My Wife Fucks a Stranger

My fantasy has always been to watch my wife fuck another man,I have mentioned it many times when we have both been having sex, my wife has never really jumped at at the chance and my feelings were she was happy to use it as a fantasy, but that would be it, but over the years she has soften to the idea, and she has admitted that it would turn her on to have someone watch her having sex, especially if it was me.

A couple of months ago we where invited to an all day party in our local pub, being an all day affair I got absolutely d***k and could not remember most of the day, anyway the next day nursing a massive hangover, my wife commented that a man had come up to her in our local pub while I was talking to someone else and said to her she was the nicest looking girl in the pub and wouldn't mind taking her out. my wife just laughed it off, and some time later the man left the pub with his mates,

My wife is a very good looking girl with a beautiful size 12 body with great 36 C tits, blonde hair and blue eyes, anyway after she made the comment about the man I said to her laughing ''was he worth a fuck'' surprisingly to me she said ''oh yes''

This turned me on and we ended up fucking like mad on the living room floor, I said to my wife after our great session, if that man was here now would you fuck him, she was still turned on from our session and said ''yes of course I would''

I then made a suggestion that we visit our local again tonight, but for you to enter first on your own and see if he was there, surprisingly to me she stated ''go on then'' so we planned the night and I told her where I would be watching from should he be there.

We left our home and walked to our local pub which is not far away, I told my wife to go in first and text me if he was there, as I would wait outside, 2 minutes later she text me stating he was at the bar and had already made an approach, so I went home to get things ready, throughout the night my wife kept texting me with updates on how it was going saying she had been drinking wine and she was very very horny thinking about it.

About 1 am in the morning I got a final text stating she was on her way back and was accompanied by this guy, I heard them enter our house as I was waiting in the spare room, I had set our main bedroom up with the side lamp on and secretly positioned my camera so as to film everything, my idea was to position myself on the landing watching from the door which would be kept ajar, before things got started I heard my wife coming upstairs and she came into the spare room, she was very tipsy but horny, I told her to keep the lamp on and the door ajar so I could watch, but to go down stairs get things going and enjoy it.

I could hear them both kissing down stairs, then I heard footsteps and watched them enter the bedroom, I positioned myself on the landing and started to watch them on the bed, they where both kissing each other, and taking each others clothes off, I could see that this guy had a massive erect cock and watched as my wife started to kiss his body and work her way down to his cock and start to suck him off, she was licking his balls and really giving him some good head, my wife's 36 C tits where bobbing about as she sucked him, I saw the guy then remove my wife's red knickers and she moved her pussy over onto his face doing a 69 position, every now and then I could see my wife look up towards the door and smile at me,

I was wanking my own cock off, and must have exploded a number of times, my wife then turned around and straddled his cock, I saw his cock enter my wife's pussy and saw her ridding him, this went on for some time and I could hear her moaning with pleasure, they then again changed position and he started doing her from behind, he was fucking her like a lion, and she was screaming with pleasure, he cupped her tits many times, they constantly changed positions and I could see from my wife's face that she was in extacy and loving every thrust of his cock,

My wife eventually positioned her self flat on the bed face up and told the guy to cum all over her face, so I watched as he wanked his cock over her face, she was cupping his balls as he wanked, eventually I could see his cum shoot all over her face, she lapped up the rest of the dripping spunk off the end of his cock,

My wife looked as if she had been truly fucked hard, I made my way back into the spare room and some time later I heard the man leave, I asked my wife if she had enjoyed it, she said she had about 10 orgasms, but also enjoyed the fact that I was watching her, since that night our sex life has been amazing and we have watched the video many times, my wife now wants to try fucking another girl back at our home ''HAPPY DAYS''

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18 days ago
Wonderful, trying to talk my wife into this xx
3 months ago
it was real and good and really happened that makes it super thanks for sharing
6 months ago
good .. pictures ..?
7 months ago
Oh to be a stranger in your. Life. Mmmmmmmm
8 months ago
This is right down our street . . . Just the type of thing we love . . .!!!
11 months ago
Brilliant story- such a turn on. Would love to try something like this.
11 months ago
wow truly amazing. so lucky.
1 year ago
mmm lucky guy - i fantasise about this a lot
1 year ago
very horny to read more
1 year ago
Absolutely awesome. Wish my wife would do the same!
2 years ago
Great story. Got me very hard.
2 years ago
More stories like that. It's making my cock hard
2 years ago
Great sexy story. Loved the way your wife would look over at you whilst getting fucked. She sounds so hot and horny. Very lucky guy in the pub who got to have fun with your horny wife.
2 years ago
that is so fuckin sexy, id love to see my mrs fuck another man and watch like u did
2 years ago
Not bad ! story . more pls
2 years ago
nice story,but want some addition
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
Very nice.