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[Story] Holiday Bonus

During a recent Holiday in Spain, me and my wife where out at a lovely restaurant about 10 minutes outside Malaga,It had been a very hot day and all we wanted was a nice meal then a few beers in the bars and a bit of night life to finish off

My wife was looking absolutely lovely and very sexy and as usual we where out on the pull looking for a male or female or even a couple my wife could fuck while I videoed her, but if it didn't happen ''hay ho'' we had another week left on our holidays

During the evening we drank quite a lot of beer and obviously we became more free with our talk and ... Continue»
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[Story] My Wife Fucks a Stranger

My fantasy has always been to watch my wife fuck another man,I have mentioned it many times when we have both been having sex, my wife has never really jumped at at the chance and my feelings were she was happy to use it as a fantasy, but that would be it, but over the years she has soften to the idea, and she has admitted that it would turn her on to have someone watch her having sex, especially if it was me.

A couple of months ago we where invited to an all day party in our local pub, being an all day affair I got absolutely d***k and could not remember most of the day, anyway the next d... Continue»
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