my first time

If you believe me or not, I don’t care. This is all true. This really is the story of my first time. While I can’t say that every quote is the exact wording used, it’s as close as I can remember.
When I was younger, everyone would tell me I was born lucky. I knew they were right, it just didn’t feel like it. I’m the middle of three c***dren. I have a younger s****r named brit, more on her later (if people ask for the story), and an older b*****r who recently died in Iraq. I won’t be talking about him. My name is Michelle. my father and mother both come from old money. My father is an oxford graduate from some fraternity and now words for an important investment firm, my mother went to Yale and stays at home. Enough on them. My s****r and I both go to a prestigious all girls academy, I won’t say which one for privacy’s sake. This happened when I was 12.
The last class of the day had just finished, and I was looking forward to the weekend. As I was walking out the room, my friend Lisa caught up with me
“hey, you want to come over to my place? Maybe spend the night?”
“sure. Let me ask my mother”
When I got to my locker, I pulled out my cell phone and gave my mother a call.
“HI Mother!”
“Hi ‘Chelle, is everything okay?”
“Yeah. Lisa and I were wondering if I could spend the night at her house? Please?”
“Are her parents back in town?” for their work, they traveled out of town a lot, so it was a fair question. One I didn’t know the answer to. As such, of course I told the truth to my loving and trusting mother.
“Yes.” Okay, I lied.
“Alright. I’ll call and let the school know you may go with her driver. Just be back at a reasonable hour”
“Thanks mother. I love you.”
“I love you too Chelle. Have fun.”
Ignoring the looks of the teachers, I ran all the way to Lisa’s locker
”she said yes!”
Despite her somewhat sunken cheeks, Lisa was a cute girl with red straight hair at chin length, freckles, turquoise oval glasses over her light eyes and small mouth with kissable lips. They had a big smile now.
Excitedly we quickly found her driver who took us back to her house. In traffic we made some very important plans for the night. The most prominent of them were we would pizza, cookies and ice cream, watch horror movies, and most important of all, stay up all night. ALL night. About the time we reached her house, I remembered
“Are your parents home?”
“No. Their in Greece for some exhibition. It’s just you, me and Mary.” Mary was her younger s****r, about my Brit’s age, only 2 years younger than us. Where Lisa’s hair was red, almost orange, hers was the color of wheat. Her cheeks and full lips made for sucking, and brown eyes that can see right through a person.
Several hours, many sodas, half a pizza each, bowls of chocolate ice cream sprinkled liberally with cookies, and the screams of many of Freddie’s victims later, Mary and Lisa had both changed into loose Pajamas, and I was wearing only my shirt and a pair of panties. The movie had just finished, and mary was sound asl**p in the chair, or so I thought. Lisa got up.
“want to see something?” she asked
I followed Lisa to her parents bedroom where she sat down at their computer and logged in. bored I started looking around their room. A medical journal on the bed stand I knew to be her dads, on the other one was some novel with a half naked man I guess women found cute holding a beautiful woman out of his league. i had just opened up a dresser drawer with some boring old mens underwear when Lisa said
“Okay, come on over” she got out of the chair to let me sit. When got comfortable she clicked the mouse and a movie started playing. Lisa sat on the bed behind me as a woman reading a magazine on a couch appeared on the screen.
“what movie is this”
“it’s one of my mom’s favorites. Just keep watching, it gets real good.” Another woman entered and I they started talking, I couldn’t hear what they were saying, the sound wasn’t too great. The one woman sat down next to her and moved real close to her. About this time I was beginning to wonder what was going on when they started kissing. I laughed uncomfortably at first, but soon became more and more engorged in the show. I had heard about sex before, but never like this, never between 2 women. I just couldn’t look away. Eventually, I became aware of a few things: Lisa’s hot breath in my ear, her hands trailing lightly on my arms causing goosepimples and sending waves to my clit and ever wetter pussy. I didn’t know why, but I didn’t want her to stop. She began to nibble on my earlobe and I melted into the chair. She began kissing and nibbling her way down my jaw line to my neck, my breath coming as jagged gasps. My hand moved to the back of her head on it’s own, pulling her hair. she pulled away, turned our chair around. She pulled my shirt over my head and I saw the nipples on my budding breasts were rock hard. Our lips met and her slid around me while with the other hand began tweaking my nipple stealing the breath from me in a gasp of pleasure. My back arched and I fell atop her. We laid back in the bed our tongues dancing in each other mouths. I was filled with desire to get close to her, I pulled her as tight as I could as her hands began to tease and titillate down my body. I wanted to laugh and scream but all I could do was gasp from desire. I ran my hands through her hair, then needing to know her body as she was mine, I pulled off her shirt to reveal her small alabaster breasts and her large flat nipple. I latched my mouth around one and began to purr when she gasped and pushed further into me. My eyes were closed in estacy as her nails went down my back mixing pleasure and pain. Soon she grabbed my panties and pulled them off. She squeezed my ass causing me to moan and suck her nipple harder. Never have I known such feelings. I pulled her hair as she gently messaged my cheeks and pulled them apart. I jumped in surprise when I felt something warm and wet lick my anus. I looked back and saw Mary sitting on the floor with a smile on her face.
