring a deep purple colour. I couldn’t close my ass at all, it just hung open. I showed Djioun and Carlos who were both impressed with themselves and me.

“I’ll probably need the day off then.” I smiled at them.

“Doesn’t mean you can’t suck us both off though, does it?” Djioun retorted.

That day was pretty much the only rest day my ass got the whole time I lived with Djioun, Carlos and Abdul. The next day I was definitely back fucking Djioun and I fucked him nearly everyday after that. If it wasn’t him then I was fucking the other two fairly often and soon I was fucking nearly all day everyday for work too. Djioun was right about having ideas for me and I started being taped for internet videos during gangbangs and taken to parties with various themes and fetishes. Sometimes the guys would take me to a nightclub where they had arranged for me to fuck guys in the back, sometimes they would bring people to our place, but all for the right price. Wherever I was and whoever was behind me I was always happiest with a cock balls deep in my ass and so we were all happy for a long time. Djioun’s cunning and my fucking got us enough money for some more surgery to make me into a complete Barbie looking tgirl. New even bigger tits and long blonde hair now made me irresistible even to straight guys. I could show them my cock plain as day and still get to suck and fuck them dry. I felt so comfortable that I had become a shemale of such a high calibre with the power to take straight men away from loving wives and turn honest plain boys into hardcore sex loving b**sts.
Lots of my confidence was because of Djioun though, the huge black stallion that had stolen my heart along with my ass. He was the best fuck I had ever had, my respect expecting pimp and the only man I have ever or will ever love. “I took some Viagra before so get ready for your ass to be falling out everywhere.” Djioun said to me this morning.

“I’m ready now,” I smiled. Today was going to be another good day…
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3 years ago
wow , come party in tampa fl
3 years ago
That was hot to much for me. I don't know how she survived all that fucking she is going to wined up with prostate cancer if she keeps it up. good luck baby.
4 years ago
Great story. Wish I could lick your ass clean after you gang banged everyone.
4 years ago
This is probily the best suck fuck eat cum fuck story I've seen on xhamster you are one crazy bitch thanks you have no Idea how you've left me I jacked off over and over again that was hot thanks