Bath time

Had long stressful day today so instead of my usual quick shower I decided to run a nice hot bubble bath.
The water was quite hot and it got very steamy in my small bathroom but it was too cold outside to open a window and since there was nobody home I just left the door slightly ajar.
I was about 5mins into a nice soak when I heard the front door open and my younger b*o come in with one of his pals from football.
I heard them head straight for the kitchen so didnt bother closing the door to the bathroom.
After another few mins I heard some1 come up the stairs..I was about to jump up and close the door when I remembered how cute and shy my b*****rs friend was so decided to leave it and have a little fun with him.
I heard him stop outside the bathroom at the gap in the door and although I was facing with my back to him I could see his shadow on the bathroom floor so I sat up and streched out an arm and rubbed my breasts with the sponge turning just enough to give him a good peak but not to much in case i scarred him away.
I was turned on at the though of him watching me so I stood up and put a leg up on the edge of the bath to wash it and give him a good look at what god blessed me with. after a while I rinsed off with the shower head turning in dif positions to give him a good show.
I got out dried off slowly making sure i bent over far enough so he could see everything and I was suprised he was brave enough to still be standing there.
I could still see his shadow but he didnt know I was watching so I thought it would be fun to turn quickly and pull open the door to catch him spying.
You can imagine my horror that when i pulled open the door it wasnt my b*****rs friend standing there spying but my b*****r himself! he had a hand down his pants and a huge erection I didnt know he was capable of!
to be continued...
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3 years ago
you dont continue i am going to be severly upset
3 years ago
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz got to here more dam hot story
3 years ago
yes please continue this story
3 years ago
enjoyed the story s far-looking forward to the next instalment
3 years ago
That'll teach you. Look forward to the next episode.