During the Blackout

The lights had gone out across the city as far as I knew. I was on my way when it struck but I just turned off the radio and finished my journey to my slaves home. She was outside and surprised to see me, "I thought you'd turn back given ..."
She stopped as she saw both the grin on my face and the bulge in my pants. With caught breathe she looked down at her jeans and t-shirt. They were fine under most circumstances but I'd been most clear. Skirt. No underwear, bra. Loose top ("So I can run my hands all over you and have access.") I looked from head to toe and tskked.
"I'll assume you didn't choose either the vibrator or the plug, did you?"
"No," she said as she looked at her toes, "with the power out I thought ... I thought ..."
"You thought I wouldn't come. Yet here I am. You know that disobeying me has a price, right?"
"Yes Sir."
"You can say no, send me on my way. Do you want to say your word?"
Without a seconds hesitation, "NO." and you started walking into the house.
If you are a female who likes my experience then share and we can talk.
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3 years ago
Please expand on this - I'm intrigued
3 years ago
Please expand on this - I'm intrigued