Daddy Urges

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At 18 years old Jessica had blossomed into a very attractive teenager with a ripe body that is a visual feast. Her ample breast size is more prominent on her five feet four inches slender frame, her small waist gives way to curvy hips that supports her magnificent firm ass cheeks.

Jessica is a confident, funny, outgoing girl still having that aura of innocence. She is aware of sexuality and her beauty has not gone to her head. I have been her stepfather for 12 years and we have a great dad and daughter relationship. However, I have been struggling with being aroused by her body , I feel disgusted by the thought of watching the movements of her juicy ass and jiggling breast. Her hugs has also decreased and usually I would say "Where is my hug today?"

She would turn her back towards me instead for a hug in that position. I guess she was conscious of her breast touching me, little did she realize it felt good to feel her ass so close to my crotch. One time I got an instant erection and she felt it against her ass since she was only wearing a thin material pajamas. She moved away instantly with quick stare at my bulge. I quickly changed her attention and felt ashamed of my action.

As time went on Jessica did not mid mine erection prone hugs and at times I think she initiated it. When my wife's mother visited for a couple of days Jessica had to give up her bed, she had to sl**p on a spare mattress placed in the floor our room. I heard complaining to her mother that her back was hurting from sl**ping on the spare mattress, my wife indicated it only be for a couple nights before Grandma leaves.

One night her 6 years old b*****r got sick and my wife decided to sl**p in his room, she told Jessica she could sl**p in her bed for that night. Part of me was excited and conflicted, Jessica is a deep sl**per and since she had soccer practise that night I know she would be out soon. This only fuel my growing lust and felt my cock stirring in anticipation. I pushed aside these thoughts as Jessica got on the other side of the bed, I said to her "now don't be taking all the covers" as to show discouragement why she had to sl**p in my bed.

Jessica fell asl**p quickly but I was in turmoil but I manage the will power to overcome those nasty sexual thoughts and eventually fell asl**p. I became semi-conscious in a couple of hours, my hard 7 inches cock was at its extended length and pulsing against my daughter's ass. I could almost feel her soft warm flesh as she was wearing a short nightie and I was in boxers.

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I moved closer pressing my erection even more into her while part of me is saying "what are you doing" and fearing if she is aware of it as well. I began to slowly lifted the back of her nightie up to her waist, trembling with fear and excitement I release my cock from my underwear. I have not felt my cock this fat in a long time, the sensation was intense as I slowly rubbed my cock on her panty covered cheeks.

Jessica did not move as I quickly increased by strokes, I slowly put my hand on her fleshy thigh and waited with urgency, she did not stir. I continue to move my hand up to her panty line and then rested for a minute. Then ever so slowly glided my fingers over her pussy, I heard her take a deep breath but I kept my hand. I started to message her pubic mound as I quickly pull my cock away from her ass because the forbidden sensation was so great that I thought I would cum.

I continue to message her panty covered pussy and heard her starting to groan without waking, maybe she was in some sexual fantasy of her own. I desperately wanted to feel her flesh on my raging hard cock, so manoeuvred my self and now have one of leg over her with my cock on her naked thigh, my body shook for a brief second. Jessica did not move as her soft moans continue with my pussy stroking.

I humped her leg with my cock although I would have preferred her fleshy ass cheeks. Suddenly Jessica stirred and I heard her say What! be continued....
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3 years ago
ur a sick man
4 years ago
good start
4 years ago
great story!
4 years ago
I really like this story.
And I understand it is a
difficult part to continue off.
I being a writer myself...

I think it just isn't fully justified
if you don't continue though!
5 years ago
Loved it!!!
5 years ago
please do finish
5 years ago
you need to finish the story
5 years ago
whres the rest of the story?
5 years ago
5 years ago
Very nice, I cant wait to read the next chapter
5 years ago
5 years ago
love the first instalment can't wait for part 2
5 years ago
sounds very familiar
5 years ago
more where's the rest lol great story