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Boudoir Buffet

i like to clean cocks
straight out of my ass
i'm a whore at my core
this aint' a phase that will pass

i like to get dirty
nasty and kinky
so produce your prick
and proceed to spank me

i'll eat your cum
from a cunt, ass, or dish
the boudoir buffet is open
come sample some of this

take out your frustrations
on my three naughty holes
i just want you to cum
i'm a slut with goals

i'll suck you and deepthroat you
as my throat glady gags
i'll lick the head of your dick
while you fuck my fun bags

from head to toe and front to back
my entire body is the menu
i'm inviting you to come feast on me
and my boudoir is the venue

By: Prynsessbabygirl
Posted by prynsessbabygirl 2 years ago
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1 year ago
dhulk...Thank you very much.
1 year ago
Great stuff, more, more, cannon to right, cannon to the left
2 years ago
morepeter...Putting that dirty image in your mind makes me proud and I'm delighted that you took time to share it.
2 years ago
Your mention of your three holes put a dirty image in my mind.
Your ass and cunt are filled to the brim with my cum. I lift you off the floor upside down. I hold you against my body so you can swallow my cock and I can put my head between your legs spread wide. My hands dig in your ass to hold you as my tongue, lips and teeth attack your arse, cunt, lips and clit.
2 years ago
hornytheclown...My asshole just smiled. That is a lovely idea.
2 years ago
I want a cumfart buffet
Lets get a large group of cock to fill your asshole with tots of jizz then squat on my mouth