“I thought I told you we would break her in slowly,” said lisa
“Sorry s*s, but her bum just looked so tasty.”
“Well, you going to be a pig about it, or are you going to let me try.”
With that Mary pressed her mouth to Lisa’s. I knew that I should be repulsed by what I was seeing, but their bodies tight, hands caressing each other, the sounds of their greedily gulping down the taste of my ass, and from the mouth of her s****r, it was all just too much. My cunt started to spasm with need. I began to nibble and suck the back of Mary’s neck. She tasted like vanilla.
Lisa moved behind me, cupping my breasts, and whispered in my ear, “lean back against me and let her do her real magic.”
I fell back against lisa, her mouth pressed against mine. With one hand she tweaked my nipple and gently flicked it’s tip my body almost doubled over and I screamed with pleasure as Mary began kissing down. She nibbled and kissed my inner thighs flicked the tips of her fingers against my outer lips. I quivered with desire. I needed release. Mary gently ran a fingertip down the sensitive folds of my flower, and using the same finger gently swirled my puckered hole before bringing her mouth to my slit. It was pure heaven. Time lost all meaning. I seemed to float above my body carried adrift in the screams of my bliss. Her expert tongue bathing every centimeter of my cunt. Her mouth sucking and nibbling and nuzzling my pearl I could hear her gulping my cream, my essence. Lisa’s tongue danced delightfully against mine, her hands cupping and raking my breasts, teasing and flicking my nipples. Stars exploded behind my eyes. Lisa stood up and lowered her pussy to my mouth.
“eat my cunt. I need you to eat my cunt.” She smelled better then perfume. In a spell i began licking and nuzzling like Mary was doing to me. Her cunt was wet and creamy with her sweet juice. I felt her finger slip in my ass, oh god. Her tongue in my pussy her finger in my ass. Then a second one and she began thrusting them in and out. In and out. Lapping at my cunt. Lisa’s pussy grinding against my chin. Her screaming at me “yes. Yes.” My own screams muffled in her pussy. Mary purring and Moaning into mine as I rode her face her tongue almost vibrating against my clit.
“you like how my cunt tastes, don’t you slut. You eat it so good. My s****r is watching you lick my slit you bitch. Harder. Eat it like you like it. stick your tongue in me.” I pointed my tongue and shoved it as deep as I could, then wiggled it. Mary sucked my clit and lashed it with the tip of her tongue. Mary began to pull my tit hard enough to hurt. I loved it. “Imagine Brit’s mouth on your other tit.” The thought sent a thrill through me. Mary gulped my new found lust never losing contact with my pearl. “open wide I got a treat for you. Imagine her watching you do this!” Then a warm liquid ran down my throat. It tasted different then her juice. Piss. Lisa had just pissed herself. Oh god. I couldn’t hold back anymore. Lisa was pissing on me, in me. Her fingers banging my ass hard. Oh god. Oh god. Brit is watching me be used like this. Go god.
I exploded. From the top of my head to the curl of my toes, I exploded. And it all came out of my pussy. It lasted for hours. It lasted for minutes. It lasted for the life of stars and the birth of new ones and I saw them all.
I collapsed. Lisa moved off of me and began to lick her own piss and cum off my face, a meal Mary was quick to join.
That was our first night together, but far from the last. If you would like to hear more, message me. If I get enough, I may write some more experience for you to read.


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2 years ago
Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Take care
2 years ago
LOVED IT!!! Cant get to message you, your profile isnt there?
3 years ago
very nice story....thanks for sharing and please write more
3 years ago
Marvelous and sweet!
3 years ago
You ladies have all the fun, I'm jealous ;)
3 years ago
god that was so erotic, i would love to read of a foursome
3 years ago
nice story, hope to see more of you!
3 years ago
amazingly horny :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Shall I beg for more???
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Oh my god...
3 years ago
Nice story
3 years ago
nice story
3 years ago
AWESOME thanks for posting it do want to hear more of them!