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Top Shelf Whore

your chick may like dick
but that's where the comparison stops
my career is submitting
my commission is cocks

i suck, fuck, and swallow
and do as i am told
i'm daddy's little girl
to master and mold

my ass needs his dick
like my lungs need air
and even if it didn't
he'd still stick it there

i would take it with a smile
because i'm a champion whore
i know my fucking purpose
what i was fucking put here for

never questioning him
i simply carry out daddy's orders
he takes me to new heights
i'm a whore without borders

disappoint her daddy?
a top shelf whore never would do
if you've disappointed yours
a top shelf whore, well, that ain't you

By: Prynsessbabygirl

Posted by prynsessbabygirl 2 years ago
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2 years ago
bbkundisutumrs...I appreciate you taking time to comment.
2 years ago
WOW! Loves your rhymes. Marvellous they flow naturally. Told/mold, orders/borders - only Bob Dylan would do those type of ryhmes. You're in top-class company. You should seriously consider coming up with a book of poems.
2 years ago
Sometimes a Daddy loves his babygirlwhore to be a little naughty and disappointing so he can punish her.
2 years ago
happy-guy...I suppose I am. (smile)
2 years ago
and a poet too