The Lunch

She was at the coffee shop eating and daydreaming about sex. She loved sex and thought about it all the time. A handsome guy sat down across from her at her table. She smiled at him and said "Hello". He told her "You looked like you was deep in thought having naughty daydreams." She laughed and told him he may be right. They talked for a while and he let her know she was beautiful and turning him on. She knew her curvy body attracted many men. Her tight shirt showed off her curves today. As they talked she found out he was married and his wife hated sex after the birth of their c***d. He told her his wife never was real hot in bed. She liked to fuck and that was all and did not do oral or any thing but let him stick his cock in her. She told him he was missing a lot of fun. He replied "Yes, and I am so horny and tired of jacking myself off."

As she got up to leave he walked out with her. He watched the shape of her tits and her ass and was very turned on. As they got to her car he grabbed her and kissed her right there in the lot. She responded and pressed her body tight to him. His hands went down and gripped her ass and held her close to his now hard cock. As he kissed her swapping tongues he kept humping her pressing his cock tight to her. She then told him "Get in the back seat with me before we attract attention here in the parking lot." As they got in the back seat he kissed her again and ran his hands under her tight shirt and cupped her full tits. He then pulled her shirt up over her tits and looked at the large mounds then began to suck each nipple and kiss each tit. He told her "You have great tits baby." As he sucked on her tits he then pulled her shirt off and unzipped her pants. He sucked a nipple as his hand went in her jeans and found her pussy. She spread her legs and he rubbed her pussy lips and then her clit. She was wet and his finger found her fuck hole and pushed into her.

He finger fucked her as he sucked each big tit. As he was making her cum she unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She liked the full thickness and began to stroke him first easy then faster. He then whispered to her "Will you suck my cock for me baby girl" She gripped his balls and answered "I thought you would never ask. Get on your knees in front of me and put that big cock in my mouth." As he was in front of her she licked his cock all over and also the slit. He was leaking precum and she cleaned him off then began to take his cock into her mouth. First she sucked just an inch or two and heard him gasp and then took more in her mouth slowly but sucking him hard. As she got his whole long cock in her mouth she deepthroated him and sucked till she heard him moan and beg for more. She kept sucking as her hand found his ass and then she sucked him harder as she shoved a finger in his ass and finger fucked him with his cock deep in her throat.

As she sucked the big cock he then began to fuck her mouth and moaning for her to suck harder and she did. He had never been sucked so hard and so good before. She sure knew how to suck cock. He grabbed her head and held his cock deep in her throat as she sucked and he felt her add another finger into his ass. Her fingering his ass felt so good and soon he filled her throat with his big load of cum.

He pulled his cock out and shoved her down on the seat of the car and spread her legs. He wanted to eat her pussy and tongue fuck her cunt. He spread her legs far apart and put his mouth to her pussy and began to lick and suck her. He loved that as he sucked her clit it got hard and he felt her pulse many times. She was beautiful and loved sex as much as he needed to fuck her. Now he was going to eat her pussy and suck her cum out of her. He left her clit and moved his tongue to her cunt. She was warm and wet and smelled like sex. His tongue circled her hole before he entered her. She was wet and tasted so good. He shoved his tongue deep in her and licked and sucked her wet hole. She was cumming fast and screaming for more and more. He went back and forth between sucking her clit and tongue fucking her cunt. His face was covered with her cum. He shoved his tongue in deep as his finger found her ass hole and he began to finger fuck her and listen to her scream louder as he sucked her clit then tongued her cunt.

By now his cock was rock hard and he wanted to fuck her tight cunt with his big rod. He pushed her knees up to her chest and shoved his cock into her cunt. She was warm, wet and tight. He pushed his cock in deeper and finally got every inch in her before he began to fuck her hard pounding her tight hole. He loved how good her tight cunt felt as it gripped his cock pulsing against it. He then grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked it hard as he continued to fuck her deep and rough. He was able to fuck her for a long time before he filled her hole with cum. He kept his cock in her and loved how tight and warm her cunt was. He then kissed her mouth swapping tongues with her as he told her "I want to fuck you more. I want to strip you naked and fuck you all day long. You have amazing tits and your cunt is tight and so warm and I love my cock inside you. Your ass is so sexy and I want to fuck your ass with my big cock and let you suck my cock deep down your throat." She laughed and told him "What are we waiting for? Stay back here and get naked as I drive you to my home and fuck you till you scream." He grabbed a nipple between his teeth and told her "I am never going to get tired of your tits and pussy and that sexy ass. I just want to fuck you and fuck you till you can't walk."
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2 years ago
So was this a one timer or what? He still has to go home to his wife. What's next?
2 years ago
intense story
2 years ago
love it!
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
2 years ago
mmmm great story